The Law Of Revenge Episode 50

The Law Of Revenge Episode 50 Avel confesses his feelings to Marissa, Lucing and Belen lock horns in a board meeting

Gabriel went to La Sierra’s office to talk to Caesar concerning Marissa’s accident but he denied knowing anything about it and asked Gabriel if Marissa had told him something. Gabriel said Marissa has said nothing, he gave him a coffee and left.

At the hospital, as Ellice was with Hope, Jake arrived with a bouquet and told her that he would be given the other bouquet to his mother and wished her speedy recovery. He asked permission to visit Hope again after he closed from school and she accepted.

“All I need to do is to make you trust me,” Ellice schemed.

“Untill the day comes that you yourself will help me work against your worthless mother.”

Sonya visited Marissa and was scared for her life. She believed Ellice could be the culprit and deemed it as an opportune time for Marissa to confess about Jake’s identity to Gabriel as Jake’s life could be in danger. Marissa was however scared her nemesis would also attack Gabriel in the process, adding that it was better they kept the secret for the time being.

Soon, Avel was going to a certain house but some two policemen ran after him and he went on hiding. Marissa was told by the police officers that they have discovered her bodyguard, Avel belonged to some illegal organisation and he was a henchman. As Blue stated he had a bad feeling about Avel, Tutti claimed Blue was mere jealous since Avel looked like a movie star.

Lucing doubted that Avel would do such thing so did Tutti since Avel had saved Marissa’s life several times. Caesar on phone spoke with Belen about how he was getting rid off Marissa’s protectors. A flashback showed that Red set Avel up by secretly going to Avel’s room to place Marissa’s picture and gun with an illustration that Marissa needed to be eliminated and Avel was behind the attack.

Adelina visited Marissa at the hospital to confirm that Avel was a member of the organisation and was sent by Caesar to k!ll her upon Ellice’s orders.

“That Ellice is your arch enemy.”

“As long as that stays in your head…..”

“You will always know who it is that you should never give your trust to.”

“I have always told you Marissa…”

“You ought to strike first!”

“You must k!ll Ellice or she will come after you again.”

Meanwhile, Jake, Charie and Alfred visited Hope at the hospital and found RJ who was in the ward with Hope. He brought Hope bouquet and when the three mutual friends of Hope arrived he asked of his leave. Hope was sorry to hear that Marissa’s bodyguard, Avel was actually the person wanting Marissa dead. Hope stressed that she hated liars and people who kept secret from her. Alfred and Jake became indifferent.

Fast forward, Belen was doing a presentation on the losses the business was experiencing and decided to cut down the workers salary 5per cent. To her dismay, Lucing arrived there and she wanted to kick Lucing out of the board meeting but Lucing said she did not miss her way. Pinky showed Belen the letter written by Marissa that gave Lucing the right to replace her. Lucing sat on Belen’s seat and the woman did not take that likely.

When Belen went on with her presentation, Lucing found what Belen said as preposterous so she raised an objection only for Belen to call Mr Perez, one of the board members to instruct him to teach Lucing what she was saying, claiming Lucing had no knowledge in economics. The man explained the state of the company and why Belen was using one of the economic strategies to ensure the company did not experience further losses.

Lucing after the meeting felt that she did not fit so Rio and Chona brought her some documents that could help Lucing to catch up. Rio had an issue with Chona since the latter was a staff of Ceñidoza Pearls. However, Chona said they were all workers and was ready to help Lucing. At the hospital, Ellice received a call from Caesar who informed her about the presence of Lucing at the company.

Caesar claimed Lucing was being a nuisance and Ellice knew what he meant so she said Lucing was off limit, she knew what to do to get Lucing from their way. The doctor came in to check on Hope and said she was getting better due to the bone marrow that she gained and would soon discharge her.

“You better prepare yourself Marissa,” Ellice thought.

“Now that Hope is recovering I am going to collect and I am going to charge interest.”

Gabriel asked Ellice about what would happen to the shares that she sold to Marissa after Hope gets better. Ellice said he was sounding like a broken record and failed to tell him the truth. Gabriel said he felt like she was hiding something from him. At the Zulyani’s mansion, Lucing complemented Marissa’s hardworking nature and said she could not contribute to the meeting which she first attended. Jake told her not to worry as he knew she would soon fit for the job.

When Belen got home, she found Ellice packing some clothes to the hospital. Ellice said Gabriel was taking care of Hope and she was packing the stuff to send it there. Belen told Ellice that Lucing disgraced her and Ellice assured her that Lucing would not be an obstacle once Hope fully recovered.

She would expose the contents in the contract which she signed with Marissa. Later, Red infiltrated the health facility and changed himself into a nursing uniform in the night and gave the Police watching over Marissa a drink which made the police fall sleep while he went into the ward to inject Marissa for her to d!e but Marissa woke up an tried to defend herself from Red.

Suddenly, somone hit the head of Red and fought with Red. Realising it was Avel who had saved her, she helped Avel when Red wanted to k!ll Avel. Avel fought Red till he fled from there. Avel asked Marissa if she was okay and Marissa used that moment to confront Avel for being a member of the organisation and even hired by Caesar to k!ll her.

Avel admitted but he explained that he was only a member as that was the surest way to find the k!ller of his parents. He narrated to Marissa how a man with a tattoo like a dragon shot his parents one night in their car. He said he grew up with a zeal to find the culprit and the police failed to apprehend the culprit since he could not see the face of the murderer as he was told by his mother to hide himself. The police was even scared that Avel might lose his life in his attempt to find justice.

Since the investigation he conducted pointed to the organisation, he met Caesar and told him about his zeal of becoming a member. Caesar told him that once he was a member, he would not be able to turn back. He told Marissa when he was told by Caesar to eliminate her, there was two things in mind to follow Caesar’s orders to find justice for his parents or to save Marissa to stop investigating about his death parent and he chose to save her.

Marissa demanded to know the reason he chose to save her while he had to find the culprits behind his parents’ death.

“Because I love you,” Avel confessed.

“I care about you.”

Avel went further to say that he realised she was a good person and being part of her family, how Lucing treated him, Jake, he knew her family needed her, reason he chose to spare her life. He decided to leave and Marissa held him and asked how she could contact him and he said he would be around to protect her and asked for his leave.

Lucing came to work and saw some of the workers unhappy with the decision by the executives to cut down their salaries and Lucing asked them to tell her about their needs so that when there was a board meeting she would be able to talk for them. Later, there was a board meeting and Belen wanted to carry out the employee salary cut down but Lucing objected.

Lucing said the workers had their own problems that they needed their salary to resolve. She made the employees came to talk about how increment in their pay would help them. The workers listed their problems, which included buying of drugs, paying off a sibling school fees among others. Lucing then said they needed to set aside enough funds to ensure the employees did not receive a pay cut.

Giving them their deserved salary, Lucing said it would make them feel valued at the company. Lucing’s speech received an applaud.

“Oh come on this is ridiculous,” Belen yelled.

“Stop that clapping!”

“We’re talking about business so why are you making me look like a villain here Lucing!”

“I wasn’t finished speaking Belen,” Lucing retorted.

Lucing indicated giving them their minimum salary would help the employees to rise up with the company once it got on its feet. The board members accepted Lucing arguments and they all clapped for her.

“Fine I will think about it,” Belen screamed as she felt disgrace.


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