The Law Of Revenge Episode 52

The Law Of Revenge Episode 52 Avel receives a new lead on his parents’ death, Gabriel discovers Marissa owns half of his heart

Belen was praised by the organisation members for her courage which she exhibited after she was kidnapped to join the organisation without peeing. She said their men were rather scared, stressing that she was courageous and toasted with them. However, Caesar was having doubts about the woman due to what Marissa said.

Jake had a phone conversation with Alfred to inform him that Ellice was very kind to him now and asked him to call her mom. Alfred asked about the trick he used so that he could also used on Charie and Jake gave him the tip.

Avel met Marissa to show her the pictures of Belen joining the organisation. Marissa said that she had to do something immediately as her enemies were getting stronger, she knew Belen would get access to the organisation’s money.

As Gabriel was about to close from work, he received an email and he went to show the pictures to Ellice. Knowing her mother was part with Caesar and could be be a part of the organisation, she brushed it off that it was a business meeting but Gabriel doubted. He said the last time he received an email of that sort it was something important.

Realising Gabriel was talking about the pictures of how she k!lled Victor, Ellice got upset.

“Are you really serious?” Ellice hissed.

“You want to bring our pass in this issue?”

“Gabriel I thought you have already forgiven me.”

“If you have really forgiven my mistakes …,”

“Well then I have forgiven my mother as well.”

“Drop this, you’re not helping at all.”

Ellice showed the pictures to Belen, saying an unknown person sent them to Gabriel. Belen explained that she joined Caesar in a secret organisation in order to fight off Marissa. Gabriel gave the pictures to someone he has hired to fish out the location of the place which his mother-in-law was spotted sitting.

Elsewhere, Avel met one of the organisation’s members who was a woman. He had been her bodyguard before to seek her help in finding the real culprit of his parents. Due to the countless times that Avel had saved her as a bodyguard, she accepted to help him.

Gabriel went out with his two children and Hope was puzzled about how Ellice within a blink of an eye accepted Jake. Gabriel had doubts about Ellice’s real intentions and thought of all that bad things his wife said about Jake.

Meanwhile, the woman boss of Avel seek Adelina’s help in getting answers to the long time questions of Avel since Adelina was the leader of the organisation when the incident happened. Gabriel met his investigator who gave him information of every single person who was in the picture with Belen and they were all notorious criminals belonging to a crime organisation.

At La Sierra, Marissa kept pitting Caesar against Belen. She showed him the photos and told him someone sent it to her email and she believed it was Belen since she wanted to prove herself as the queen of the night. Marissa indicated that the situation seemed familiar as she got Adelina by her side same way Belen had gained the approval of all the bosses and Caesar might have to prove himself.

Caesar believed Marissa was doing that to make Ellice distrust him and Marissa said she cared less about that since she left the organisation years ago. However, if Caesar wanted to side with her then she wanted to make Ellice admit to all of her crimes. Gabriel met with Helena and told her about the high profile criminals his mother-in-law was celebrating with.

Helena thought Gabriel had stopped conducting investigation on Belen not knowing he was still after the woman’s dealings. She advised Gabriel to be careful. Gabriel said he only wanted to protect his wife. Elsewhere, Avel met the woman and gave him her findings on his parents incident.

Gabriel went home to inform Ellice about the people Caesar and Belen met. He showed the profile to Ellice, saying they were hardened criminals who were able to escape from their crimes. Ellice got upset with Gabriel for not quitting his investigation on her mother even when she refrained him. She claimed her mother might be innocent and did not know the profile of those people.

Gabriel then called Marissa to meet her to find out about Caesar if he was a member of an illegal organisation but she said no and asked Gabriel the reason he asked about that.

“It’s nothing,” Gabriel rose from his seat.

As Marissa wondered why he called her for that, Gabriel saw her necklace and asked about it. Marissa said her father gave to her and it even had two sides, she gave the other half to a special boy who she came across trying to k!ll himself years ago.

“Marissa I have the other half of this necklace!” Gabriel stated.

“Marissa I was that boy that you saved at the bridge.”

Marissa looked surprised as Gabriel caressed her face and she did too. She told Gabriel seeing him made her remembered her father’s struggle and it was the time that Jorge proposed to Nestor to become his business partner in a business he started. She said her father was very hardworking and face lots of challenges in life.

Meanwhile, Avel received a clue of the possible henchmen who might have k!lled his parents and it was no other than Caesar and other names. Ellice talked with Belen to see if she could quit as Gabriel already knew her involvement with that high profile criminals but Belen was not ready to quit. She told Ellice that she joined to support and protect her.

She deemed herself as courageous who no criminal would be able to defeat. Marisa met with Blue in a bar and told him about the special story she shared with Gabriel.

“That’s crazy,” Blue said

“You two are destined together?”

“Small world isn’t it?”

“So you will fall for him again?

“Blue!” Marissa exclaimed “can you stop asking Stup!d question?”

“I am not interested in l0ve….”

“What I want is Justice.”

“And I can only have it when Ellice regret everything that she has done to me and my family.”

“My apologies to Gabriel but Ellice will definitely get hurt.”

“So we will begin by this necklace.”

She made Blue take pictures of her and posted it on Instagram with Caption that she found the other half of her heart this was seen by Ellice and she recalled the locket and got upset.


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