The Law Of Revenge Episode 38

The Law Of Revenge Episode 38 Gabriel conducts secret investigation on Belen, Belen sabotages Lucing

In Ceñidozas mansion, Ellice was grateful to Lucing for all the sacrifices she has made for her and her family. She presented a necklace as a sign of her gratitude. Later, Gabriel asked Lucing what she knew about Balen and Lucing recalled stumbling on Jorge making a call to someone concerning his estranged wife. Lucing who was shocked to hear that Belen was alive all those while tried to make Jorge reveal the truth to his daughter.

Jorge said it was of no use as Belen abandoned him and married a different man outside the country. He said it was better for Ellice to view her mother as dead than knowing Belen abandoned her. Later, Gabriel told Hope how happy he was to know she was in good terms with Jake and he invited her to join him over the weekend to go out with Jake.

At the college Cafeteria, as Hope was eating with Charie, Jake and Alfred arrived and Hope signaled him to be by her side. Charie and Alfred were glad that the two made up. Elsewhere, Adelina gave to Marissa pictures of Ceñidoza board member who had a son outside her marriage and they planned to use it against her.

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Belen barged in while Pinky could not do anything. Caesar who was inside Ellice’s Office excused the mother and daughter. Ellice made it clear that she did not need her but Belen revealed that she knew she had been doing good all those years. However, she heard her rival and her son were becoming a torn in the flesh and wanted to hold her back in the fight since she noticed that there was no one backing Ellice. Ellice declined her offer so Belen left.

Soon, Marissa and Ellice both received a letter to Korean Fashion week. However, Ellice’s happy face turned into sour when finding La Sierra as part of the exhibitors. Unknown to her, Belen was the one who pulled the strings to get Ceñidoza Pearls in the event as she knew the organiser. Caesar was glad that Belen did that for Ellice and Belen said she was ready to go to any length to win her daughter’s trust.

At the Villarosa mansion, Gabriel and his two children had fun together. As Sonya asked Jake questions about his studies in the country to find out that Jake and Hope were partners for the business project in the semester she took them pictures without them noticing. Gabriel promised Jake that no matter what happened he would forever take care of him and his sister. Soon, Marissa arrived for Jake and the boy bid Carmelita goodbye and hugged Hope.

Sonya secretly kept taking pictures and posted for Ellice to see. Meanwhile, Belen came to meet Lucing setting the table and she pushed the food Lucing prepared aside and placed hers there. Ellice came and was in dilemma as she could not choose but made Lucing aware how tasty her food was to the upset of her mother. She then saw the pictures Sonya posted and was upset so Belen asked her problem.

Shortly after, Gabriel arrived with Hope and Belen gave her oranges but she was allergic to it so she rejected it and Hope gave presented cakes which was Lucing’s favourite to her. Feeling jealous, Belen asked of her leave and Gabriel offered to alight her. She refused but Ellice insisted for her own safety.

Gabriel alighted her at her destination, as he turned to his house, he realised Belen left her phone inside the car so he turned back to present the phone only to discover that Belen was not living at the mansion which she posed off to live in but ladies hostel. Gabriel arrived home to inform his wife and said he was not happy about where her mother was living but Ellice indicated that she was the one abandoned but now they were making her to feel like she was the wicked one.

Elsewhere, Marissa reminded Jake that the Villarosas were not his family but she was, so he should not get attached to them. The next day, Adelina found the board member who had a l0ved child and made an enticing offer to her. The mole planted in La Sierra witnessed Chona giving Ellice’s schedule to Blue and called Belen to inform her. Gabriel also gave his mother-in-law’s picture to someone to dig into her past. Elsewhere, Ellice and Marissa bumped into eachother at the Korean Fashion week’s meeting and Marissa told Ellice that she was quite late.

However, Ellice knew she had arrived in time. She later was in Ceñidoza Pearls and her mother arrived. Seeing Ellice’s bad mood, she asked of her problem and Ellice said it was Marissa. She seemed to run to her wherever she went to. Belen blamed Lucing and told Ellice not to trust her since she was not who she seemed to be although she was not ready to ruin Lucing’s reputation.

In school Jake and his sister met at the library as they took a book which fell and kept staring at eachother with Charie and Alfred making fun at them. Later, Jake went to sit in solitude to watch the pictures which Sonya took. As Alfred was trying to figure out the actual feelings of Jake towards Hope, his sister also told Charie that she had to k!ll her heart to get rid of her feelings for Jake since they were siblings.

At the Ceñidoza Pearls, Caesar informed Ellice about two new investors. Ellice was bothered and told Caesar that she felt Marissa knew her every movement and the sc0undrel asked her to seek help from Belen since she helped her to gain the Korean Fashion week’s project, much to Ellice’s dismay.


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