The law Of Revenge Episode 35

The law Of Revenge Episode 35 Marissa threatens Caesar, Hope gets wasted and Jake saved her from RJ’s plot

In her Condo, Marissa still flirted around with Gabriel and tried to ki$$ him but her former fling resisted her and left since he couldn’t see Jake. He went home and recalled the day he proposed to Marissa and their plans to go to the states. He also thought of Ellice’s plea and was left in dilemma knowing clearly he was still in l0ve with Marissa.

The next day at La Sierra, Marissa told Tutti and Blue about how Gabriel rejected her but she planned to continue the harassment since she knew Gabriel still had feelings for her. At the college, Hope was still in loggerhead with Jake but the latter wanted to do everything to win her trust. Later, RJ came to Hope’s rescue from some mates who were hurting her just to get Jake jealous.

Soon, Marissa visited Sonya at the Villarosa mansion to apologise for the mess created during Ramon’s memorial birthday celebration. Sonya asked her not to blame herself since Ellice was the cause and she failed to act maturely after setting eyes on Marissa at the celebration. Unknown to them, Ellice was also with Carmelita. She presented a bouquet to ask for forgiveness for the mess created.

Marissa and Sonya came to find them and invited Ellice for a tea but Ellice was uncomfortable. Sonya fueled Ellice’s pains by asking her mother whether she remembered her father saying Gabriel should find a woman worthy enough to fight for not a woman who would fight with him. Carmelita stopped her from going further. Ellice interjected that Gabriel has already found that person. Marissa stared mysteriously while Sonya wondered why Ellice was offended wth her jokes and believed the two rivals could be friends.

Marissa laughed to the joke but Ellice described Marissa as desperate, claiming she wanted her extended family not only the nuclear family and left. Chona received a call from Marissa at Ceñidoza cafeteria and the action of Caesar made her tell Marissa that Caesar was suspecting her to be the mole and he had been keeping tabs on her.

In school, Jake explained to Alfred that he was not jealous of RJ but he believed the boy wanted to destroy the life of Hope and he only wanted to secure Hope from his hand. He approached Hope to ask if RJ was not bothering her. Hope snubbed him and called him a liar and RJ almost fought with Jake. Elsewhere, Christina tried to make Ellice trust Gabriel since Gabriel had already promised to ensure their marriage work again.

At La Sierra, Gabriel talked to Marissa to make it clear that he only visited to see his son and not to rekindle his old relationship with her. He told Marissa to get their past behind her so that he could be with his son. Elsewhere, Marissa and Blue met Caesar at a restaurant eating. Marissa confronted him for not fulfilling his end of the bargain as she gave him an envelope. Caesar asked what the envelope contained and Marissa told him that it was an evidence proving that he has been stealing from the organisation.

She threatened him that when she revealed his sins to the high ups it might cause his life and that of his family and warned him to stay clear off his way. RJ sent Hope to a bar and urged her on to drink. While drank, RJ made an attempt to take advantage of her but Jake saved Hope and sent her home. Lucing was glad that Jake took care of his sister even when he was passing through a difficult time.
Ellice scolded her daughter for trying to ruin her own life

Jake arrived home upset and his mother asked of his problem and he said Hope was ruining her life due to their plans and knew that her parents have wronged her but Hope was innocent. Marissa told him Hope was collateral damage and she did not care whom her plans were supporting or destroying as Jake left to his room.

Later, Gabriel arrived home and asked Ellice if there was something wrong. Ellice told him that Hope got herself drank shocking Gabriel who asked why she did that. Ellice said she was clearly rebelling against them. Gabriel told Hope that he knew she was angry but she shouldn’t destroy her life. Hope expressed her resentment towards Gabriel. This made Lucing cry while listening to them.

In bed, Marissa watched a social media family picture post of Gabriel’s family and she recalled her earlier conversation with Gabriel at her office that he only came to her house just to see Jake and hoped she could put their past behind her for the sake of Jake. The Next day while eating, Marissa asked Jake if he l0ved her and was willing to do anything for her. Jake said anything so Marissa told him to prove to her. Jake asked her if it was about her happiness.

At Ceñidoza mansion, Lucing served Hope with milk and the latter apologised to Lucing for getting drank due to Jake. Lucing told her that no matter what happened she and Jake were siblings and she knew she was going through a lots of problems but she should remember that she would always be there for her at all the time.

Jake called Gabriel that he was wondering if he would be free that weekend since he wanted them to get to know each other. Gabriel was happy to hear that since Jake wanted to spend time with him. Gabriel also thanked him for bringing Hope home. Jake said it was nothing since he wanted to be close to Hope too. After the call Jake told Marissa that whatever she was planning, he hoped that it won’t hurt Hope.

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Ellice had a new investor who invested into the company, Ellice was elated as the company was developing without any problems. Pinky reminded her about the launch of a clothing company while Chona eavesdropped and told Marissa.

At home, Gabriel told Ellice that he would be meeting up with Jake during the weekend for them to get to know each other better. Ellice advised him to make sure Hope knew about his plans.


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