The Law of Revenge Episode 24

The Law of Revenge Episode 24 Red k!lls Francis to keep Ellice’s secret, Gabriel finally proposes to Marissa

Francis was lodged in a hotel and was in his towel, waiting patiently for the arrival of Ellice. With his drink in his hand, seated on the bed warming up to finally have a taste of a woman he had l0ved all his life.

He heard footsteps from behind and was sure it was Ellice.

“You did the right thing to have come tonight.”

Francis turned and was shocked to see Red. Red shot his belly and threw the hotel card on him, leaving Francis dead on his bed.

In Ceñidoza, Caesar arrived in the office of Ellice to give her feedback on the dirty job he sent him to do. A flashback showed that Ellice was crying due to the frustration that Francis would reveal his top secret. Caesar saw her and she explained to him that an investor was threatening her life and was scared for her life.

Caesar offered to help her as he told her that he knew someone who could scare the investor for her. Ellice said she did not want to see the investor ever again and gave Caesar the hotel card. Flashforward: Caesar told Ellice that the investor was dead as the guy claimed things went messy but the henchman got rid of all the evidence.

Caesar was however, sad that he would bear in his conscience the death of a fellow human which occurred while he was carrying out her orders but Ellice found no remorse and plan to bury the death of Francis in her mind as she did with Victor.

“Caesar, Caesar, Caesar,” Ellice held the finance officer and ushered him into a seat. She looked around to ensure no one listen to their conversation.

“Caesar, No one should find out about this…”

“So that neither of us will get into trouble, do you understand?”

“This will be our secret okay!”

Even though Francis was dead, an email was sent to Ellice saying they had a deal and if she did not fulfill it, Gabriel would find out the truth. Gabriel received the email with photos, showing Ellice as the main k!ller of Victor.

Gabriel was shocked after finding out the truth and immediately went to see Marissa. He asked her the reason she never told him the truth that she had gone to jail for Ellice. Marissa said she saw Ellice as her sister and had truly wanted to help her avoid prison. Lucing overheard them talking and was shocked to hear that Marissa took the fall for Ellice.

She asked Marissa the reason she never told her the truth behind Victor’s death. Marissa cried that she did not want her to suffer, hence the reason she kept it from her. She added that Jorge also offered to give her 10million which she thought the money would help Lucing pay off their debts to set Lucing free from all the hardships she was dealing with but all did not happen as her friend and Jorge abandoned her in prison to rot.

When Gabriel went home, he confronted Ellice about killing Victor. He called her selfish for having let Marissa go to jail and treating her badly. He said that he could no longer trust her and left the house.

Madam Adelina went to see Marissa at her house and gave her all the back up files for the organisation so that she would know how things worked. She said she trusted Marissa to keep them safe as she had always considered Marissa as the daughter she never had.

Lucing stormed the Ceñidoza mansion to confront Ellice for not telling her about k!lling Victor and letting Marissa take the fall for her. Ellice was apologetic and said she did not know about what happened to Marissa since Jorge lied to her. She said she would have come back immediately if she had found out that Marissa was imprisoned. Lucing would however not accept her explanation.

Soon, Agatha went to see Ellice and told her that she wanted to repay her for messing up. She told Ellice that Marissa belonged to an illegal organisation and was using Ceñidoza to launder money. Ellice planned to expose Marissa and thanked Agatha for the information. Meanwhile, Adelina found out that Francis had been k!lled.

Gabriel eventually came to the conclusion that he l0ved Marissa and stormed her condo to confess his actual feelings to her. He started off by embracing her tightly. Marissa broke from his embrace and Gabriel hugged her from behind and began k!ssing and caressing her. Marissa turned and the two k!ssed for a while, Marissa then broke from it.

“Marissa I l0ve you.”

“What do you mean?” Marissa asked anxiously.

“Look I am sorry that it keeps me so long to admit what I feel.”

“Since when?”

“Honestly, I have known for sometime now but I tried to fight it because I want to stick up to my family and my marriage.”

“I wanted to do what is right!”

“But Marissa right now this is what is right, my l0ve for you and my desire to be with you.”

“I l0ve you Marissa, I l0ve you.”

“I just hope you will accept my feelings for you.”

“You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment,” Marissa cried.

Marissa said she had kept her feelings hidden since she knew he l0ved Ellice and she l0ved Ellice too. Gabriel indicated that was the very reason he fell for her since she was not selfish and had a big heart to sacrifice for others. Marissa indicated that she had wished that Gabriel would learn to l0ve her. She however, asked Gabriel about Ellice and Hope.

He promised to continue being a father to Hope but he would soon get a divorce from Ellice so that the two of them could be together and build a family with Jacob. He asked Marissa to dress up so that they could go on their first date as a couple.


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