The Law Of Revenge Episode 5

The Law Of Revenge Episode 5 Ramon fights with Gabriel for resigning, Marissa and Ellice deliver on the same day

Ellice was happy about Marissa’s pregnancy and asked her about the father. She said it was a one night stand after she broke up with her boyfriend. Ellice said the man had to take responsibility of the pregnancy but Marissa indicated that the man who got her pregnant was a married man. Gabriel was so scared that Marissa might exposed him as he paced back and forth at the back of Ellice.

Ellice told Marissa to show her the man for her to confront him as it did not matter whether the man was married or not, he needed to take responsibility of the pregnancy. Ellice deemed it wise to make Lucing live with Marissa but she refused since Ellice’s pregnancy was a delicate one.

Marissa explained that she only told her in order for Ellice to find a different person to take care of the company she entrusted her with. Ellice said she had no one to entrust the company with so she had no choice than to sell Pearl by Ceñidoza and Company. She said she was not ready to risk the child she was carrying as she needed the baby. Marissa tried to encourage her not to sell the company since she promised Jorge to keep and run the company.

Gabriel volunteered to take care of the company to support his wife. Ellice was grateful to her husband for leaving the Villarosa company to take care of hers. Gabriel later went to Marissa’s office to query her the paternity of her child. He was willing to give child support to Marissa but asked her not to reveal the truth to Ellice.

Marissa refused to answer him, claiming that the question reminded her of her betrayal. She made it clear that she could cater for her child and sacked Gabriel from her office.

Lucing wept that her daughter was pregnant out of wedlock and to make the matter worse, she got herself pregnant for a married man. Marissa felt that her mother was judging her and Lucing said she was not but she rather felt that she did not know her anymore. She then told Marissa that she would stay and take care of her but Marissa refused.

She said Ellice needed Lucing more. Her mother objected so Marissa proposed that it might be better if she and Ellice stayed together in the same house for Lucing to take care of them.

Soon, Gabriel told Ramon about his decision to quit his job to manage his wife’s company. Ramon was against it, he objected and said he did not send him to the United States to study just to work as jeweler. Gabriel said he has made his decision and nothing would stop him. After Ellice and Lucing went to clinic, they passed by Marissa’s house to make her pack her things to stay in Ellice’s house.

Ellice arrived home and told Gabriel about it. Gabriel was surprised to see that Marissa was already there and told Ellice that he would have felt better if she had involved him in decision making so his wife asked whether he would have objected if she had asked him to allow Marissa to stay with them. She apologised for not informing him but she spelt out the need for them to help Marissa as she was like her sister to her, besides she has helped her in so many ways so it was the least they could do.

In her room, Marissa was also glad that she had found a way to live under the same roof with her child’s father. The next day morning, Lucing served Ellice and Marissa with their breakfast. Gabriel was dressed up and wanted to leave unnoticed but Lucing saw him and Ellice asked him to join them on the breakfast table but he refused. Marissa was also leaving for the office so Ellice asked him to drop her off.

In the car, Marissa told Gabriel that she did not intend to live with them as she felt sorry by seeing her friend’s face due to her mistake. Gabriel asked her to use the seat belt and she asked Gabriel if he was showing care since he believed he was the father of her child.

Later in the night, Gabriel confessed to his friend about how bothered he was for betraying his wife with her best friend. To make the matter worse, her best friend was pregnant and did not know whether the child was his.

Fast forward, at the office, Gabriel saw Marissa working with her baby bump. He later brought her sandwich since she had worked all day without eating. She felt so glad and when Gabriel left, she told her child that daddy cared about them. Later in the house, Lucing served Marissa and Ellice with milk but Marissa was not fond of milk. Lucing said it was good for the baby and she had to drink it.

Gabriel appeared in the scene and presented strawberries and chocolate to his wife and gave some to Marissa as well. One morning, Marissa saw Gabriel and she acted like she was feeling dizzy and Gabriel went to help her. Marissa used the opportunity to feel the warmth in Gabriel’s body. Lucing appeared in the scene and watched the two in astonishment.

Soon, they went to to the hospital and the doctor scanned Marissa. She was told that her boy’s heart was beating normal. Ellice child’s had a different story as her heart beat doesn’t pump fast and the doctor said she could be shy.

Later, Marissa saw how Ellice was being pampered and being massaged by Gabriel. Ellice was worried that her frequent blood pressure could affect the child. Marissa got upset by the scene and she stormed her room to scatter things. Suddenly, her water broke and she screamed. Ellice heard her friend’s screams and Gabriel who was checking her pressure stopped to care for Marissa.

As he was bringing her out, Ellice was climbing the stairs and she got affected by her friend’s condition which made her water to break. She was falling off the stairs so Gabriel had to leave Marissa to attend to his wife. Both were rushed to the hospital and Marissa was upset that Ellice got the attention at the hospital again as all the health practitioners went to Ellice’s aid, leaving her to her fate.

Marissa had a normal delivery but failed to push, giving Lucing tough time. Ellice on the other hand was injected to help in her delivery since her time was not due. It was left with six weeks for her to give birth but had an early delivery and was sent to the operation room to give birth by cesarean section. Gabriel’s family arrived and Ramon was upset to know that Gabriel had admitted another pregnant woman in his house. He blamed Gabriel for the premature child Ellice was giving birth to.

After learning that Marissa had failed to push, Gabriel told Lucing that he would go and try. With his presence, Marissa now gained the strength to deliver. She gave birth to baby boy while Ellice also gave birth to a baby girl.


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