The Law Of Revenge Episode 28

The Law Of Revenge Episode 28 Hope strengthens relationship with Jake, Ellice finds  La Sierra as threat to Ceñidoza

At the college, a student who was passing by the library saw Hope laying on the chest of Jake, much to her surprise. She alerted the security for him to open the door for the two. As the security wondered how they were locked inside, Jake narrated their ordeal to him.

The security charged them to go home to sleep since their stay would jeopardise his job. They were grateful to him for opening them and left.

The moment Ellice tried calling her daughter, Hope arrived and she told her mother about the horrible incident which happened to her at school. Ellice was glad that she was finally home as Lucing and her were worried. She came home with Jake and she introduced Jake to Ellice as her project partner.

Ellice told Jake about his bad reputation she heard but Hope debunked those claims, adding that Jake saved her life when she had her asthma attack. Ellice apologised to him and made him join the family for dinner.

As they were dinning, Lucing engaged in a chitchat with Jake and asked of his full name. He mentioned his name was Jake Zulyani. She then asked if his parents were aware he was with them but Jake said no, his mom was in Indonesia while he was living alone. Lucing asked of his father and proceeded to ask if he liked her granddaughter, Hope but Ellice changed the topic and advised them to do their project at home for safety reason.

Later, Ellice told Hope that Jake seemed to be a decent guy and she was a bit apprehensive about him especially when RJ told her about his bad reputation. Hope believed she misjudged him and now felt that he was trustworthy, someone she could rely on. She was grateful for his help when trapped in the library. Ellice advised her daughter to always keep her phone next to her in order for her to know she was safe. Hope apologised for making her worried.

Jake spoke to the unknown relative and informed the person about a girl he met in school who he earlier thought was snobbish but it turned out that she was cool and he hoped she becomes his girlfriend. At the college canteen the next day, Alfred came to meet Jake eating and Mr handsome asked him if RJ was still bothering him, but Alfred said not anymore. He saw Jake’s injury and asked how he was feeling.

Meanwhile, Hope was surprised to hear a rumour that she and Jake had a moment together in a library the previous day, reason the students stared at her. Hope denied having romantic moment with Jake and believed the boy spread the rumour to keep his womanising image. However, Charlie asked her to calm down.

Ellice packed Gabriel’s lunch and told him that she added extra food so that he could share with others. Gabriel picked it up and thanked her. He left for office while Hope vented her anger on Jake for spreading lies about her. Jake told her that he would do no such thing to jeopardise their friendship. Hope insisted that there was no third party when they got trapped so he was the person and failed to accept what Jake was saying.

Jake wondered the kind of person she was to believe in her own assumption than the truth he was saying and left. He bumped into RJ and his bad gang who engaged Jake in a fight, threatening him that he was not done with him. He also warned Jake to stay away from Hope as she was his but Jake said Hope was not anyone’s property.

Hope got home to find the Villarosas in the house. She hugged the family and was asked how she was faring. Hope said she was fine but Sonya doubted. She urged Hope to open up to them especially about her parent’s relationship, stressing that the family was there to support her. Ellice interjected that her daughter did not need any support since she was a person who easily reveals what she feels.

Hope went inside her room with Lucing and Gabriel appeared with a gift, urging his daughter to feel free to reveal to him anything that bothered her. Hope was happy with the gift and Gabriel promised she would get more of that as he wanted her to be his friend to open up to him. Hope was actually bothered about the incident at school and insinuated that she would only trust herself as trusting others would make her get betrayed. The statement shocked her father.

At the Villarosa mansion, Carmelita confronted Sonya for meddling in her brother’s marriage and Hope’s upbringing but Sonya reminded her that they were all there to help solve Gabriel’s marital issue and Hope’s take was important as she was the one affected the most. Cristina did not understand since Sonya was very strict on Heidi but wanted to meddle in Hope’s life.

Sonya revealed that she never wanted her daughter to be like her and only got to know about what she actually wanted after her marriage. She wanted a man like her father but the family wanted her to remain in the marriage same as what they were doing to Gabriel.

To her, Gabriel was no longer interested in Ellice and his life would be miserable in such marriage but Carmelita disagreed as Sonya was the one who failed to see the l0ve her husband showed her. She believed Gabriel could make his own decision on his marriage without them interfering

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Ellice prepared the workers for their new pearls which they would soon release. Madam Adelina who was confined in a wheelchair arrived to ask about her investment. Ellice called Caesar to provide a draft of Adelina’s investment for her to know her money was faring well in the company. Adelina asked Ellice whether she has heard about La Sierra, a new player that could be a potential threat.

Ellice believed Ceñidoza Pearls was well established and had been on the market for long. She only viewed La Sierra as a novice or rookie. Adelina warned her to watch out because La Sierra could prove her wrong. This got Ellice scared. This made Ellice give Pinky a task but Pinky could not find the owner of La Sierra.

The fashion company still remained mystery to them and Ellice wondered if it was part of the company’s rules to keep the owner hidden. Pinky had a bad feeling about it. Elsewhere, after Hope watched Jake’s viral video on the rumour which affected her relationship with him, she realised she misjudged the guy but kept it to herself.

She later met Jake in a library and apologised for blaming him. She admitted acting immature and gave Jake a book as a peace offering. Jake accepted her apology and they continued with their friendship. Soon, Jake visited the Ceñidoza mansion and Lucing introduced the project mate of Hope to Gabriel. Gabriel engaged him in a chat and told him he would give him some of the blue prints to better Jake’s drawings.

Gabriel later asked Ellice about Jake and she told him what she knew about her daughter’s classmate and asked him whether he approved their closeness. Gabriel found Jake as nice and decent but viewed Hope to be small for any romantic affair. Later, Jake received notification from Hope as she liked his pictures on social media. The next day, they rushed to the library and Jake gave the book he fought over with Hope at the book shop to her, making her so happy. This even earned him a hug from the mama’s girl.

At the Villarosa Construction, Gabriel was amazed that the fashion designers kept changing the designs. Although the company payed for the revisions, he wanted to talk with the owner to pinpoint the actual design she wanted to make their job easier but Sonya said the owner was busy. Elsewhere, Ellice received a document from Pinky which showed that La Sierra was able to sell all their new designs 30minutes after its released. This shocked Ellice to the core.

Finally, Marissa called her right hand boy, Blue to enquire from him how her mother was doing. She asked Blue the last time he visited her old lady and wondered if she could recognise him.


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