The Law Of Revenge Episode 3

The Law Of Revenge Episode 3 Ellice loses third pregnancy, Marissa traps Gabriel to have $e× with him

Marissa ran to the hospital and was directed to Ellice’s ward. The doctor told Ellice that she lost lots of blood and her child’s heartbeat couldn’t be felt. She cried as she had lost her third baby. Marissa tried to calm her and called Gabriel to inform him about his wife’s condition.

In no time, Gabriel arrived abandoning the work he was doing. He learnt from Marissa that his wife stressed herself while fixing a problem the Ceñidoza Pearl business encountered. He excused himself and Marissa came to talk to him to forgo his wrath as his wife was hurting. She advised Gabriel to stand by his wife’s side.

Gabriel said he already warned Ellice to take care of her pregnancy yet she stressed herself. He went to stand somewhere thinking. While thinking, he heard a baby cry so he got close to that ward and saw a baby in there. This made him recall his advice to his wife. Lucing apologised to Marissa for her inability to stay with her, saying she could not abandon Ellice in her current situation.

Later, the in-laws of Ellice visited and Ramon Villarosa was upset with his daughter-in-law for her negligence. He blamed her for the child lost, claiming she was not thinking of getting a heir for the Villarosa family as her focus was only on her family business. Gabriel faced his father and scolded him for confronting his wife. He was upset that Ramon was thinking about a name and heir while what they needed at that moment was support.

Ramon lamented Gabriel was his only son and needed another son as a grandchild. His mother sent her husband out in order not to aggravate the situation. Gabriel said sorry to Ellice and she kept crying blaming herself for the lost of her child. Soon, she was discharged and cried all night while Gabriel tried to bury his pains.

The next day, Ellice came down to hear from Lucing that Gabriel had already left. At work, Ramon kept rebuking Gabriel for allowing his wife to do everything she wanted while she was to be blamed for the child lost.

Marissa visited to check on Ellice. Ellice told her that she knew Gabriel was hurting even though he had not been saying it. She said Gabriel earlier told her to hire a manager but she had not gotten the right person for it. Ellice made it a point to recover fully to work in order for her not to get depressed thinking about the miscarriage. Marissa understood her for trying to get the Ceñidoza business back on its feet as it was her dad’s legacy.

Aside that she was also striving hard to be a family woman. Ellice said Ramon was deeply affected but Marissa told her that it was her own life and should do what would please her. Ellice received a call from Pinky who told her about a scheduled meeting with a potential client, Albert the next day.

Since Ellice was not fit, Marissa volunteered to do the presentation on her behalf. Ellice sharpened her skills for the presentation and the next day, Marissa delivered a perfect presentation which helped Ceñidoza to seal the deal with Albert. Ellice went to see her doctor and was told she was loosing babies since her uterus was weak. She asked if there could be a way to have kids and the doctor opted for adoption or surrogacy.

Ellice now decided to make Marissa her manager. Gabriel asked if she trusted her. Recalling the sacrifice Marissa made for her by taking the fall, Ellice said she trusted Marissa with her life.

Ellice and Gabriel had a meeting with Marissa to inform her that she had earned the post of COO and she gladly accepted it. On her first day at work, her office was not yet ready so she used the office of Ellice and recalled how she stole Ellice’s favourite ribbon which Ellice’s mother left for her daughter. She now swore to take everything away from Ellice adding that she should enjoy while she could.

Gabriel went to the Villarosa mansion and his mother explained that they only wanted a grandson and did not wish Ellice could hold that against them. Gabriel said he and his wife wanted a child but was not right for his parent to pressure Ellice. Sonya interjected that Ellice needed more pressure since she had made losing a child a hobby. Gabriel was upset and wanted to get physical with his sister but his mother held him back.

Later, Gabriel arrived home to find Ellice cooking. She was home early since now Marissa was helping her out with clerical duties.Gabriel wanted to make l0ve with her but she said later, even in bed she denied her husband $e×. The next morning, Lucing realised that Gabriel and Ellice were in loggerhead. Gabriel opened up to Lucing that his wife was denying him $ex. Lucing advised him to talk to his wife and sort things out.

At work, Ellice explained to Marissa why she had been pushing her husband away. She said she did not want to get pregnant as she was scared to get a miscarriage. She arrived home to find a candle light dinner set up by Gabriel. Gabriel told her that he made that up for them and got touchy with Ellice. He began licking her body while caressing her. Recalling the bad advice Marissa gave concerning men of Gabriel’s caliber that whenever they got touchy it meant that they wanted se×.

Ellice then pulled away from Gabriel’s embrace. The next day, she woke up and could not find him next to her on the bed. At the office, Ellice told Marissa her problem with her husband and Marissa advised her to visit him at his work place. Ellice said she called but was told he was not at the office. Marissa believed he could be at his family’s house so Ellice went there only to be greeted with insult from her father-in-law.

In fury, she responded to Ramon that she was not a baby making machine and as a woman she was not only good to sit in the house just like what he did to his wife and Sonya. Gabriel approached to hear his wife talking harshly to his parents and he shut her. They brought their quarrel home and Ellice said Gabriel was like his father and only think about women as a baby makers. She told her husband that he could divorce her.

Gabriel realised that his wife thought touching her meant that he wanted to make babies with her and since Ellice was insisting on him to leave, he also left. The next day, Lucing had a talk with Gabriel and he said he never meant to break up with his wife. He sent a bouquet of flowers to the Ceñidoza office and met Marissa. Marissa told her that Ellice was too upset so she took the bouquet to deliver it on his behalf.

Unknown to Gabriel, Marissa had her own agenda. She later called Gabriel to inform him that her boyfriend has beaten and cheated on her. She faked tears and told Gabriel to come over since she could not talk to her mother and Ellice as her mother would get worried and Ellice was also having her own problem.

Gabriel arrived and kept crying, claiming she sacrificed a whole lots for her boyfriend but he left her. Induced by drink and his weakness for constantly being rejected by his wife, Gabriel did not let the opportunity to have a woman by his side slip. He got all touchy, after the foreplay they had se× while Ellice was also searching online to gather more information and ideas on surrogacy.


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