The Law Of Revenge Episode 56

The Law Of Revenge Episode 56 Marissa threatens Caesar, Jake and Hope find themselves in new trouble over a shelter they rested in

Marissa arrived in Batangas but Gabriel informed her that they met the children’s absence, only their clothes were found. Ellice appeared in the scene and in anguish, she pointed accusing fingers at Marissa.

“You…” Ellice pointed at Marissa.

“This is all your fault Marissa…”

“So you better pray whatever God you believe in for my daughter’s sake.”

“Because if not i’m gonna make you pay for this dearly!”

“Ellice don’t blame me,” Marissa retorted.

“We are all at fault!”

“We all made mistakes so don’t point your fingers at me because we are both responsible.”

“We failed to protect our children.”

“That is enough,” Gabriel chipped in.

“This is not the time to be blaming one another.”

“This will not help us to even find our children.”

As Avel was approaching, he spotted a car and told Marissa through a phone call that Caesar’s henchman was also after the children and they were not the only one searching for the teens. Marissa pleaded with him to find her son before Caesar’s men get to him.

At Zulyani’s apartment, the Villarosas visited Lucing since Marissa went to Batangas with Blue and Lucing was all alone. Lucing was grateful that the Villarosas were there. Cristina received a text from Ellice which stated that the kids were not at the place spotted and Lucing broke down to fresh tears.

Meanwhile, Jake drove Hope. When they reached a certain filling station, he told Hope that he wanted to urinate but Hope was scared. Jake told her to lock the car doors while he went inside the supermarket. Some policemen also appeared in the scene and Hope had to hide her face. The inspector was speaking with Red who was describing the teens and told him to find them as his boss would give him a good reward.

When the inspector went to the washroom, Jake overheard his conversation and knew he was the one who was the subject of the conversation. The inspector asked Red to send photos of the teens. As Jake was rushing out, the inspector called him. Although he was scared but acted along and turned. The inspector told him to lace his shoes. He did that, thanked the inspector and rushed out.

The counter lady at the supermarket called him for his eateries he bought. He took it and rushed out. As Hope unlocked the doors for him to go inside, Red told the inspector the number plate of the car the teens were using and the police realised Jake was the one but Jake drove faster and left. Alfred, RJ and Charie began to search in motels but could not find their friends.

Ellice packed the things of the kids and the family wondered why they left the place. Ellice indicated that perhaps they did not want to be seen but Agatha saw that something did not add up since the kids left leaving their things behind it could mean something else and Gabriel concluded that someone might be chasing them. He then sent an email to Jake to ask him to tell him how they were doing even if they did not want to make them see them.

He even apologised for dragging them into their issue. Marissa stormed Caesar’s place with Blue to warn him. Caesar said Belen asked of his help to find the kids and Marissa should be happy that there were more people helping them in the search.

“If something bad happens to those kids I will make you wish that you were never born,” Marissa threatened.

Belen warned Caesar not to act as coward, she should be the one he should fear since she was a member of the syndicate not Marissa. The teens saw Gabriel’s message and they replied by sending the picture they once saw in a restaurant and threw the phone away. Gabriel showed it to the police and told him and his wife together with Agatha that the kids were implying that they were safe.

Agatha asked how he knew and he explained the picture to them that after they saw it in a restaurant they realised it was a family like them and were happy with it. Elsewhere, Alfred was able to trace the location due to the recent email activity of Jake and called Marissa to inform her that Jake’s current location was San Lazaro exit. Charity told her to inform Gabriel since they could not reach him. They said they were heading there but Marissa stopped them, warning them that it could be dangerous.

While driving, Jake realised Hope was suffocating so he asked her to come out for fresh air. Hope resisted since they were being pursued. Jake compelled her to step out and made her do inhale and exhale exercise. As they hit the road, their car broke down. Jake tried all he could in order for the car to work, since it did not work, they walked through a bush.

Agatha rushed to Gabriel and Ellice to inform them that the police were able to trace the recent location of the teens at San Lazaro, when the couple left, quickly, Belen called Caesar to inform him about the children’s whereabouts and he also told Red.

Marissa seeks Avel’s help to find the kids. Avel said they had to keep the information under wraps, if they make the police aware, Belen would be informed and Caesar would get to the children first so they kept it. Elsewhere, the police found Jake’s phone which he threw away after sending Gabriel the email. Gabriel saw a certain message which Jake left and did not understand.

Avel and Marissa got to where the car of Jake broke down and found Red there, speaking with Caesar on phone that the kids left their car and Caesar said they could be around so he should keep on searching within the area. When he realised someone as held him on a gunpoint and the person has snatched his phone, He turned and realised it was Avel.

Avel continued the conversation and asked Caesar what he intended doing with the kids. He asked Caesar to tell him the time and the place for him to meet him. Caesar called him a traitor and agreed to meet him to finish him off. Marissa appeared in the scene to slap Red for going against the teens.

Red provoked her to k!ll him since the agenda of the person who wanted her son k!lled would still be achieved. Marissa snatched the gun from the hands of Avel to shoot Red but Avel asked her not to stain her hands on that evil creature. He told Marissa that she was no criminal, hence should think of her family who were waiting for her at home.

A siren was heard, when the police arrived with Ellice, Gabriel and Agatha they only saw Marissa. Ellice angrily asked Marissa what she was doing there. Marissa explained that Charie and Alfred told her about Jake and Hope’s current location due to their current email activity. Gabriel warned her to inform her about the whereabouts of the kids if she gets any news.

The officer asked her if she was alone and she said she came there alone besides her son was one of the missing teens. She then recalled that when the police siren was heard, Red kicked Avel and fled with his car. Marissa also told Avel to leave the place immediately.

Avel did not want to but Marissa insisted on him and said he could not help her to find her son should he surrender to the police. Avel then left the scene with the car before the police got there. At La Sierra, the Villarosas and the Pinedas tried all that they could to find the teens. However, this led to an altercation between them and Belen.

When they returned home, Ellice told her mother how Hope almost died as a child and he later developed a cancer, leukemia and now disappeared. She was scared that she would never see her daughter again and wondered where she went wrong or the sin she has committed for all that to be fall on her.

Belen asked her not to cry, saying she has done no wrong only Marissa was to be blamed for what had happened. Marissa got home and told Blue that she almost k!lled Caesar’s henchman but Avel stopped him. Blue said what Avel did was right but Marissa said she was willing to go to any length to find the teens before Caesar could get hold on them.

Lucing appeared in the scene and Marissa said Jake and Hope were still not found. She only saw their car packed somewhere and believed the teens did not want them to trace them. However, she assured Lucing that both were fine since their last message to Gabriel suggested so. Lucing wept and asked Marissa to do everything to find her grand children.

Meanwhile, Jake gave the rest of the water in the bottle for Hope to drink as they walked so many miles. He also realised Hope was really tired and he carried her at his back. They stumbled on a certain hut and they rushed in but saw no one. They saw a food and Hope stopped Jake from taking it but the boy said he would pay the owner and gave it to Hope to eat and he also ate some.

They stayed in the hut till the owner came to find them. The old woman realising strange people were in her hut took a machete and entered, calling them thieves but the teens began calling her grandma. Jake said they were no thieves and the woman stated that she has heard that for several times. She tried to attack them, Jake covered Hope and tried to make the old woman understand their situation.


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