The Law Of Revenge Episode 51

The Law Of Revenge Episode 51 Ellice seeks means to annul the non disclosure agreement  signed with Marissa, Marissa pits Caesar and Belen against eachother

Jake went to check on Hope at the hospital to give her handouts. Hope told him she would be discharged the next day. He then received a message so he left for the college to attend a schedule meeting with the Dean only to discover that RJ was the one who was behind his suspension.

He tried to attack RJ on campus and asked him what he had done to him to deserve all that but RJ said he was already suspended and even if he fought him he did not care. However, he was contracted to do that against him and warned Jake to think about it if he ever thought he was welcomed at the Ceñidoza mansion.

In the Villarosa mansion, Cristina referred to Marissa as paranoid for suspecting Ellice as the person behind the explosion. Helena also doubted that Ellice was behind the act but Sonya asked Gabriel whether Marissa had a reason for her paranoia and he said no.

“For your sake Gabriel I just hope you’re right,” Sonya said after recalling Marissa saying Ellice k!lled Jacob.

At the hospital, Ellice and Gabriel arrived. Hope told them that Jake dropped by to present some readings and Ellice acted like she was happy so Hope asked her the time she realised Jake’s presence in her life made her happy and she said the time he offered to donate his bone marrow to her.

“I think that is when I realised that he is a good kid!”

“I mean even though it will cause problems with his mom he still did it for you and I also realised I might have treated him a little unfairly in the past.”

Hope thanked her for doing that for her even when she knew Jake’s presence upset her she still did it for her.

“Honey thank you,” Gabriel chipped in.

Elice recalled seeing an attorney to make him find loopholes in the agreement she signed with Marissa.

“Attorney is there anyway I can invalidate this non disclosure agreement I signed with Marissa?”

“The least I can say is without going through technicalities you can say you only signed under duress it means you’re coerce by the other party to get whatever they want,” the lawyer said.

“Right!” Ellice nodded.

“So all I have to do is to prove she took advantage of the situation.”

She hugged her daughter and thought:

“I am very sure that you will be upset when Hope discover that I had to give away my company so that Jake could save your life.”

At the college, Alfred advised Jake not to waste his time on the bully but should take delight in the fight that his name was cleared. Lucing went to visit Hope and sent with her some fruits. Hope told her she would be discharged the next day.

Meanwhile, Blue asked Marissa about Avel and she said he already explained his side of the story to her and had promised to protect her from Caesar but Blue doubted his real intentions. He warned Marissa that Avel was a wanted man and might put her life at risk. Marissa was glad that Lucing was giving Belen tough time at the office.

Lucing got there and prepared food for her. Elsewhere, Caesar was bothered by Lucing’s closeness to the employees and was scared that the woman would discover the organisation’s dealings within the company. However, Red referred to Lucing as clueless. Caesar believed she was clueless since no one has told her about it but once she realised things would change.

In the Ceñidoza mansion, Belen complained to Ellice how Lucing was using the employees against her by getting close to them and Ellice said it was the same strategy Marissa used and was sure she was manipulating her mother. Ellice threatened to expose Marissa’s membership with the organisation and Belen acted so surprised to hear Marissa belonged to an organisation.

Fast forward, Hope was discharged and the Villarosas visited only for them to gang up on Belen who tried to talk against Sonya concerning Heidi being with her father Enzo. Jake went to the Ceñidoza mansion to find RJ there with Hope and queried what he was doing there. RJ called him bastard and Ellice pretentiously went to Jake’s rescue to sack RJ from the house.

As Charie and Alfred told Hope about RJ being behind Jake’s suspension, Gabriel who was about to serve them with juice overheard the conversation and asked Jake why he failed to tell him. Jake said it was nothing, Gabriel asked the reason RJ gave for his action and he told him that someone believed to be in the house told RJ to get him suspended.

Gabriel then went to query Belen but she denied. Marissa planned to pit her enemies against themselves as the health practitioners readied her for her discharge after a month at the hospital. She spoke with Avel who was keeping tabs on Caesar to inform him about her discharge and warned him about going after his enemies. He told him they should come up with a well coordinated plans against them.

Chona on the other hand visited the Zulyani’s mansion to present official documents that would help her. As Lucing thanked her for all her help, Chona said she had been a great help to the employees a month that she worked in the place. At the Villarosa Construction, Gabriel told Sonya that Belen was manipulating Ellice and he l0ved his wife so much that was the reason he was putting up with all her flaws.

Sonya asked what about Marissa and he said it was out of anger that was why he got involved with her but he truly l0ved his wife. Sonya asked if he was sure that there was nothing that would make him stop l0ving her and Gabriel became in different.

“Gabriel be very careful you might be sleeping with the enemy.”

“And clearly the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

At La Sierra, Marissa bumped into Ellice in the elevator and the rivals began getting eachother upset for each coming to the workplace. As Marissa said she was now the CEO, Ellice also said she still had shares in there.

“Don’t be so sure of yourself because this thing ain’t over yet.”

Belen queried Caesar on the syndicate operation at the place and asked Caesar if Marissa was part of it. She also told Caesar that she wanted to join the organisation.

“Don’t you worry you can trust me.”

“And I will help the organisation to get money so that I can become a valuable asset to the organisation.”

Marissa and Lucing arrived and the workers threw a welcome party for them. Later, Caesar tried to get close to her and seeing Belen busy getting close to a certain man, she told Caesar that she would grab a popcorn since she had seen the wind of betrayal brewing. Elsewhere, Alfred was perplexed how Ellice had learnt to trust Jake and the latter said it might be that she has realised he was a good boy.

Later, Belen was kidnapped and sent to a certain place only to discover that Caesar was the one behind and the people were the organisation team. She met all of them and shook hands with them since the members knew her late husband was also a member of Malaysian organisation and a syndicate leader.

At Ceñidoza mansion, Jake was learning with Hope and Ellice came to serve them a snacks believed to she and Gabriel’s favourite. She asked Jake to call her mother when Jake said she was kind hearted like Ebu. Jake was impressed that Ellice told him to call her mom just like Hope.


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