The Law Of Revenge Episode 43

The Law Of Revenge Episode 43 Adelina threatens to k!ll Hope, Marissa confirms her suspicions about the Ceñidozas

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Belen wanted Ellice to forward what Marissa did to court but Ellice was scared that it would not work. Belen said they could use that law approach to get back at Marissa since they had a strong evidence good enough for their victory.

At La Sierra, Marissa shook hands with Avel for being hired. Tutti called her and said someone was there to see her and she said she was no longer accepting any applicant. She was served with a subpoena. After the class of Hope and Jake, they went to where they were supposed to have dinner with Gabriel.

Gabriel arrived at the restaurant to meet his children and after they ordered food, Jake’s order was changed so he couldn’t eat the food. However, he was forcing to eat it since he did not want the waiter to have a problem with his employer. Gabriel called the waiter to come and change it as that was not what they ordered and urged his Children to always speak the truth, no matter what.

At La Cascara, Lucing called Marissa to wish her luck, before she could tell what she intended saying, she received a text about the hearing and she told Lucing that they would talk later. In court, Adelina and Belen stumbled on eachother in a washroom and she introduced herself to Belen. When Belen claimed Adelina was at the wrong side and she and her daughter would win, Adelina indicated that she would see her in a ditch.

The judge appeared and her charge was said by the Marshall as threat and it was against the criminal code 283. Marissa admitted to buying the 10per cent shares of Ceñidoza when Ellice’s lawyer asked, much to Ellice’s dismay. However, when the Ceñidoza lawyer asked whether she bought it through force she denied. The first witness of Ellice, Robert Hawkson was brought in and was asked whether Marissa blackmailed him.

“Marissa I will not let you go down for this!”
Adelina thought.

Mr Hawkson remained silence and Adelina said Marissa didn’t do anything she blackmailed the man. The Ceñidozas were surprised and Marissa was surprised too. Marissa later asked why Adelina did that and she said with her connection she could only get an house arrest.

“I want you to deliver Ellice’s head on a platter for me,” Adelina told Marissa what she wanted in return.

Avel alerted Marissa that the place did not merit such a conversation and Marissa reminded him that his duty was only to protect him not to eavesdrop. He challenged Marissa that it was his job to keep him safe and that was what he was doing and he walked out. Adelina l0ved Avel’s guts and told Marissa that he was a good catch. Ellice did not understand why Adelina would admit to that and told Belen that Adelina was a shareholder at Ceñidoza and she has always favoured Marissa.

Marissa returned home from the hearing to find Lucing and Blue already in the house. She made them meet Avel, her new body guard. Blue asked if he was not good enough for her and even as her bodyguard she never allowed him to stay there in the house. He showed his gun wound to her to prove his loyalty, an extent he could go for her. Marissa then assigned him to be the bodyguard of Lucing.

She said she had made more enemies so it was important to have Avel. Lucing showed her the letter after reading, she wept, saying that she has confirmed her suspicion about the Ceñidozas and knew she was right all along for claiming they stole something from her.
She went to see Adelina who was on house arrest to give her the letter to ask if she had a chance to seek redress in court.

Adelina said she would refer her to a good lawyer and also told Marissa that she was about to d!e and wanted to give justice to her son so she was trusting Marissa for the revenge. Marissa asked of what was wrong with her and she said she has been diagnosed of stage four breast Cancer and asked Marissa not to be sorry for her since she would get an opportunity to be reunited with her son after so many years of them parting ways.

All she wanted to do was to give her son the good news of her ability to give justice to his death.

“If you don’t do this Marissa then I will be forced to do to Ellice what she did to my son before.”

Meanwhile, Gabriel had a call from Sonya on an emergency that happened at work as a building roof caved in on some people. She told him to go and visit them to prevent charges against them. Gabriel then couldn’t go home with the kids and told Jake to send Hope home. At Zulyani’s apartment, Blue was still not happy and told Lucing that he was hurt that Marissa had hired a tall and more handsome man than him to be her bodyguard and felt that she did not trust him.

Lucing indicated that Marissa trusted him, the reason he left her in his car. Blue asked whether Lucing would like him to be his future son in-law and Lucing advised him to get a drink to cool him down. Elsewhere, Jake’s car broke down and Hope realised Ellice had called her several times but the place was without signal so she couldn’t return the call. Ellice was frustrated and Gabriel arrived only to discover that Hope was still not home.

Ellice was upset that he left her daughter in the hands of Jake but Gabriel insisted that Jake was Hope’s brother and would not harm her. Hope and Jake were compelled to push the car and it started. As they were leaving the location, a spy called Adelina that he saw Ellice’s daughter but was with Marissa’s son.


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