The Law Of Revenge Episode 46

The Law Of Revenge Episode 46 Avel saves Marissa and La Sierra workers lives, Ellice pleads with Jake to donate bone marrow for Hope after getting him arrested

At the Hospital, Gabriel consoled his wife and told her that he would be by her side to pass through that trials together. He was optimistic that Hope would be well. Later, Ellice received a document that showed her victory and for making it on the top 10 lists of influential women nomination.

Ellice said her story of victory would have been different if Hope was not sick. She could not even go to work and the last time that thing happened to Hope, Marissa was the one taking care of Ceñidoza Pearls. Belen told her that Marissa betrayed her and it was evident that she was there working for her own purpose not necessarily to help Ellice.

She told Ellice to concentrate on taking care of Hope while she took over the Ceñidoza Pearls to take care of things at the office. Marissa received the news of Ellice being among the top ten women and she said Ellice did not deserve to be among the list. In the Zulyani’s mansion, Jake refused to have breakfast and revealed to the family that Hope had leukemia.

Suddenly, Lucing said she was visiting her granddaughter at the hospital but Marissa tried stopping her since she might run into Belen and was scared of what could probably happen to her since Ellice acted so ungrateful. Lucing insisted to go and went with Blue. She bumped into Belen and the cobra asked her about her mission and denied her the opportunity to see Hope. Belen pushed Lucing when she was trying to enter the ward.

“What is going on here,” Ellice queried as she appeared in the scene.

“I don’t want to see your face in here do you want me to file a restraining order?” Belen warned Lucing.

Blue helped Lucing up “Fine then I am going to leave.”

“But I am not doing this for you I am doing this for my granddaughter.”

“I know we are not blood related but I was more than a grandmother to her than you ever were.”

“So you listen to me you mark my words the minute something happens to my granddaughter you better hide because I am going to skin you alive,” Lucing slapped Belen.

“Aunt!” Ellice exclaimed as she stood by her mother.

Later, the doctor told Ellice that they needed to observe Hope while she was receiving her chemotherapy. She advised Ellice to make Hope do away with any emotional stress and should also make those Hope l0ved to be with her in her condition.

Ellice then stepped out to call Lucing and gave her the permission to see Hope. Lucing soon, arrived there with food for Hope. Belen came in and almost picked up a fight with Lucing but Blue stepped in to make her understand.

As she was leaving the hospital, Gabriel thanked her and told her to plead with Jake, asking him to follow the restraining order till it elapse before seeing Hope.

Marissa told Adelina that she was holding back since Ellice’s daughter was sick but Adelina did not agree. She was not ready to make Marissa go soft on Ellice. She told Marissa that she was also running out of time since her days on earth are due. Adelina reminded her of all the help she has been given her so Marissa was compelled to visit Mr Ramirez to reveal Ellice’s dark past to get her withdrawn from the top 10women nomination list.

She then called Adelina to give her the news but Adelina insisted on her that she did not take delight in that , she wanted Marissa to k!ll Ellice. Marissa hang up leaving Adelina to talk to herself.

Avel helped Jake to sneak into the ward of Hope in disguise. He overstayed while chatting with Hope. Ellice entered and Avel tried to call Jake but the boy was deeply attached to Hope while they hugged. Avel tried hard to stop Ellice from entering but she went in to find Jake hugging Hope. She threw Jake out. Avel got in to defend Jake and pushed Ellice on the bed.

She soon received a call from Pinky informing her that her name was withdrawn from the top 10 women and her friend at Mr Ramirez’ office saw Marissa talking to the man so she believed Marissa sabotaged her to get her withdrawn. She told Pinky to get her lawyer ready.

“If Marissa thinks of playing dirty with me then I am not backing down.”

“Right away mom,” Pinky accepted.

Caesar met Belen and Belen complained about Marissa getting in the way. Caesar assured her not to worry about it since he has already taken cared of Marissa. Rio wheeled a present to Marissa at her office. She was scared that it could be another snake so she opened it only to discover that it was a bomb. Avel told Marissa, Tutti and Rio to flee and evacuate everyone while he stayed behind to put off the b0mb.

As all the La Sierra workers were scared, Tutti thought of the building but Marissa said Avel was risking his life and all that Tutti cared about was the building. Avel was able to put it off on time and he rushed out. Marissa was happy to see him alive and knowing Avel would know she cared about him she then pretended to care about the building.

Meanwhile, the police arrested Jake for defying the restraining order. At the hospital, Hope’s chemotherapy failed to work and the Villarosas were told that Hope’s system could fail with intensive chemotherapy so therefore the only option was bone marrow transplant and it would be possible if the person was a sibling to Hope. Ellice began crying and went to stand outside.

Sonya felt so sorry for Hope and came to tell Ellice if they could get Jake to donate for Hope. Gabriel decided to go with Ellice but knowing her deeds, Ellice failed to go with him. As Lucing was pleading on behalf of her grandson at the precinct, Ellice came and Lucing pleaded not to get her grandson arrested. Ellice told Lucing she was not there to press charges but to lift the restraining order on him.

Lucing asked what she needed from Jake. Ellice told Lucing to go home as she would bring Jake home later as she wanted to talk to Jake. Jake asked Lucing not to worry about him. Ellice sent Jake to a restaurant and told Jake about Hope’s condition and said only siblings were a match with the bone marrow. She asked if he would help her and he agreed. Ellice returned to the hospital with the good news and Hope felt like she was dreaming.

Jake told Avel about Ellice arresting him and asked him not to inform his mother. He said he has already told Lucing about it. Unknown to him, Adelina’s spy saw him that Ellice got him arrested and has given feedback to Adelina. Avel did not understand why Ellice lifted the restraining order on him and he explained that it was because Hope needed a bone marrow and he was the only one who could help her.

However, he was scared that Marissa would not accept but Avel encouraged him to do what he felt was right.


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