The Law Of Revenge Episode 48

The Law Of Revenge Episode 48 Marissa takes back Nestor’s shares from Ceñidoza, Jake successfully transplant his bone marrow to Hope

At the hospital, Jake rushed in to find Gabriel and Ellice with Hope who was sleeping. He went out to reveal to them that he got himself tested and he was a match with Hope. Gabriel then said he would go and talk to Marissa to convince her but Ellice said she would do that.

At Zulyani’s mansion, Lucing pleaded with Marissa not to drag Hope into the feud she had with Ellice and should allow Jake to donate and save Hope. Marissa vehemently denied the request of Lucing due to all the evil things Ceñidozas did to them. Jake came in to shout on Marissa to stop, stressing that he has already tested and was a match.

The next day, Ellice came to Marissa’s house to plead with her, saying her daughter was in a critical condition so she really needed her help to make her daughter live.

“When you are in need you know how to swallow your pride,” Marissa hissed.

“You are too despicable!”

“Please Marissa,” Ellice wept.

“Please I will do anything,” Ellice bowed.

“Marissa I really need your help.”

“Marissa my daughter is dying.”

“I will agree to help you…” Marissa accepted.

“Under one condition.”

“Name your condition,” Ellice cried

“I promise I will do it!”

“You will give me half of your shares in Ceñidoza,” Marissa said.

”The exact same shares your father stole from my father.”

“Okay! I agree I will give it to you,” Ellice replied.

“I will sell you half of my shares.”

“I am glad to see you come to your senses,” Marissa smiled.

“I will give you what you need after our contract is officially written.”

“A contract?” Ellice queried.

“Yes!” Marissa taunted

“A contract since I am dealing with a person from a greedy clan who took advantage of my very own family.”

Marissa then warned her not to disclose their undisclosure agreement to anyone and if she dared to reveal that 50percent shares would turn into 100per cent.

“See that Ellice…” Marissa smiled.

“Now the tables have turned!”

“When your wicked father did that to my father.”

Ellice went back to the hospital to inform Gabriel that Marissa agreed to make Jake donate. This made Gabriel become surprised and asked if she asked anything in return but she said no as she remembered Marissa saying she would take 100per cent if she reveals their agreement. Marissa also told Jake about her decision to make him donate to Hope. This made Jake and Lucing happy that she did not allow her anger to consume her.

Soon, Ellice and Marissa signed their contract at La Sierra.

“It was nice doing business with you Ellice,” Marissa said.

“This is not a truce,” Ellice angrily replied.

“One day you will get what you truly deserve.”

“Because what goes around comes back around!”

“You’re wrong about that Ellice!” Marissa smiled.

“Because this is the compensation for everything your wicked family did to my family!”

“You’re just paying for it now!”

In school, Jake told Alfred about his compatibility with Hope and Alfred was happy but he believed that would make Hope think for sure that they were actually brothers. Soon, Jake was operated on and his bone marrow was transplanted to Hope. The operation was successful and Hope expressed her gratitude to Jake for having a piece of him in her. Gabriel was happy that Jake was able to donate to his sister and asked him to call him dad.

“Merry Christmas dad,” Jake hugged Gabriel.

Marissa sobbed watching them from afar and was somehow fulfilled that her dream to give her son a complete family was halfway successful. Later, Avel asked Marissa if she was still interested in Gabriel and Marissa asked Avel whether she was jealous.

As fate would have it, Marissa took over the Ceñidoza Pearls and held a meeting with them. She shuts down Jorge’s Foundation and set her new plans in motion. Belen got upset that Marissa has taken over the company and called Ellice to question her on the shares she sold to Marissa. Ellice told her that she had no choice than to sell the shares to Marissa to save her daughter’s life.

“Ellice, is it what you want, to shutdown your father’s foundation to ruin his legacy and everything he fought for?” Belen queried.

At the Zulyani’s mansion, Lucing asked Marissa how she gained majority shares in Ceñidoza and she came clean with Lucing but her mother did not like the means she acquired the shares.

“Just like uncle Jorge did to father before,” Marissa stated.

“This time I will not let them use us again.”

Marissa described the situation as “win win” as she was able to save Hope’s life and gained what rightfully belonged to them. Lucing became speechless and Marissa left to work. She continued the changes at Ceñidoza Pearls and took away the Ceñidoza wall designs and replaced it with La Sierra designs.

Ellice came in there to witness the changes and was hit by it. Pinky also ran to her to tell her that everything has been changed. Ellice stormed Marissa’s office.

“You’re really cruel aren’t you?

“You’ve already taken everything away from me and now this too…”

“You’re totally and completely rotten to the core Marissa.”

“You will regret this Marissa!”

“You will definitely pay for what you’re doing now.”

“I am the new owner,” Marissa replied.

“And I call it a shot!”

“In case you’ve forgotten you made an agreement.”

“One wrong move and the deal is off!”

Elsewhere, Belen met Caesar to lament on how Marissa had become a pest once she was the major shareholder. She added that they would suffer especially Caesar so they had to do something. Caesar told her not to worry he would ensure Marissa did not bother them again.


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