The Law Of Revenge Episode 30

The Law Of Revenge Episode 30 Hope cries over Jake’s inability to propose, Ellice is shocked to see Marissa alive and CEO of the famous La Sierra designs

Gabriel breaks the news of his decision of making up with his wife to his sister, Helena. Helena believed Gabriel was doing that to make Hope happy and not because he l0ved Ellice. However, Ellice looked so warn out when she arrived to find a meal prepared by Gabriel.

As Lucing told her about the food Gabriel prepared, she learnt from Ellice that La Sierra, her new competitor was making things difficult for her but Hope was hopeful that her mom would overcome it and the “kwabota”, Gabriel also believed so.

Later at work, Chona eavesdropped the conversation of Ellice and informed Marissa which the latter was grateful to her for always updating her on the moves of Ellice. That evening, during dinner, Marissa urged Jake to introduce to her the girl he had been telling her about. However, her son wanted to date the girl before introducing her. Marissa suggested he introduced her now that they were friends.

The following day at college, Jake revealed his mother’s intentions to Hope while working on their project but Hope wanted to seek permission from her parents before she would visit over the weekend for her to meet Marissa. Learning of what Jake told her friend, Charity teased Hope, believing that Jake wanted to introduce her to his mother as his girlfriend but Hope doubted.

At Villarosa Construction, Sonya talked her brother against backing out from La Sierra’s project since the owner might sue them. Soon, Marissa arrived at the Ceñidoza mansion to spy at Lucing through the window and vowed to get her from the house. Lucing saw a car leaving and wondered who the person was.

Marissa later stumbled on Ellice and Gabriel when she went to have a meeting with a client in a restaurant. She shed tears on how Gabriel had buried her memories so easily and he was even happy with the woman who ordered her death and that of her son. At Ceñidoza mansion, Hope informed her parent that she would go to Jake’s house over the weekend for them to work on their project and also meet Jake’s mother who returned from abroad.

Although Gabriel was not happy with that but supported since Ellice had given Hope permission to do so. Gabriel advised his daughter to take care of herself since she was still a baby. Lucing added that no matter how tall she was, she was still a baby. At the Zaluyani’s mansion, Marissa arrived to meet Hope working on her project and the latter introduced herself as a Villarosa. Marissa who was surprised complemented her looks and served her.

She asked Hope the reason she learnt Business Administration and she said being the only child of her parent she wanted to help her mother’s company, Ceñidoza excel in the fashion industry. Marissa having a mixed feelings about Hope, angrily cut a cake and served the dessert. Hope enjoyed the meal and later asked for her leave.

Jake escorted her and wanted to talk to her, Hope’s mind travelled back to what Charity said and believed that Jake would propose to her. Before Jake could pour his heart out, Hope car’s arrived and they decided to talk about it on Monday in school. Marissa asked Jake not to fall for Hope, although she knew how hurtful it would be for him. To her, it was a good move since Hope’s mother, Ellice was the reason behind the death of Jacob and the threat upon her life.

Marissa felt sorry for her son since she knew how Hope meant to Jake and recalled how Jake spoke nicely of Hope while she was away. Jake received a text from Hope that she has reached home and he also remembered Marissa’s advice to him against Hope. Jake was left in dilemma. The next day, Ellice came across flyers of La Sierra in a certain restaurant she visited and she crumbled it.

Marissa and Adelina also met at the same location and Adelina explained to Marissa that she intentionally changed lines in order for Marissa not to able to get in touch with her for her nemesis to track down her location. Adelina complemented Marissa, saying she was still looking fresh and vibrant unlike her who was old and confined in a wheelchair. Marissa said she was also looking glamorous and was sad that for the past 17years she could not talk to her.

She asked about the Organisation and old woman said she was no longer a member since the bad guys in it wanted to get rid of her. Marissa knew she was talking about Caesar and she pledged to find evidence against him and Ellice for attempting to k!ll her. She assured Adelina that she would make them pay. At her office, Pinky told Ellice about La Sierra’s grand launch invite and was asked to clear off her activities to make it to the event.

Ellice was not planning to miss the occasion for anything. As she deemed that as an opportunity to solve the mystery behind her competitor’s game. It was Monday already and Hope together with Jake went to present their project. The lecturer was happy with their progress and was hoping to see more of them in the subsequent semester. Hope hugged Jake and asked him to tell her what he wanted to say but the disturbed boy pulled away and said sorry.

This affected Hope and she told Charity about it through a video call. Charity believed Hope was overthinking and told her to give the handsome boy time since he might be bothered by something. Hope said she was ready to say yes to Jake if he wanted to propose but he kept his distance and wanted to give up on him. Charity advised her to wait since she was sure Jake would propose.

Ellice informed Gabriel about the invite she received from La Sierra and Gabriel told her if she was uncomfortable she should not attend the launch. Ellice said she would go and asked Gabriel to accompany her. Soon, the grand launch was here and Ellice dressed while Marissa also chose a red gown from the gowns which Tutti presented to her.

At the event, Ellice and Gabriel arrived and met Sonya who also arrived. Sonya was glad to meet her sister-in-law. Gabriel then asked whether she had already met the owner of La Sierra and Sonya indicated that she just arrived and believed the CEO was with other guests.

The MC kicked started the function after all the guests took their seats and made a grand address to introduce the much anticipated and controversial owner of La sierra as Ms Marissa Pineda throwing Ellice and Gabriel off their seats as in astonishment they stared.


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