The Law of Revenge Episode 25

The Law of Revenge Episode 25 Ellice orders the death of Marissa over Gabriel’s call for divorce, Ellice’s henchman k!lls Gelo and Jacob 

At the Villarosa construction, Gelo went to work feeling so down as he thought he was fired. He was surprised to hear his supervisor saying he would teach him how to design and so happy.

Elsewhere, Gabriel met with Ellice in a restaurant and told her that he wanted a divorce. He later went on a date with Marissa and told her that he already asked Ellice for a divorce. He said that he was going to America to finalize the divorce because that’s where they got married. Marissa happily agreed to go with him.

Gabriel took Marissa to work and an employee at Cenidoza saw them. He told the others and Pinky told Ellice that Gabriel and Marissa were now together. Ellice confronted Marissa at the office and slapped her. She threatened her and said that she would kill her before letting her be with Gabriel.

Ellice was furious told Cesar that she wanted Marissa gone. Cesar said he could hire the man they used to get rid of Francis. He asked Ellice to clarify whether she wanted Marissa killed. Ellice said that she wanted Marissa dead!

Madam Adelina told Marissa that she wanted to step down as head of the organisation since she was now old and weak. She wanted Marissa to take over its leadership. Marissa was however reluctant as she was planning on going to America with Gabriel. Adelina finally told Marissa that Victor was her son and she too wanted revenge against Ellice, that was why she helped Marissa get out of prison.

“Francis was the only way I could get justice for my son, Victor Montelibano.”

Adelina told Marissa that her freedom from prison was no coincident, she intentionally got her out as she knew that she took a fall for Ellice. Since she earlier helped Marissa to take revenge she also wanted her to help her take her revenge on Ellice for k!lling her son. Marissa explained that Victor wanted to rape Ellice and Adelina indicated that if Victor had gotten a better training from a mother he wouldn’t act like that.

Marissa opened up to Adelina and told her that all her suffering in prison was due to the congressman and Adelina also opened up that her son was taken away from her after the congressman discovered her involvement with the organisation and wanted Marissa to give justice to her only son.

Marissa pleaded with Adelina that she wanted to forget everything and be happy with Gabriel. Madam Adelina therefore decided that taking Gabriel away was enough revenge against Ellice and agreed to let her leave. Marissa also said that she would tell Gabriel about her involvement with the organisation when Adelina asked her if Gabriel found that out.

Caesar was upset to hear the news that Marissa had been selected to replace Madam Adelina he believed he had worked his way up and thought he deserved the organisation.

Ellice begged Gabriel not to leave her and promised to change. Gabriel however told her that he already bought tickets to the US where he would take care of their divorce. Ellice asked if he was going to marry Marissa and Gabriel said YES!

Gabriel bought the tickets to leave the country and asked Marissa to get ready. Lucing left briefly to take care of something and Marissa was alone at home. Madam Adelina tried to reach her but Marissa did not have her phone with her. She sent Marissa a message urgently, telling her to leave as someone wanted her dead.

She had found out while talking to the organisation members about Marissa becoming her successor. She suspected that Caesar was behind the plan to k!ll Marissa but he denied it.

Marissa took Jacob and left with him. She was on her way out when armed men came after her. They ended up shooting Gelo, when he went to see Lucing to pick up some rice cakes for his girlfriend, Heidi. Marissa got in her car with Jacob and left.

Ellice changed her mind in the last minute and called Ceasar. She said that she did not mean to have Marissa k!lled and asked him not to do it. Caesar said that he wasn’t sure if there was time to stop them since the henchman was already after Marissa. Ellice tried to call Marissa but she did not answer. Caesar later called to tell her that they were too late.

She was ambushed while in her car and got into an accident. Jacob was harmed and died, so Marissa buried him in tears. Gabriel went to pick up Marissa at home but she was not there. Lucing did not know where she was either. They received a call from the police telling them that Marissa’s car had been found. They went to the police station but they could not find any information about Marissa.

Gabriel sent Lucing to Marissa’s condo and she said she would remain there till her daughter returned with her grandson. Gabriel wanted her to stay with Ellice but she chose to stay alone in the condo in hopes to be reunited with her missing daughter. She made Gabriel promised to bring back Marissa and he vowed to find Marissa wherever she was. He wanted her to live with Ellice but

Still mourning for her lost son, Marissa recalled that Ellice threatened to k!ll her and concluded that she was the person behind the attack. She vowed to make Ellice pay for k!lling her son.


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