The Law Of Revenge Episode 20

The Law Of Revenge Episode 20 Ellice fires Marissa amid beating and humiliation, Gabriel suffers his wife’s wrath as he sacks him from Ceñidoza

Gelo got an employment at Villarosa Construction Company. After passing the interview, he called Heidi to inform her. He was also thankful that she prepared him for it and referred to her as his lucky charm. Heidi was so happy for him and knew Gelo got the job out of his smartness.

At the Ceñidoza company, Ellice briefed Pinky about her encounter with Marissa. She said Marissa felt she was being personal with the whole issue. Pinky also admitted to the CEO’s description of Marissa’s designs as tacky and flamboyant. Ellice now planned to slap Marissa really hard with all the evidences that she had gathered to humiliate her in front of everyone.

Gabriel and his friend went to the club. He was wallowing in misery following his wife’s discovery so his friend advised him to distance himself from Marissa if he only wanted to save his marriage. However, Gabriel also cared about his son but the friend said he would have to sacrifice one thing for the other.

In her condo, Marissa arrived home looking all weary. Lucing advised her to stop working for Ellice since she was the first to have wronged Ellice. Marissa objected, she was not willing to allow that since she was the one who saved the company from bankruptcy and developed it for it to become how it was.

“If she doesn’t care about the sacrifices that I have made then I would have to do it for the sake of my son.”

Gabriel gifted Gelo with some shoes, shirts and belts to wear to work at the Villarosa construction company. He advised Gelo to concentrate on his internship and to stop pursuing Heidi as Sonya might have issues with him should he continue. Gelo assured that Heidi and him were friends.

Fast forward, the international fashion show was organised without Marissa being invited. The workers were even shocked not to see Marissa at the grand event which she has worked so hard for. Marissa came to find the workers watching the Programme on television and she called Caesar, only to discover that she was not invited.

Reuben wondered why Marissa was not there so he asked Ellice about her. Ellice failed to tell the truth, saying Marissa might be busy with a meeting. Reuben told Ellice that he liked Marissa and it was bad that her designs did not fit the current runaway but fitted the Milan one and promised to go by Marissa’s design for the Milan project. This did not go down well with Ellice.

To their dismay, Marissa arrived and Ellice was made to deliver a speech. Ellice stole the spotlight and stole Marissa’s project for herself without crediting her. She honoured the presence of everyone including her transgender secretary, Pinky but left Marissa out. Meanwhile, at the office the workers also pointed Ellice out for claiming ownership of Marissa’s project.

Knowing Ellice was doing that on purpose, Marissa confronted her but Gabriel alerted them that everyone was watching them. Ellice excused herself and Marissa followed to tear her pearl necklace for stealing her project. Ellice slapped her and Marissa slapped back, Ellice gave another slap and made it clear that it was her company that owned the project so everything was hers.

“And now tell me what hurts the most, getting slapped by me or taking away what belongs to you?”

“The last one hurts more doesn’t it?”

“And now you know exactly what it feels like so be very careful with your words, Marissa…”

“Because I have never stolen anything from you.”

“The project is yours?”

“I own Ceñidoza and you work for me and technically every single project you make is mine.”

“The company is mine, the father of your child still mine!”

“So every single thing and what you think you own they are all mine.”

At the Villarosa company, Sonya bumped into Gelo and wondered what the boy was doing there. Ramon entered and said he liked the guy based on how good he was in the discharge of his maintenance job. This made it clear to Sonya that Gelo was the company’s new cleaner.

Marissa and Sonya met up in a restaurant and the former told Sonya how Ellice took the credit of her work amidst the constance humiliation she suffered from her hand at work. Sonya advised her to go back to work and reclaim everything she worked hard for.

Marissa arrived at work the next day to find on her desk a termination letter, as Ellice had already held a meeting with the board providing pictures of her husband and Marissa being together. She told the board that both had a child together so the board had no option than to fire her on the basis of immoral act.

Marissa came out of her office to see Ellice and questioned her on the letter. She told her that she has put a lot into the company and for the second time she wouldn’t allow her to rob her off her future. Ellice slapped her multiple times, Marissa cried as she said she did everything for Ceñidoza Pearls.

“You don’t have a sense of gratitude, you’re an ungrateful witch,” Marissa cried trying to make her friend realise taking away her shame but Ellice showed no remorse. Marissa knew that Ellice was just pulling off a show for the second time to get her way.

“You’re pitiful,” Marissa wept as she lashed out.

“You’re absolutely pitiful!”

“You can adorn yourself with all the good pearls in the world, people will actually see you for who you are,” Marissa cried.

Ellice dragged Marissa by the neck and pushed her down. She went for a soaked napkin that they used to wipe the floor and threw it on Marissa’s face, describing her as a filth.

Gabriel went to his wife’s office to clear his name that he did not have anything doing with Marissa but Ellice did not care. Marissa packed her things and recalled all the sacrifices she made for Ellice that she did not appreciate.

As she was leaving, Caesar called Adelina to update her but Adelina believed Marissa would still return to Ceñidoza. Caesar wanted to be the one incharge and questioned Adelina on the reason she had trust in Marissa. Ellice went to Marissa’s office and recalled how she gave her used clothes to her and how her k!lling situation made Marissa saw the light of using the situation to get her life better.

“Ellice even if I break my back and work all my life I wouldn’t earn this money,” Ellice recalled when Marissa was in police custody and went to say a final goodbye to her before leaving the country. She returned and saw Marissa looking refined and she gave the thanks to her father’s 10million money but failed to see that her friend actually helped her

Marissa went home and broke down into tears. Lucing realising she was fired gave her a shoulder to cry on. Marissa later meet to talk with Sonya concerning her firing and Sonya offered her a job at their construction firm. However, Marissa refused and planned to get back to Ceñidoza Pearls as she would not give Ellice the pleasure to defeat her and take over the company which she was the reason it was on its feet. Sonya gave her support.

After Ellice also seek comfort from Christina she went to the office to sack her husband as well. She told him that she wanted a space so he should go back to his father’s company. Gabriel accepted in a good fate.


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