The Law Of Revenge Episode 40

The Law Of Revenge Episode 40 Adelina pulls strings to set Lucing free from police grips, Lucing discovers Jorge stole her husband’s shares in Ceñidoza

Carmelita visited Belen at the Ceñidoza mansion and the woman asked how Belen was doing. Belen tried to stain Lucing’s name, saying Lucing wanted to get rid of her but Carmelita doubted. She said Lucing was not bad, she had known her for years and even saw her as family. Belen got upset, saying there was no need for them to talk since Carmelita was in support of her foe.

Belen indicated that she knew Ramon and her first daughter, Sonya had been bad to Ellice, they even supported Gabriel’s mistress and since she was now there, she would not allow that to happen. Carmelita got upset and before she would leave, she dared Belen to start fighting all those she thought hurt her daughter.

Marissa enlisted Adelina’s help to get her mother out. Adelina pledged her support to free her but it was weekend so they could not process bail. Adelina said she would do everything and see a judge to make the case f00lish case. Soon, Gabriel got to the house to see his mother. Carmelita said he was right for claiming Belen was wicked. Jake brought Hope to to the precinct to meet Lucing.

Ellice got home after gaining the slot at the Fashion week. She thanked Belen for making it possible for her. Gabriel arrived to query them on the reason they got Lucing locked up.

“What?” Ellice looked surprise.

“What happened Aunt Lucing gets arrested?”

“Mummy is that true?” she turned to Belen.

“She tried to k!ll me but because I know her long time ago I decided not to charge her with attempted Murder so that she will not go in prison.”

“Gabriel” Ellice turned to her husband”you know …”

“I will never in any way let Aunt Lucing suffer in this kind of situation.”

“I will never want her to be in prison
You know that!”

“But I also understand where my mother is coming from.”

“Now if she is afraid and she feels the need to press charges against Aunt Lucing for her peace of mind, there’s nothing I can do?”

“I can’t believe this!” Gabriel hissed.

At the precinct that night, Lucing recalled everything that led to her arrest and she wept all night while praying to God to help her. The next morning, Belen spoke with the mole she has planted in La Sierra. It turned out that Belen through the mole filed charges against Lucing and asked him whether he ensured Lucing would be in prison forever. Gabriel arrived at the precinct and met Marissa to ask about Lucing.

Marissa said she could not post bail for her since it was weekend. Marissa blamed Ellice for arresting her mother but Gabriel said Ellice knew nothing about it rather Belen. Marissa indicated that Ellice was the one who benefited so his wife was telling lies.

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Ellice celebrated with her workers for winning the bid to participate in the Korean Fashion Week. As they were making merry, Marissa arrived to slap Ellice and Caesar wanted to intervene but Ellice stopped him.

”You witch!” Marissa uttered.

“You completely rotten to the core!”

“You had my mother sent to jail so you can secure the deal?”

“Of course not!” Ellice retorted.

“I will never send Aunt Lucing to jail.”

“Really?” Marissa hissed “but you benefited from it.”

“If you really think you’re innocent you should back out from the deal!”

“I won this deal fair and square!” Ellice objected.

“And I will not back out just because of your false and baseless accusations.”

“I will always choose what is best for Ceñidoza because my employees and the lives of other families are relying on it.”

“And my mother?” Marissa quizzed in fury.

“What about her?”

“Was she not part of your family?”

“You tossed her aside so easily all because you believe in a single lie?”

“Mark my words Ellice, I will make you pay!”

“You crossed the line when you made my mother victim of your greed and selfishness.”

“Brace yourself Ellice!”

Adelina met with Judge Solomon, a man he has helped by getting his son to attain greater heights in his career through the organisation to give him documents to get Lucing out of prison. Hope fried fish at the Zulyani’s mansion and was finding it difficult to do it so Jake assisted her but she got burnt which made Jake applied ointment to the burnt areas on Hope. However, Hope’s feelings for Jake got high and she pulled away.

The next day, Ellice was surprised to find Hope packing food into a lunch box instead of staying over to take care of her grandma. Hope said that was what she was doing, she was going to take care of her grandma Lucing. Ellice was shocked to find Gabriel being the brain behind Hope’s act and queried her husband but Gabriel left with Hope to the precinct.

Ellice was broken since her family chose to stand on Lucing’s side. She then queried her mother whether her fall was an accident or Lucing did that on purpose. Belen claimed Lucing intentionally pushed her. She told Ellice Lucing was not a good person and she earlier hid her daughter’s relationship with Gabriel from her, adding that Lucing was pretending to be a victim.

“Remember Ellice, blood is thicker than water.”

Hope ran a fever and couldn’t eat her breakfast. As Gabriel went for first aid, Ellice blamed her daughter for her condition since she failed to listen to her. Hope said her mother’s character has changed ever since Belen stepped there and she should rather be blamed for being unfair to Lucing.

Ellice confronted Hope for talking back at her and claimed Jake had been a bad influence. Gabriel appeared in the scene and wondered what was wrong. Hope walked out as Ellice said the girl was talking back at her. Gabriel went to talk to Hope and the girl said Jake had been helping her a lot in her academics, especially assignments and Ellice wanted her to distance herself from him.

Gabriel had a deal with her and said he would bring Jake over to the house but she should not let her mother become aware of it. Soon, Lucing was set free and was sent to Zulyani’s mansion in the company of her grandchildren, Gabriel and Marissa.

Gabriel talked with Marissa and asked for forgiveness but Marissa said Ellice and Belen should be the one to ask for forgiveness not him. Lucing also encouraged her grandchildren to be by eachother’s side, advising them to eschew fighting. Marissa later came to find her mother sitting idle and told her that she would make Ellice pay for what she did to her. Lucing said she did not want any revenge and wanted peace so Marissa should not.

She told Marissa that she would go to La Cascara to see Ambo, the former house keeper of Jorge who was sick and wanted to talk to her. Marissa had a bad feeling about it. At her office, she told Blue to escort her mother to La Cascara since she was afraid about what might happen to her mother. Unknown to Marissa, Belen’s spy, Rio was eavesdropping and told Belen about it. He even said Lucing was freed and the cobra was surprised to hear that since she bribed the authorities. Belen then meet Caesar who offered to get his henchman to keep tabs on Lucing.

Lucing arrived at La Cascara and Ambo asked for forgiveness for keeping the true colours of Jorge from her as Jorge was the one who was responsible for her condition but Lucing doubted since Jorge took her and her daughter in to live with him after her husband d!ed.

“Because he only wanted to show the good side of him,” Ambo confessed.

“The truth is he was the one who forced Mr Nestor to sell off all his remaining shares in the company at a very low value.”

“Sir Jorge was the reason behind your husband never came back to sale and went completely bankrupt.”

A flashback showed that Jorge set his business partner, Nestor up in a perfect scheme to be the sole owner of Ceñidoza. He intentionally set Nestor in charge of a shipment and he called an ally to hijack and steal the Pearls shipment. This was done in order to blame and accuse Nestor for the missing pearls to blackmail him into buying off his shares for half a million. He told Nestor to forfeit his shares otherwise he would forward the case to court and get Nestor behind bars. Not ready to make his family suffer, Nestor agreed.

Ambo then gave a passcode to Lucing for her to go into Jorge’s safe to get the documents that they signed to testify his truth. Lucing then told him to get strong so that she could testify for her and Marissa in court. Marissa spoke with Blue and he said her mother had been talking to Ambo for the past hour and they were talking about documents. Unknown to Marissa the mole heard and informed Belen to speak with her henchman to go for any document in Jorge’s place.

Lucing and Blue went to Jorge’s house and she opened the safe to find the signed documents.

“How could you do this to us Jorge?” Lucing cried.


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