The Law Of Revenge Episode 31

The Law Of Revenge Episode 31 Lucing slaps Marissa at La Sierra’s grand launch, Ellice vows to k!ll Marissa with her barehands

The MC introduced Marissa as the CEO of La Sierra designs. The lady of the moment walked majestically to the stage. In astonishment, Ellice rose with her eyes pinned on Marissa wondering whether it was real. Gabriel also stood and stared at Marissa, feeling devastated and shocked.

The crowd applauded her and she asked them to be in their seat as she addressed them, telling them what La Sierra designs was about. She termed La Sierra as a rising star in the industry and has become a force to be reckoned with. In turn, Marissa indicated that it has helped the jewellery company to subdue all market threats and competition.

La Sierra, the CEO said has changed the status quo in Philippines as the market has quite a few to compete making it comfortable for the existing brand. She was glad with how the market was receiving La Sierra and assured that the company has come to stay. To the competitors who were anxious and feared that the arrival of La Sierra would erase them from the top, she told them to relax.

La Sierra would strive and give value to consumers and clients and thanked all key players who had belief and trust in the fashion company. Ellice did not digest the issue well but Sonya was happy with what Marissa has accomplished while Gabriel was blown away by Marissa’s presence.

Once Ellice saw Marissa approaching Gabriel’s direction, she intervened and told Marissa that she has always felt that something was wrong and now she has confirmed her suspicions. Marissa saw that Ellice had not changed and referred to her as pathetic and sour loser.

Ellice attempted to attack Marissa and Gabriel stopped her. She rushed to the washroom, looking so worn out and devastated. She felt like a loser as a problem she felt she has solved has rushed back to her. She recalled when she ordered the death of Marissa and when the mystery of La Sierra designs got her to research about her new competitor as well as when she discovered that her estranged husband was the one constructing the designing firm.

She felt so upset and felt to ruin Marissa’s moment so she informed Lucing about the appearance of Marissa and claimed she did not die. Meanwhile, Sonya was happy to see her old friend again and told Marissa not to mind Ellice as she was still the same insecure wife. She asked Marissa where she had been all those years and Marissa promised to tell her but wanted to enjoy the moment.

Lucing arrived at the launch so upset with Marissa but her daughter in merriment went close to her mother but Lucing slapped her for acting unconcerned. Marissa pleaded with her to allow her explain as things were not how she deemed it. Lucing gave her another slap, saying Marissa did not care even if she died and demanded for one good reason she chose to build her life together and prioritising other things instead of her.

She believed even if she died Marissa wouldn’t still care and her daughter told her it was not true neither was it the right time for them to talk about that. Lucing asked of her grandson Jacob and Marissa told her that her grandson returned with her so she would introduce him to her. She told Lucing that she would take her back from Ellice.

Lucing declined her offer until she hears the truth from Marissa as she said Ellice was always there for her. She recalled when she was unconscious in the condo and Ellice came to her rescue and sent her to the Ceñidoza mansion to care for her.

Marissa shed tears, asking Lucing if she was not happy to see her alive but Lucing said the Marissa she knew died a long time ago and left. Lucing, however, wondered what really happened to Marissa.

Gabriel arrived home to find Ellice crying. He wondered her problem and told her that there was nothing to worry about. Ellice in fury stood to ask if he really meant what he said as she saw the way he looked at Marissa. Ellice said she could feel and see it in the eyes of her estranged husband that even after 17 years he still l0ved Marissa.

Gabriel reminded her of his promise to her to fix their marriage and would ensure things work out with them, Ellice then embraced him. Lucing appeared in the scene and made Gabriel promised not to abandon Ellice and Hope now that her daughter has reappeared. Upon all that, Lucing thought of her grandson and was dying to see how has grown to be a nice boy and Gabriel also said he could not wait to meet Jacob.

Elsewhere, Marissa arrived home in tears and told Jake that she met Lucing at the launch. She believed it would take time for his grandmother to forgive her for abandoning her and swore to make Ellice pay for everything she did against her. Jacob suggested that Marissa should withdraw from her revenge to enable her build a healthy relationship with Lucing but Marissa refused.

Marissa wanted Ellice to feel the pain for ruining the life she could have had with Jacob. Marissa told her son that he would be the link for the revenge to take back everything Ellice stole and belonged to her. Jake saw that his mother was inconsolable and he hugged her. During the night, Marissa recalled her life in Indonesia.

A flashback showed that she did not have much food to eat when she settled in Indonesia. She then called Blue to ask about her mother and asked him to take care of Lucing as it was very difficult for her to trust anyone except him and Tutti. Blue asked of when she would return and she said she had no idea at the moment.

Marissa then went searching for a job and saw a vacancy at a jewellery shop. When she entered she noticed the owner of the shop was being robbed by an unknown guπ man so she intervened and started struggling with the guπ man to get hold of the guπ but got $hot in the process and ended up at the hospital.

The owner of the jewelry shop, Mrs Zulyani was very impressed with how Marissa risked her life to save her, she then offered Marissa a job when she recovered and the woman was impressed by her hardworking nature. Many clients were impressed by Marissa’s reception and how innovative she was so Mrs Zulyani promoted her. She later adopted Marissa as her daughter.

Years Later, the woman became sick and Marissa became her sole heir who benefited from her last will and testament. Marissa was shocked and cried asking why she was giving all those asserts to her. Mrs Ebu Zulyani explained that when her husband died, the business was all she had with no kids until Marissa came and brought her so much joy so she was thankful to have met her.

The woman willed everything to Marissa and asked her to take care of her jewellery shop. Marissa was grateful and thanked her, unfortunately Mrs Ebu Zulyani died. Marissa vowed not to make her sacrifices and suffering go waste and was back with revenge.

The next day at Ceñidoza mansion, Lucing engaged in a chat with Ellice. Ellice promised to keep the fight to save her marriage and company so Lucing encouraged her to keep the faith. Ellice, however, asked her if she would not talk to her daughter since she knew she had missed and wanted to be with Marissa. Lucing said she was hurt that Marissa prioritised her profession and abandoned her. She deemed the time as not the rightful to get close to Marissa.

Ellice then asked Lucing not to reveal the affair of Gabriel and Marissa to Hope as she did not know how to explain things to her daughter, besides she was not expecting Marissa to return. Lucing felt sorry that Marissa’s selfish desires almost ruined Ellice’s family. Hope appeared in the scene to ask her mother about the grand launch of La Sierra.

At the Villarosa Construction, Gabriel kept thinking about Marissa being the CEO of La Sierra and how Ellice confronted him for exhibiting that he was still in l0ve with his estranged mistress. He watched some of the pictures from the launch and was left confused. Caesar confronted Ellice for pulling back her orders as that had made Marissa to survive and had returned. Ellice claimed she regretted for making that order and was thankful that her once best friend survived the attack.

Caesar then asked Ellice her next move, he was quite sure that Marissa was targeting Ceñidoza and would not back down as the Marissa he knew always won her battles. Ellice believed the hard work she has put in place to make Ceñidoza Pearls an Empire would make it difficult for Marissa to defeat her.

Ellice said she now knew her enemy as the CEO of la Sierra so she would not be idle and if Marissa set her eyes on her family she would k!ll her with her bere hands. Caesar said Ellice was not the only one who had unfinished business with Marissa he also did. Elsewhere, Sonya went to Gabriel’s office to query him why he left the Programme without talking to Marissa.

Gabriel said when he talked to her, it would be about his son and Sonya asked him why he was delaying. She believed Ellice was the reason Gabriel was acting in that manner. She knew her brother was still interested in Marissa. Gabriel indicated that Ellice was still his wife and has promised to fix his marriage, hence would only talk to Marissa about his son to make up for the lost time.

Sonya then informed him that Marissa was demanding for his presence in La Sierra and the conversation was strictly business. Gabriel thought they were done with her but was in dilemma. At the college library, as they were studying with Jake still distancing himself, Hope gave him an air pod to listen to a music but he declined. He told Hope that they should wrap up and leave.

Hope wanted to know what was bothering him but he refused to share his problem. Hope found the act as unfair since she always shared her problem with him. Jake said he was only feeling under the weather and wanted them to finish their work.


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