The Law Of Revenge Episode 22

The Law Of Revenge Episode 22 The board brings Marissa to Ceñidoza Pearls, Ellice feels defeated over her incompetency

While holding baby Jacob, Lucing promised to take care of him and would ensure, he did not feel void in his life. At the Ceñidoza Pearls, Ellice cried that she wanted to make Gabriel and Marissa pay for their act for them to feel the humiliation she passed through.

Pinky queried her on the reason she felt no l0ve for her husband yet she was holding on to him. Ellice said she was doing it to secure Hope’s future. Marissa and her two allies met and she was sad not to have paid them what was due them for their loyalty to her all those years. It was her dream to prioritise them in the company, unfortunately she was sacked. As Tutti got emotional, Blue promised to even k!ll for her.

Tutti told her that her exit package was also withheld by Ellice. Realising Ellice wanted to bring her to her knees she stormed Ceñidoza to give Ellice her peace of mind. Pinky tried to stop Marissa but she could not stop her and Ellice asked Pinky to leave her with Marissa.

“Is it all about your exit package Marissa?” Ellice spewed.

“You have no right to withhold my money Ellice.”

“I don’t have a right?” Ellice hissed “Let me get it straight?”

“You carried on an affair with my husband and you even allowed him to get you pregnant and had a son and both of you tried to hide that fact from me.”

“You know it, I can add to all the emotional abuse that exit package of yours is far from enough to pay for it so you had better slow down Marissa…..

In asking for what is yours in the future.”

“You still owe me so much,” Ellice added.

“And what if I were to ask you to pay me back for all those years that I spent in prison for the crime that you have committed,” Marissa fired back sending shivers to the spine of Ellice.

“Along with how I saved the company from the brick of bankruptcy.”

“And how I didn’t disclose your dirty little past from your dear husband as well…” Now Ellice looked more frightened Marissa proceeded.

“Your life is not mere enough to pay for what I have endured in prison.”

“Ellice I don’t owe you anything at all!”

“But you are the one who still owes me.”

“So you get ready because I will return and collect what you owe me Ellice.”

Ellice went home to dust up with her husband, asking him whether his mistress has ratted her out to him. Gabriel explained to her that Marissa was not her mistress and told Ellice to return her exit package but she refused. She said she would find the documents and prove that she was responsible for the financial anomalies. Gabriel warned her not to let her anger consumed her as Marissa has already proven her innocence.

Fast forward, the Ceñidoza Pearls company had been worse under the leadership of Ellice as the company kept seeing a down turn even in revenue. There was a protest against the company for their unfriendly environmental activities. A board director warned Ellice about her managerial skills and told her that the board members were complaining since under Marissa’s administration the company never encountered such a setback.

Ellice felt provoked that her administration was constantly being compared with that of Marissa. The board member told her that she was taking the whole issue personal. Before she could end her speech, Ellice interjected that Marissa had an affair with her husband during working hours. She then said she was talking to the the legal team to fix the issue.

Soon, an investor passed by the office to reclaim his investment as he was sure the company was heading towards bankruptcy. He said he invested there due to Marissa and if Marissa was not there he needed his money, obviously Ellice could not manage the place.

“Well Marissa doesn’t have any association with my company,” Ellice retorted.

“Then hire her back!”

Ellice got upset and yelled at him that she did not even need his money. At the Villarosa construction, Sonya gave work to Gelo at his closing time. The board held a meeting to confront Ellice for her attitude and realised she was toxic to the company’s development so they voted and brought Marissa back against Ellice’s will.

After a life uplift call, Marissa returned to Ceñidoza to grab the challenge given to her and Ellice to solve the pending problem.

“May the best woman win,” the board charged.

With the help of Pinky Ellice called a PR agency to discuss the problem the company was currently facing. Elsewhere, Marissa organised a press conference and sign an Mou with the environmental protection agency and assured the public of the Ceñidoza company’s commitment in strictly working to the environmental law system to make their works environmental friendly. The workers during their lunch saw on television how Marissa had easily solved the problem and praised her problem solving skills.

Ellice got there and got jealous. She told them that the lunch break was over and they rushed to their various offices. Gabriel who went to check on his son was told by Lucing that Marissa had returned to Ceñidoza. He called her and she said there was a problem at Ceñidoza so she was called to fix it. She asked him not to fight with his wife due to her return.

Ellice cried to Pinky that she could not beat Marissa to it. Everything she was working on did not seem to work and referred to herself not competent enough. She said all those who were criticising her might be right for saying she was not competent enough to manage the company. Pinky consoled her saying she was good just that the problem kept piling up.

Marissa got to the office and was hailed high, She spotted Ellice crying and she felt sorry for her which Tutti noticed how sad she was feeling for her friend. Fast Forward, Ellice got to the office to find on her table a bouquet and Pinky told her that a client who wanted to invest into the company brought it. She was glad, at last there was good news. She had a meeting with the client and went to the venue for the meeting to find out that the investor was a friend who she knew within her neighbourhood.

She was glad to meet Francis once again, the man who had pursued her ever since they were teens. He gave her another bouquet. As they ate and drink Francis told her that he had an opportunity to work with Congressman Joaquin Montelibano as a driver and he went abroad with him. There, he was able to build his life and was currently owning black pearls.

He told Ellice that he heard Marissa was working with her company and wondered why she was working with a k!ller. Ellice who was not comfortable with the subject asked him to drop it so that they could talk about other things.

They talked and it seemed all that talk was centred on Victor. He told Ellice that Congressman Montelibano was shuttered after his son died since he had lots of dreams for him but was fortunate to have benefitted from the man’s kind gesture and now wanted to invest some into the Ceñidoza.

Ellice ordered for more drinks since she was happy with the investor. Gabriel passed by the office in search of his wife but saw Marissa who told him that she heard Ellice was having a meeting with an investor and wished that she bagged the investment. Gabriel was stunned, Marissa told him that after Ellice humiliated her, all that she wanted was to return and to revenge her but she had pity for her when she saw Ellice crying.

Gabriel was impressed and hugged her for being a good person. Irrespective of the wickedness that Ellice had shown her she kept helping her and advised her not to stop that.


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