The Law Of Revenge Episode 42

The Law Of Revenge Episode 42 Lucing secures more evidence to back Nestor’s confession, Adelina wants Ellice executed while Marissa hires Avel as bodyguard 

Ellice told Gabriel that she was going out of town and she was expecting him to live amicably with her mother. Gabriel told her that he did not have issues with her mother, however, her actions were bit suspicious. Ellice warned him to also tolerate her mother just like she was able to tolerate Ramon and Sonya.

At La Sierra, Rio gave Marissa a tablet which had a news on Ellice and Ceñidoza. Marissa vowed to ensure Ellice’s victory remained temporary while in Ceñidoza Pearls, Caesar told Belen how the Korean Fashion Week has elevated their sales. Belen was happy that her daughter’s hard work has paid off while Caesar indicated she played a critical role in that.

“Do you think I can become part of this company?” Belen quizzed.

“Of course mom!” Caesar opined.

“With you here, mom Ellice will become unbeatable!”

Elsewhere, Lucing took a frame of her husband and a paper fell from its back. She read and her husband confessed his deeds. He first apologised and said he did not cheat because he did not l0ve her but out of weakness. In all he wanted Lucing and her daughter to know that he cared about both so much.

Per the letter written by Nestor, he one day found Belen brooding and crying she revealed to him that Jorge was abusing her and kept locking her inside. Nestor tried to comfort her and Belen cunningly embraced him. Soon, the two became friends and eventually fell into the trap, he had an affair with her. There was no day that Belen stopped talking ill about her husband to remain glued to Nestor. Their usual meeting days was on Fridays.

One day, Belen came up with a strategy, claiming remaining with her daughter in the Ceñidoza mansion would lead to her death so she compelled Nestor to elope with her. Woo by Belen’s tears Nestor who did not like the idea of her leaving her daughter, Ellice behind gave in. While they scheduled to run away that night, Nestor packed his things when Lucing and Marissa were asleep to sneak out but he couldn’t leave his family behind so he had a second thought.

He decided not to go and turn into a new leaf to become a responsible husband to Lucing. After separating from Belen, he soon, discovered that the Cobra had already fled from La Cascara but what he did not know was that, Jorge knew all along that he was having an affair with his wife so his business partner also tricked him to get back at him.

Jorge compelled Nestor to sign documents on his sick bed in order to forfeit his shares to him and pleaded with Lucing to forgive him for his mistake and also encouraged his wife and daughter to fight for what rightly belonged to them. Lucing wept after knowing the truth.

Belen came to serve Hope with a food that she claimed to be Ellice’s favourites. Hope told her to put it down, she would eat later. Belen then tried to turn Hope against Lucing but the girl believed in Lucing more than Belen’s claim of Lucing not being who she claimed to be. Belen not being able to succeed in her plans called Caesar to inform him about her new plot to separate Gabriel and Hope from her daughter.

Caesar believed it would be difficult since Ellice’s family was important to her. Gabriel later helped Hope to take her medicine. Hope now understood why Gabriel cheated on her mother and lauded her father for doing so well to continue tolerating her mother’s whims all those years. She asked Gabriel what was his strength and Gabriel said she (Hope) was his strength.

“I l0ve you Hope,” Gabriel embraced Hope.

Blue wanted Lucing to call Marissa to inform her about everything but Lucing said she wanted to hand everything over to her daughter by herself but planned to do further search to find more compelling evidence against the Ceñidozas. Belen wondered the connection which Marissa had to acquire shares from Ceñidoza. Caesar believed the former organisation boss, Adelina helped her.

As Marissa was working, she saw some shadows and she took a pair of scissors to search for the person but her light suddenly went off and she quickly took her purse and fled home to inform her son. The next day she asked Tutti to find her a bodyguard. Elsewhere, Lucing began her probe into the issue for evidence so she went to La Cascara to ask Nestor’s old friends but did not get any vital information so she ran to Rena, Ambo’s daughter to beseech her for a favour.

Rena accepted to give a witness account in court in order to fulfill his last wish. She knew if Ambo had not d!ed, he would have testified for Lucing as he was hounded by the truth he had been keeping for all those years. Lucing later went to the precincts to demand the cartography of her attacker, Red to use in court since the police did not have any lead on Red.

Meanwhile, Enzo returned from the state to meet Gabriel in a bar. He told Gabriel about Heidi and how she had still not gotten over the death of Gelo to marry. However, he said Sonya had a soft spot for her daughter while Gabriel chipped in the ills of Belen. Jake had a phone chat with Hope and since Hope said she was hungry, he prepared food and visited her in the house to serve her. He wanted to leave as soon as possible due to Ellice but Hope refrained him since her mom was at work.

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Ellice celebrated her achievement after the participation of Ceñidoza Pearls in Korean Fashion Week made the business become recognised internationally. Later, Belen and Caesar pulled a fast one from their sleeves to make Mrs Hawkins tells Ellice that Marissa tried to make her sell off her shares to her by claiming to use her secret against her. Ellice now was certain that Marissa was using foul means to make her board sell off their shares.

Elsewhere, Marissa was grateful to Adelina for everything she has done for her. Adelina knew that plan of getting the board to sell off their shares using their secret would work.

“Now I have one request in exchange for all I have done.”

“I want you to finish Ellice!”

“You want that Ellice k!lled?” Marissa was amazed.

“Because that woman k!lled my son Victor so I want her life in exchange for it.”

Soon, Hope was fit so Gabriel alighted her at the college and they saw Jake. Gabriel proposed they eat together that night as he has already made reservations. Elsewhere, Blue secured the medical report of Nestor which was different from police report and Lucing was sure the evidence she so far gathered would help them.

Lucing regretted for not listening to the claims of her daughter while she was young. She thought making her daughter believe her father having shares in Ceñidoza would make her grow jealous of Ellice. She was now willing to fight back to ensure Marissa gained what was rightfully hers and also to clear her husband’s name.

As Avel was off to job interview and drinking his breakfast, he and Marissa bumped into eachother again, making the drink spill on him. He accused Marissa of bumping into him for the second time. Marissa went to her office and Tutti informed her about the body guard. Avel went in and was surprised to see it was the same lady. He failed to apologise and even showed his braveness which made Marissa hired him. To Marissa, Avel did not fear anyone including herself.


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