The Law Of Revenge Episode 39

The Law Of Revenge Episode 39 Lucing finally packs out from the Ceñidoza mansion over Belen’s accusation, The Ceñidozas get Lucing behind bars

Belen called Caesar to ask him about her daughter and Caesar demanded she called her herself to talk to her. He told Belen that she left the office 30 minutes ago. Knowing Ellice was almost in the house, she decided to pick a fight with Lucing.

When Lucing saw her presence, she told her that Ellice was not home and asked her to sit while she went to serve her. However, Belen stopped her and told her that she came to actually talk to her and asked Lucing what she was doing there while her daughter who went away for decades had returned. Lucing said same did she and did not understand why she had returned to reclaim her mother’s role while she had not been a mother to her daughter.

“Does she know that you run off with another man?” Lucing queried.

“I suggest you leave Belen because the moment Ellice comes I will tell her everything, I will tell her the truth and not leave anything out.”

Belen then slapped Lucing for telling her the truth.

“I kept quiet all these while when you returned because I was hoping that you have changed for the better but apparently I was mistaken,” Lucing said.

Belen told her that Ellice would not believe her. Lucing climbed the stairs and Belen followed her claiming Marissa’s new name she has earned was a mistress. Lucing insisted that Belen was not a good mother and Belen said Lucing and her daughter had brought her family nothing but problems. Lucing insisted that Belen could not return to compete for a good mother’s position.

“So that is the reason you leashing my daughter’s riches? Belen queried.

“You have not experienced comfort and luxury that is why you’re desperate for her money!”

“You have always been nothing but a trouble to all the people around you,” Lucing cried.

Lucing wanted to slap her but Belen caught her hand and hearing Ellice’s voice she intentionally fell off the stairs. Ellice rushed to her aid to ask what happened to her.

“It was Lucing, she pushed me off the stairs,” Belen cried while lying helplessly on the floor

“I didn’t,” Lucing acting so amazed, she tried to get closer but Belen did not want her close so Ellice signalled Lucing not to draw closer.

Gabriel and Hope appeared in the scene and Ellice asked Gabriel to call an ambulance. Belen was rushed to hospital, She received treatment and the doctor said she only identified a disconnected joint. Ellice asked Belen what happened for her to fall from the stairs and the woman insisted that Lucing pushed her. Ellice did not believe it but her mother said it was true she was just confronting her for being a spy and Ellice said she should not have done that.

Soon, Lucing arrived at the hospital and Belen kept on with her pretence acting all so weird that she was afraid Lucing would hurt her so Ellice had to make Lucing leave. Lucing tried to explain her side of the story to Ellice and confronted Belen to speak the truth since both of them knew she did no such thing. Since Ellice insisted on her to leave she left the ward in tears while Gabriel followed her to assure that she trusted her.

When Ellice was alone with her mother, she told her that due to her condition she would make her stay with her. Belen asked of Lucing and Ellice said she could not throw her out since she was like a family but her mother insisted that Lucing might hurt her.

She said Lucing did not care about Ellice and all along Lucing knew she was alive and failed to tell her since she was the reason Jorge acted that way with her. Ellice now recalled Belen telling her that Lucing was not who she claimed to be. Gabriel called Marissa to inform her about the incident and asked her to talk to her mother.

Ellice arrived home to find Marissa in her house and was upset seeing Marissa there. In anger she asked why Marissa was there and in fury Marissa also said she was there for her mother and confronted Ellice for not defending Lucing after all she did for her. Lucing believed her mother wouldn’t lie that Lucing pushed her off the stairs and Marissa said Belen was capable of anything like falling off the stairs herself just to blame her mother.

Lucing appeared with her things and Ellice told her that she had not thrown her out. Lucing said she could not stand Belen’s accusations anymore so she had to leave for peace to prevail. Ellice then asked her whether she knew her mother was alive all those while and Lucing said yes and apologised to Ellice for not telling her the truth as Jorge wanted to make her keep it for her own sake. Ellice was upset that for the second time Lucing had told her lies and had kept things away from her.

Marissa sent Lucing away. Hope went home to find Lucing leaving with Marissa and did not want her to leave but Lucing told her to take good care of herself as she had to leave. Hope found it hard to let go off her. She went inside to confront Ellice for believing in Belen but Ellice said she did not make Lucing pack out, she decided it on her own.

Hope was unhappy that she did not even stop Lucing even when she did everything for the family. Hope insisted that she knew Lucing so well and was positive that she did not do what Belen accused her of but Ellice said she was there and the incident happened right before her eyes. Hope said she might not have seen everything.

At the hospital, Caesar visited Belen with a bouquet and laughed along the woman for pulling of a trick under her sleeve to get Ellice to trust her.

As Marissa sent her home, Lucing told them how she kept Belen’s existence for Ellice’s own happiness as she promised Jorge not to reveal it to Ellice. Marissa asked her to stop talking further since Ellice had proven that she did not deserve all her sacrifices and asked her not to blame herself.

Ellice brought her mother home and Belen was happy to be finally home. Gabriel stormed there and demanded to talk to Ellice in private. He asked Ellice why he admitted her mother in the house without consulting him and sent Lucing packing.

“First and foremost I didn’t know I have to seek your permission to make my mother live in the house,” Ellice spewed.

“She is my mother!”

Gabriel asked her about Lucing and she said Lucing packed out herself. Gabriel said she did not know her mother well but Lucing was a family. Ellice said it was Gabriel who said she should know her mother and that was what she did. Gabriel said that was the reason she did not have to trust Belen completely and insisted that Hope and him could see that Lucing was innocent as they knew her well but Ellice said her mother was only fighting for her course and that was what mothers do.

She indicated that her mother was even helping Ceñidoza Pearls gain exposure yet she did not inform her. The next day, Ellice dressed up and went to dinning hall, calling out Aunt Lucing to know the breakfast for the day as she forgot that the woman had packed out.

At Zulyani’s apartment, Jake came to serve Lucing tea but some policemen arrived to apprehend Lucing for inflicting physical injuries on Belen and whisked her away while Lucing shedded tears.

At a meeting for the Korean Fashion Week, Ellice finished doing the Ceñidoza Pearls punishment, while Marissa was about to make her presentation, she received a call from Jake, she tried to ignore but the call kept coming so ahe excused herself to receive it.
As she heard what had happened to her mother, she walked to the direction of Ellice and referred to her as heartless person who would never change.

Marissa said sorry to the organisers and told them that she had a family emergency and was warned that she could not return to participate in the Programme. Marissa said her mother needed her and left. Gabriel told Carmelita that he did not trust Belen but Carmelita said he was just finding it difficult to adjust to having a relation of Ellice by her side and even planned to meet her.

At the precinct, Jake was with Lucing who was in the cell. Marissa arrived and recalled how she was tortured and molested as a prisoner and promised her mother to get her out but Jake said it was weekend so she would not be released. Marissa vowed to do anything to get Lucing out from there and asked Jake to take care of his grandma.

“Marissa, sweetheart, Marissa, Marissa sweetheart don’t leave me,” Lucing cried as Marissa left.


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