The Law Of Revenge Episode 49

The Law Of Revenge Episode 49 Marissa survives an explosion, Avel discovers his feelings for Marissa

Sonya came across Jake leaving the hospital and she thanked him for helping Hope. Jake said he would do anything for his sister. Sonya was shocked since he got to know Hope not long ago but Jake indicated that family stands for eachother and would do anything to help those he l0ved.

His sayings reminded her of Gelo and she told him to ask her for anything as she emotionally hugged him.

Elsewhere, Ellice’s decision of giving 50per cent shares to Marissa was k!lling her slowly that her hard work had been taken away from her. Belen asked her not to worry as Marissa’s victory would not lust.

“When Hope gets better we will take everything back!”

“We will see my pretty shell in no time we will be on top again,” Belen consoled Ellice.

Later, Lucing visited La Sierra, the then Ceñidoza Pearls and gave the employees rice cakes. Belen appeared there to insult Lucing that it was an office not cafeteria for her to be feeding the workers with the cheap unpalatable food that she cooked.

Lucing said she respected her daughter’s workers since they were also humans and the fact that they were workers did not mean their rights should be trampled upon.

Ellice appeared in the scene so did Marissa and Caesar. Later, Belen told Caesar how bad she felt to see Lucing and wanted to disgrace Lucing just like how she disgraced her. Caesar told her not to worry as after that night she would be the one incharge. Avel met Caesar and the former asked his boss what he wanted him to do.

“Now that you have succeeded in getting Marissa’s trust, it’s time to get rid of her for good,” Caesar smiled.

Avel requested for sometime but Caesar denied him. Avel now thought about how Caesar told him to scare Marissa to get close to him in order to ruin her as part of his task in the organisation. He now thought of how he scared Marissa at the office by switching off her light, leading Marissa to run.

It turned out that bumping into Marissa was part of the plan and the bomb he put off were all part of a bigger scheme to make Marissa trust him. He recalled how he was treated by Marissa and her mother.

“I really don’t want to k!ll anyone but if I don’t, the organisation might come after me,” Avel wept.

“And if I don’t do what he asks It’s going to ruin my plans of finding that person that is responsible for k!lling my parents.”

Caesar called him that if he failed to accomplish the mission, he would exterminate him. After asking Ellice the reason she sold her shares to Marissa and she failed to tell him, Gabriel and Helena went to the bar and he told Helena that he doubted his wife as he knew how that company meant to her.

He believed Belen was doing something to her and he planned to fish out how she sold her shares to Marissa. Gabriel insisted that Marissa was the least person who his wife would sell her shares to. Marissa was done with her work and told Avel to make the car ready. Avel later pulled her to the car and Marissa indicated that he was acting strange.

As he opened Marissa’s car, it exploded so Red who was keeping eyes on everything called Caesar to inform him that Marissa was dead. Caesar who was in a bar celebrated. Meanwhile, Lucing had a sudden unusual feelings and told Jake that Marissa had kept long but the boy believed his mother was still working due to her workaholic nature.

Aside that Avel was with her so nothing would happen to her. A glass fell and broke, Lucing even cut herself in the process of picking the glass.

At La Sierra, Tutti and Rio realised the commotion outside and went to see Marissa injured while unconscious. Rio called an ambulance and she was conveyed to the hospital. Soon, Lucing was called to the hospital and was told Marissa was unconscious. Jake called Gabriel to inform him about it and Ellice heard that Marissa’s car was exploded.

Belen met with Caesar and he told her that the story of Marissa was over as Marissa was gone.

“You mean gone that she is dead and she will never come back?”

“Unless she comes back to haunt you like eventual ghost.”

As they were celebrating, Red called to inform Caesar that Marissa was still alive. This got Caesar upset and Belen could not believe that Marissa had nine lives. Caesar called Avel but his phone was off and described Avel as traitor. He later met with Red and ordered him to get rid of Avel.

Avel was also wounded and he was in a secret room treating his wounds and he recalled saving Marissa before the explosion and even called the authorities to seek help for Marissa before he left for his life. Ellice went to query Caesar whether he was behind Marissa’s car explosion but he denied and asked Ellice whether she was sad simply because Marissa made it alive.

Elsewhere, Gabriel visited Marissa at the hospital and asked who she believed in mind was behind the explosion and she said Ellice, Belen and Caesar. Gabriel doubted his wife had a hand in that. Avel visited his parents grave and pleaded with his parents to forgive him for his inability to find justice for them. He said he betrayed the organisation and now it would be difficult to find their real k!llers.

He believed his parents would understand him since he couldn’t do it due to a woman that he has developed l0ve for.

Meanwhile, Belen fanned the fury in Ellice, saying Marissa would be turning Gabriel’s mind against her and Ellice said she wished Marissa had d!ed in that explosion. Gabriel arrived to confront his mother-in-law for fuelling Ellice’s anger.

After Belen left the two, Ellice scolded Gabriel for talking in that manner against her mother. Marissa woke up and his mother after recalling what Marissa said concerning an attempt on her life asked Marissa if the Ceñidozas were behind it and Marissa said Ellice, Belen and Caesar were behind it. Lucing said she raised Ellice and knew she would do no such thing.

Marissa was shocked that her mother was still putting her finger in a fire for Ellice. Lucing believed Belen and Caesar did that.

” Once I roll out my plan you will have no choice than to confess your own sins.”

Marissa then asked Lucing to be her eyes and ears at La Sierra as she wanted her presence to be felt at the place since Belen went there all the time she could also be there. Lucing saw the task as herculean and wondered if she could do.

Gabriel could not believe that Ellice was still allowing herself to be manipulated.

“I think you should be worried about yourself, ” Ellice spewed.

“All your accusations and assumptions is what you should take care of right now!”

“You know me well Gabriel I am not easily manipulated.”

“Of course that is what you gonna say because you defending your mother’s actions,” Gabriel said.

“She is my mother of course I will defend her.”

Ellice said she was upset with Marissa based on everything she has done to her family and asked Gabriel to leave her mother out of it.


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