The Law Of Revenge Episode 41

The Law Of Revenge Episode 41 Ellice abuses Jake, Lucing regrets for neglecting Marissa

Lucing went to her former house, she showed Blue the couch that Marissa used to take a nap on and always eating chocolates that her father bought her. He told Blue that Marissa was very close to her father.

At the Ceñidoza mansion, Jake arrived in Hope’s room and provided her with books and other necessary documents but before helping her with her homework, he demanded she eats before. Gabriel appeared with the food and served Hope, telling her that Jake prepared it. Jake fed Hope and saw some part of her body swollen. Hope said she might have bumped into something.

Ellice arrived and in fury, queried Jake:

“What are you doing here?”

“Mom Jake is helping me with all my homework!” Hope replied.

“Hope you know it’s not proper to have a man inside your room.”

“You know I gave you permission to spend time with Hope and Gabriel but that doesn’t mean that you can just step inside my home without letting me know most especially inside my daughter’s room.”

“Do you understand that?”

“I am not doing anything to hurt her,” Jake uttered.

“I know you’re mad at me but please don’t stop Hope from accepting the help from people who care about her,” Jake said.

Ellice then slapped Jake for saying that.

“You don’t have any right to talk back at me because you’re just bastard!”

Gabriel appeared and tried to defend his son from Ellice. Ellice also pushed Gabriel for siding with his son. He queried Ellice what she was doing and told Ellice he brought Jake to the house.

“The truth is I don’t care!” Ellice retorted.

“You had better teach your bastard some manners.”

“He was very disrespectful when talking to me.”

“Mom Jake was trying to explain himself,” Hope stepped in.

“Well I don’t care about what he will say to me.”

“Get out of my house!” Ellice sacked Jake.

“He was just helping Hope with her homework!” Gabriel uttered.

“I will rather see my daughter fail in school than to have that your bastard teach her.”

“Just get that boy out of my house!”

Ellice went to the office and discovered that Marissa owned 40per cent of Ceñidoza Pearls after the latter used the tricks Adelina showed her. Marissa kept tabs on one board director who was a gay an caught him in the act. He had no choice than to settle with Marissa to sell his shares for Marissa. Marissa and Ellice had an argument and Ellice said she would sue her so Marissa asked her to bring the game on.

Later, Ellice was moving up and down and was not ready to make Marissa gain equal voting power with her. Caesar told her that she was still the owner and Belen tried talking to her. Elsewhere, Lucing talked with Blue in her husband’s house on how she wasted all those years paying them with what she did not owe which inturn made her neglected her daughter. Blue revealed to her that Marissa was upset with her for always choosing and favouring Ellice over her.

“All along I have been insensitive,” Lucing wept.

“I really know how my daughter feels right now.”

“And those people I thought that I owe them a lot I found out I owe them nothing because they stole from us Blue.”

“What are you planning to do with Ellice?” Blue quizzed.

“I will take back what is rightfully ours!”

That night, Red infiltrated the house for the documents while Lucing was fast asleep. Lucing woke up and tried snatching the document. She took the mask on Red’s face and Red recalled how Caesar contacted him for the job. He hits her and she fell on the bed. Blue got there and they fought over the gun but the gun accidentally shot and the bullet ended up in Blue. Red rushed out while Lucing who regained consciousness cried for help.

Lucing in the hospital with Blue told the Police about their attacker. She was told to go to the precinct the next day to give a lead about the henchman. Marissa called Blue and Lucing made Blue pretended like nothing had happened.

When the sun raised its heard, Lucing went to the precinct to describe the henchman and the expert made a cartography of Red. Elsewhere, Red presented the documents to Belen and the woman after reading said she would not allow Marissa to take Ceñidoza from her daughter so Caesar gave her a lighter and the cobra set the evidence on fire.

At the Zulyani’s mansion, Marissa did not want her son to go to Gabriel’s house and this led to a misunderstanding between them which made Alfred who was about to hit the door heard that Marissa was telling Jake he was not Hope’s brother and Jake indicated that he was also pretending as they agreed on.

Elsewhere, Gabriel received the information from the person who he paid to dig out information about the past life of Belen. He was told that in 1990 Belen married to a Malaysian, Mohammed Sidique, a human trafficking syndicate leader who d!ed the previous year and Belen had a chance to be rich.

Gabriel told his wife and Ellice got upset that he had her mother investigated. She confronted Gabriel for doing that on purpose since he was siding with Aunt Lucing. She was upset that Gabriel and Hope were ganging up on her and asked Gabriel whether he was doing that since he was still in l0ve with Marissa but Gabriel denied.

Ellice later asked her mother about her Malaysian husband. Belen pretended that she was a victim and shedded tears, saying after she left La Cascara she went to Malaysia in search of a job and had one as a home maintenance but was taken advantage of by her employer. She further said the man forcefully married her and locked her up in the room, reason she could not return to take care of Ellice.

Gabriel spoke with his friend to inform him how his wife’s mother has been manipulating her and when he told her about her mother’s past, she accused him of still being in l0ve with Marissa. Answering the question of his actual feelings, Gabriel admitted he was sad that Marissa left with his son.

However, he believed he was only upset with Ellice as she was the woman he had always l0ved, reason he stayed by her side. Belen planned to eliminate Gabriel from Ellice’s side and enlisted Caesar’s help.

Alfred was bothered by the information he had on his Idol and in school Charie asked him of his problem. He later bumped into Jake and told him what he knew, promising that he would keep it as secret. Charie visited Hope and the house looked empty to her. Hope then expressed joy for having a brother who she could share her problems with.


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