The Law Of Revenge Episode 47

The Law Of Revenge Episode 47 Marissa reveals the true identity of Jake to Sonya, Doctor declares Jake as a perfect bone marrow match for Hope

At the hospital, as Ellice and Gabriel were anxious about what might possibly happen to
Hope. Jake arrived there and the doctor appeared in the scene. They introduced Jake to him and the doctor asked of his age. When Jake said 17years old, the doctor said he was a minor and his parents had to be aware first and sign some documents before.

Gabriel now took it upon himself to talk to Marissa. Ellice went home and told Belen about it and was scared that Marissa would not agree to it. Belen asked if there was no other way and Ellice said Belen was also a mother and could go any length to save her child’s life.

“You don’t make deals with the devil for it will cost you your whole life!” Belen retorted.

“If that devil can spare my daughter’s life then I am willing to die and go to hell for her,” Ellice interjected.

At La Sierra, Gabriel arrived there to seek Marissa’s permission to make Jake donate a bone marrow to Hope who was suffering from leukemia.

“That’s a risky procedure,” Marissa said.

“Do you want our son to get hurt?”

“The truth is Jake already agreed,” Gabriel stated.

“Ellice convinced him to donate.”

“All we need now is your signature to proceed!”

“What did you say what again?” Marissa interjected.

“Marissa…” Gabriel called “Marissa please calm down.”

“What did you say?” Marissa in fury queried.

“Who is the person responsible for giving that woman the right to talk to my own son without even asking for my permission!”

“For you to ask me that I think you may have forgotten what that woman did to me and my son years ago.”

“Gabriel! she is the worse person I know because that woman stole everything from me.”

“She took my company’s shares…”

“And if I recall correctly…..”

“She even slap my son with the TRO and now you have the nerve to come here and ask me if by any chance I will allow my son to be your daughter’s bone marrow donor?”

“Please this is my daughter’s life,” Gabriel cried.

“I don’t give a demn!” Marissa spewed.

“Get out of my office…”

“How dare you come here!”

“Please!” Gabriel cried “Marissa, please.”

“Out!” Marissa interjected.

Belen met Caesar and wondered why Marissa was still not out of their lives yet. Caesar told her that in dealing with Marissa, they ought to have patience and strive hard. Later, Marissa received a text from Adelina with pictures informing her that Ellice got Jake arrested and she finally called Adelina and the old woman said she was now calling her. She wondered why it was difficult for Marissa to get rid off Ellice while she was doing everything to eliminate her.

Adelina met Caesar and exposed his deeds of making several attempts to k!ll Marissa. Adelina said she knew what goes on in that tiny brain of Caesar and he should not think he would be loyal to Belen since he might find himself wanting but Caesar said his loyalty only lied with himself.

Gabriel went to the house to inform Ellice that Marissa refused. Ellice shed tears as her hopes were crashed.

“Honey we will look for another compatible donor we will not give up,” Gabriel assured.

Marissa went home to confront Jake for keeping everything Ellice did to him and what Ellice was going to use him to do. She reminded him that Ellice had hurt them and was also not Hope’s brother so even if he wanted to he couldn’t. Jake cried that he could not carry out their plan anymore at the expense of Hope so there could be one per cent match but Marissa was not ready to make him ruin everything with her one per cent match story.

Gabriel then told his siblings to do a test to see if they could be of help to Hope. Everyone was willing to help and Sonya asked about Jake but Gabriel said Marissa refused. Sonya took it upon herself to talk to Marissa and Marissa consistently refused. Sonya wept and said she thought she mattered to Marissa that was why she came to seek her help for Hope as something would happen to Gabriel should anything bad happened to Hope.

She reminded Marissa that she was not selfish person like Ellice and also has a good heart so why was she behaving like Ellice meanwhile she had always supported her due to her kindness. Marissa then explained to her the reason of her action by revealing to her that Jake was a boy she adopted from orphanage after someone made an attempt on her life to k!ll her 17 years ago. She said Jacob was k!lled and suspected Ellice and Caesar did that to her son, reason for her action.

At the hospital, Jake visited Hope and his gestures made Hope concluded that Marissa did not allow him to donate but was happy that Jake was willing to donate and asked him not to worry since he did his best. Jake then presented a gift that put her smiles on her face as the picture was a painting which made her happy during their last outing with Gabriel.

Sonya could not believe that Marissa had lied to her family all those while by making Gabriel believed in that lies while they warmly opened their heart for her. Marissa asked her not to tell anyone that Jake was someone she adopted from Indonesia to help her make the person who k!lled her pay for her deed. The Villarosas did a bone marrow test and none was a match. Ellice and Gabriel were also not a match.

At the Zulyani’s mansion, Carmelita and Cristina visited Lucing to check on Jake and tried to see if they could make him donate to Hope but met his absence. Jake with the help of Alfred flew a kite to entertain hope and later went for a bone marrow test and it was a match. He told Hope about the good news and said he would convince his mother. Elsewhere, Sonya cried about her inability to help Hope.

Avel asked why Marissa did not want Jake to donate to Hope and Marissa said in all her life she had been sacrificing for Ellice but at the end she always turned out as loser. She got drunk and slept in the arms of Avel.


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