The Law Of Revenge Episode 4

The Law Of Revenge Episode 4 Marissa is defeated by Ellice’s pregnancy news 

Gabriel woke up to find himself on the bed of Marissa. Marissa also woke up and Gabriel started to wear his attire, telling Marissa that what happened between them was a mistake and he has never cheated on his wife before, talking of cheating on his wife with her best friend.

Marissa said she has been loyal to Ellice and she could not bear the guilt of what happened. She would confess to her best friend about her betrayal but Gabriel dissuaded her from it since he l0ved his wife. At the Ceñidoza and Company, Gabriel arrived with a bouquet and made up with his wife. Ellice implored him not to fight with eachother again, she could not wake up without him by her side.

The next day, Ellice woke up and did not see her husband. Her heart began to beat fast but Gabriel showed up with breakfast in bed and Ellice was so happy. They later went to the hospital to see a doctor to talk about how they could go along with surrogacy. Soon, Marissa arrived in Ellice’s house and Gabriel saw her. She told Gabriel that she was there to inform Ellice about what went on between them but Gabriel stopped her.

Ellice approached and told Marissa about her decision with her husband to get an anonymous surrogate mother so they went to see their doctor to facilitate the process. Marissa acted happy but went home to destroy things and told Blu, her helper that her plans against Ellice has backfired since Ellice has now decided to give birth through surrogacy.

Blu told her to inform Ellice about what went on between her and Gabriel but Marissa objected, saying she was only blackmailing Gabriel but would never tell her best friend. After the Villarosas went on with the necessary process for the surrogate mother to get pregnant for them, their joy did not last when they later received a message from doctor that the pregnancy could not go through.

Ellice cried that their hopes of getting a child was aborted and believed she and Gabriel were not meant to be parent, the reason she kept having miscarriage. Hearing of the news, Marissa felt like fate was on her side. Ellice started coming to work since she wanted to forget about her troubles but Marissa advised her to take a vacation. Later in a bar, Marissa called Ellice to be with her only to find out that Ellice was going on a trip with Gabriel.

Marissa reminded her of her consistent miscarriage to dissuade her from having se× with her husband. Soon, Marissa discovered that she was pregnant and broke the good news to Blu. Blu wanted to be the child’s father but Ellice said Gabriel would only be the father to her child. Blu indicated that he should have known that all that Marissa wanted to do was to seduce Gabriel.

Marissa said she would give to Gabriel what Ellice has failed to give to him and that she believed would make Gabriel divorce his wife for her. As Ellice and Gabriel were having quality intimate time together, Marissa was also scheming to destroy her friend’s happiness to snatch Gabriel from Ellice who she described as greedy.

Soon, Ellice called Marissa to apologise for extending her vacation with her husband. She was grateful to Ellice for advising her to take a vacation as that has helped her to bond with her husband. Marissa kept on with her charade of being happy for her friend. Due to the relaunch of the Pearls of Ceñidoza and Company, Ellice decided to return and Marissa said she had a surprise news for her.

As Ellice repeated the surprise, Gabriel became scared but Marissa told Ellice that when she arrive at the launch she would inform her about the surprise. Fast forward, Ellice and Gabriel returned from their trip and Lucing served them with food. Ellice told Lucing to prepare herself as they would attend an event for her to see the good work of her daughter at her company. She told Lucing that she has a surprise for Marissa.

Lucing was grateful to Ellice for believing in the ability of her daughter. At the event, when Ellice and Gabriel arrived, Marissa told Ellice that she has a surprised news for her, before she could talk Lucing arrived, making it difficult for Marissa. Lucing was enthused with the good job by Marissa for organising such a party for Ceñidoza and Company.

The CEO was called to address the gathering and she relaunched Pearl of Ceñidoza and Company while she also broke news of her pregnancy, exciting her in-laws. She said since she was pregnant, she was temporarily stepping down for her best friend to wear her shoes as the CEO of the company.

Marissa cried but pretended that her tears was tears of joy. Lucing was happy for both Ellice and Marissa and saw the opportunity as an uplift for her daughter. Marissa went home to vent her anger on Blu. Blu said she could have equally announced her pregnancy but Marissa said her hope was ruined by Ellice and despised her with all her heart.

She later went to the office when Ellice was clearing her office for her. Marissa arrived to inform Ellice that she was also pregnant. The news took Gabriel by surprise and he broke the pencil in his hand while listening to the friends’ conversation.


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