The Law Of Revenge Episode 53

The Law Of Revenge Episode 53 Ellice reveals the non disclosure agreement to play the Victim, Avel hinders Marissa’s plans against Ellice for breaking the agreement

Avel went for Marissa to ask her help in finding the k!ller of his parents from the list of names he has given her. He felt jealous that Marissa was wearing a skimpy dress while she was alone with Blue knowing well that Blue was interested in her. He said he was not risking his life for her for nothing.

Caesar came across Belen and questioned her what she discussed with the leaders of the organisation behind his back and as the cobra said they only discussed the future, Caesar felt that she was ganging up on him as he recalled Marissa’s words. He told Red that he really had to investigate Belen to know if what Marissa said about her was true.

Elsewhere, Avel was in a bar spying on a man among the lists, when he was about to attack the man he realised he had no tattoo. Unknown to him, the gunman he was looking for was no other than Caesar as he had the snake-like or dragon-like tattoo.

Helena could not believe that the one owning the other heart of Gabriel’s most cherished locket was Marissa. She now understood why he was so connected to Marissa and asked him of the position of his wife in his heart. Gabriel said he l0ved his wife and the locket has already served its purpose which in turn had made him realised his true feelings for his wife.

The next day, Ellice and Marissa bumped into eachother at La Sierra.

“Good morning Ellice,” Marissa greeted.

“How do you like my necklace?”

“That’s nothing but a piece of junk,” Ellice chuckled.

“If I were you, I would throw this rusty old necklace away before I get tetanus.”

At the Villarosa mansion, Gabriel told his mother about the little girl who saved him from a near death experience. Carmelita was sorry that she and Ramon’s issue almost sent him to his grave. Gabriel said Marissa helped him to get over it and she gave him that hope to live again so he cherished that heart she gave him.

“But what about Ellice?” Carmelita asked.

“What about your wife?”

“Mom!” Gabriel called.

“Marissa is a beautiful memory.”

“May be that is the reason I felt something for her.”

“Because she was the kid that I held on to when I was a kid but that is really all it is.”

“But Ellice is the one I l0ve.”

“And no matter what struggles we may face along the way, we are going to get through it.”

Carmelita was happy with that. Ellice called Jake and pretended to be crying to manipulate the boy to meet her. After the two met, Ellice faked tears to appeal to the emotions of Jake. She tearfully told him that Gabriel has a locket which he cherished so much, a locket that he looked to it whenever he was bothered about something and the previous night, she realised it was Marissa who gave that to him.

She cried that Marissa was ruining her happiness, she has taken her company and now the man that she l0ved with all her heart Marissa was taken him from her too. Jake said sorry to her and told her that he would talk to Ebu to take it easy on her.

Ellice said Marissa was heartless and when Jake was protesting, she said Marissa took advantage of her situation and made her sell her 50per cent shares to her before allowing her to make him donate his bone marrow for Hope.

Jake wept and went to confront Marissa at La Sierra, saying she knew how it hurts to lose a child yet she took advantage of Hope to get the shares and walked out on Marissa. Ellice went home and kept her act that she was sad to involve Jake in her feud with Marissa as the boy was hurting for what she told him.

“She used your daughter against you
and you used her son to get back against her,” Belen told her not to be bothered.

“Don’t forget sweetheart she and her son ruined your life.”

At the office Tutti realised Marissa looked so down and asked what was wrong with her. Marissa then stormed the Ceñidoza mansion to ask Ellice why she disregarded the non disclosure agreement to inform her son. She believed Ellice wanted to invalidate the agreement and told her she came to her to ask for help not the other way round.

Ellice indicated she took advantage of her vulnerability to use Hope’s condition to compel her to sign while she knew she needed her help that time and she forced her to make her sign in order to save Hope without any remorse.

Gabriel and Hope overheard it and Gabriel could not believe that Marissa could use his own son for such a trade. Ellice spilt the beans out to inform Gabriel that Marissa had a non disclosure agreement with her and she was supposed not to tell anyone otherwise Marissa would take everything from her.

Hope cried that she and Jake were caught in between their fight and blamed Gabriel for being behind it all thanks to his infidelity. Ellice continued playing the victim role and Gabriel went for the locket, saying he cherished that locket but the one who gave it to him has now developed heart full of hatred and he threw it away.

Jake went home looking frustrated, Lucing asked of his problem and discovered that Marissa took advantage of Hope’s situation to buy the shares.

When Marissa got home she confronted her and Marissa said she only fought for what was rightly theirs. Jake had a talk with Hope and she told him about the conversation she heard, thinking Jake did not know but the boy said Ellice had told him. Hope was sad to learn her mother did that to Jake and the latter believed Ellice was sad the reason she told him that and she meant no harm.

Soon, Tutti presented to Marissa what was being posted online against her and Ellice fuelled by doing a video playing the victim to push all the issues on Marissa to make the video go viral for people to pass negative comments against Marissa. Some even made images of Marissa having horns.

At the college, the students who knew Marissa as Jake’s mother began to gossip. Charie also passed a bad comment and Alfred stopped her, saying she might not know all the issues. He later met Jake and the boy seemed not bothered and said his mother did the wrong thing.

Marissa got upset and went to see her lawyer to inform him that Ellice broke the non-disclosure agreement so she would take everything from her. Her lawyer said Ellice’s act would even come with a fine. She then stormed a certain place but Avel appeared there to stop her and told her what she was doing would put her family in danger.

Marissa was bent on doing it but Avel said everything was not centred on revenge but at times she should not compromise the lives of those who mattered to her just like he chose to save her life over the revenge he was seeking. Marissa then stood quietly.


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