The Law Of Revenge Episode 54

The Law Of Revenge Episode 54 Jake reveals his true identity to Hope as they elope, Caesar instructs Red to k!ll the missing teens

At the Ceñidoza mansion, Gabriel told Ellice that he wanted to support her by working at Ceñidoza Pearls in order for Marissa and her allies not to gang up on her. Ellice asked if he had already informed his sisters and he said he already did that and they have approved it.

Ellice then said since she was not the major shareholder so she could not promise him better position but Gabriel did not mind.

Hope had a video chat with Jake concerning how they were caught in between their parents’ feud. Meanwhile, Adelina in a phone conversation with Marissa while on her sickbed was still upset with her for not regarding their agreement.

“If you had finished that woman off then your problem would have been solved already.”

“This isn’t the right time I want her to suffer
even more,” Marissa explained.

“Get your revenge but make it fast so that I can finally have mine…”

“Ellice’s death at the hands of her best friend and her mortal enemy.”

“I will! I will,” Marissa spewed.

“The clock is ticking Marissa do what you have to do!” Adelina added.

At the Zulyani’s mansion, Marissa asked Jake if he was still mad at her and the boy said they were already there for her yet it seemed they were not enough. Since Marissa was hell-bent on taking revenge on Ellice.

“But one thing is for sure I won’t be there for you.”

Marissa tried explaining that she was hurt and Jake did not know what she was going through, stressing that she would never stop till she makes Ellice pay for all the evil things she did against her. Jake walked out on her and Lucing who was eavesdropping felt sad about what was going on.

Ellice showed Gabriel the lawsuit which Marissa had filed against her and Gabriel got upset as Ellice tried manipulating him. Ellice felt satisfied that she had managed to turn Gabriel and Jake against Marissa and told her mother about it.

“All my plans worked,” Ellice told Belen in excitement.

“I am nothing but proud of you!” Belen said.

Meanwhile, Marissa dank her frustrations out and Tutti tried to stop her. Marissa told her that Jake did not want her to go ahead with her lawsuit against Ellice and was sure Ellice had fed her son’s head with bunch of lies to turn him against her. She promised to make Ellice pay once she manages to turn Jake’s heart to her again. Gabriel stormed Marissa’s office to demand her to withdraw the lawsuit against Ellice.

Marissa refused, saying she had lost all her conscience on Ellice after every evil thing she did against her. Gabriel tried to make her factor his friendship with her but since Marissa refused he left. Elsewhere, Jake called Hope and they met. He drove Hope off and spill out the truth of his actual identity. He told Hope that he was adopted in Indonesia at at the age of five as Marissa lost her son, Jacob.

He said Marissa had a plan to make the culprit pay. Hope got upset that Jake had lied to her while he knew he was not his real brother but was perplexed that his bone marrow matched that of hers and Jake described that as a perfect coincidence. Jake told her that he got to know her before he realised she was the one her mother wanted to ruin her family and could not do it anymore.

Hope was so upset that Jake connived with his mother to ruin her family and Jake explained that according to Ebu, Ellice was the one who ordered her death 17years ago and the assassin k!lled Hope’s real brother.

“So you’re telling me that I have been living with a murderer who is my mom all my life?” Hope cried.

Jake apologised, saying he could not see her sad since his mother did not care whether she was hurting her. He said he kept the truth not to ruin his Mother’s plans but he could not continue and also kept it from her in order to protect her. Hope cried that everyone was keeping something away from her in the name of protecting her, meanwhile they were all hurting her.

“So tell me Jake what makes you any different from them?”

“I l0ve you Hope… I l0ve you!”

Jake recited the l0ve poem to her and told her they should abandon the world full of fight and go somewhere that would be only about him and her. As he fell on his knees to make Hope understand him, Hope hugged him and accepted to elope with him. Ellice got home and found only Hope’s phone on her bed and called Gabriel to inform him.

Marissa also reached home to find from Lucing that Jake was still not at home. She was worried and Lucing believed due to the fight that was why he left home. Gabriel called Carmelita to find out if Hope was there and Sonya informed them that Marissa also said Jake was not at home so she believed the teens were together.

The Villarosas began a search for the kids and believed the kids were tired due to the family feud and have decided to run away. Avel spoke with Marissa to ask how Jake went missing. Marissa wondered how Avel got to know and he said his ears were on the grounds. They later met and Avel consoled her and promised her that they would find Jake and told Marissa to withhold all that she was planning against Ellice at the moment.

Marissa later went to meet Adelina and the woman said if she had k!lled Ellice her life worries would have been over. She promised Marissa to help her find her son. Belen then called Caesar to help her find her granddaughter who had eloped with Jake. Caesar asked for reward that is to k!ll Jake. Belen accepted and told him to ensure nothing happened to Hope.

Caesar promised to bring Hope back home alive and in form. As Belen gave him the go ahead, he hang up and smiled.

“What an id!0t!”

Meanwhile, Jake and Hope settled in a certain place and made sleep on the bed while he slept on the couch. Agatha appeared in the Ceñidoza mansion to offer her help in the search of the two teens. She said she was calling her father so that they could skip protocol for the police to begin a search for the children.

Agatha said they had to contact Marissa too so that she could aid them in the search. Ellice was grateful to Agatha and the latter said that was the least she could do for them. Ellice suggested they used the ATM of Jake to trace them. After Alfred and Charie learnt about their missing friends they also tried what they could to find them.

Charie turned down RJ’s help in finding Hope. She told RJ that Hope was in a safe hand since she was with Jake but it would have been an issue of concern if Hope was with him instead. Later, Alfred began tracking Jake, Charie also posted their pictures on social media to get the public involved in the search for them.

As Marissa got home, Lucing pleaded with Marissa to stop the fight with Ellice. She believed her act of revenge would rather make her lose all her l0ved ones. Elsewhere, Caesar presented to Red the pictures of the two teens and instructed Red to find them and k!ll them both.

Red wondered why he would say that and he said he wanted to get back at Ellice and Marissa.


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