The Law Of Revenge Episode 58

The Law Of Revenge Episode 58 Auring narrates her life story to Jake and Hope after saving them, Adelina dies 

In the forest, Auring hit Red’s neck with an object to save Hope and Jake. At the Ceñidoza mansion, Ellice looked so sad and wondered if her daughter needed medical assistance or any form of aid or whether she she was okay since she had been sick for days. Gabriel assured her that they would find her.

At the hospital Adelina began having sharp pains, after recalling everything that Marissa told her and her last wish. She called for Marissa and told her that she had no time left, therefore she should do her wish. She had cardiac arrest and died.

Marissa mourn her and saw the woman’s life as not worth it since she wasted all her life seeking for revenge. She cremated her body, knowing the revenge had made Adelina ended up being alone and if she was not around, there would be no one to mourn her madam.

Auring narrated to Jake and Hope how her husband, Berto and son were murdered cold blood in Barrio Isidro when she was out on a reach out Programme to help the needy and the poor with medical supply and food. While she was waiting with a friend for her husband who was the town’s doctor at the programme, the generous health practitioner, Berto who had become the talk of the town with many envious of him had an encounter with a criminal.

Berto and his son, Juinjuin were waiting at the road side when an armed man on motor shot them. Auring was later informed about it and the police said it was a mistaken identity. From there, Auring coiled herself to her shell, she got upset with the world and promised herself not to help others again.

“But Grandma, you helped us!” Jake uttered.

“Why did you do it?”

“Well because while you are here with me I had a family.”

“Perhaps my husband and son brought you to me.”

“To feel what it’s like to have a family again.”

“People to take care of , a family to l0ve and protect.”

Hope made her sing her song which she used to sing to put her son to sleep while he was a child and she sang for them. The next morning, Auring woke the teens up to have their breakfast. She gave Jake a cap and Hope a scarf so that they would go to the church to pray against the thugs wanting to k!ll them.

Marissa cried and told Lucing about the death of Adelina. She said she was indebted to the late woman since she was the one who set her free from the prison and helped her in so many ways. Lucing said she envied Adelina as she knew Marissa well and Marissa had always viewed her as mother.

Marissa told Lucing that she learnt so many things from Adelina, however, the guidance of Lucing made her realise there was nothing in revenge and she might have become like Adelina. Lucing said Adelina might have not have anyone by her side but she had a special person like Marissa and thanked Marissa for being a good person.

Marissa cremated her madam and as she was leaving with her ashes, she bumped into Ceasar who told her he was also there to say his last good bye to their madam. Marissa knew Caesar still saw her as stumbling block into gain their Madame’s trust and said Caesar lacked loyalty. Caesar reminded her that she was the one who lacked loyalty.

Caesar the person who lacked loyalty was rather Avel and Marissa warned him not to lay a finger on Avel otherwise he would have her to deal with. Elsewhere, Auring save the teens from some guys who were showing interest in Hope and Jake almost had a fight with them for disrespecting his companion.

Agatha told Ellice that her father’s men were looking for the kids so she shouldn’t loose hope as Belen arrived and told Ellice that she had made an interview arrangements for her to use media platform to reach to the masses about the kids disappearance and she should use the opportunity to talk about the ownership of Ceñidoza.

Agatha interrupted that it would make things worse and complicated, adding that it would push the kids away but Belen said they could swerve the fact that the ownership of the company would come into question because of the kids disappearance which state clearly that it’s because of their actions.

Agatha asks Ellice of what she thinks but Ellice said she will consider the plan and if they don’t find the kids then she will do the interview as Belen looks at Agatha and leaves.

When Auring and the teens arrived at the hut, she advised them to desist from any troubles as they knew they were trying to hide. She told them they should not act reckless by fighting with others and to get attention. Jake said the guys crossed the line and they shouldn’t talk to Hope like that but Auring advised them to ignore certain things in their life because she was living a peaceful life so she doesn’t want any trouble and they promise that it’s won’t ever happen again.

Agatha tells Ellice that Belen is distracting her from searching for the children but Ellice said she’s only protecting her because she was the only person on her side when Lucing left her. Agatha asks her if she’s sure to believe Belen and she knows she’s her mom but how well does Ellice trust her. Ellice said she knows enough to testify that her intensions are good and she’s sure Belen won’t do anything to hurt her or Hope as Agatha leaves.

Belen shows up and soliloquies that Agatha is becoming a nuisance but she won’t let her corrupt her daughter’s mind because she’s the only one she will ever need in her life. Later, Agatha meets up with Gabriel at a restaurant, he thanks her for helping Ellice but Agatha said she’s just helping Ellice but noticed Belen is a little manipulative of her.

Gabriel said she’s not the only who thinks that and he even investigated her but he didn’t tell Ellice since she will inform her mom. Agatha tells Gabriel to keep an eye on Ellice.

At the Ceñidoza Mansion, Belen asks Ellice where she met Agatha and Ellice tells her that she’s her friend from the US and Gabriel’s ex so she’s there to help her out but Belen poison’s her mind not to trust an ex taking Marissa’s own for example.

Marissa meets up with Avel in his car, she tells him to be extra careful because Caesar is looking for him and he even warned her that if Avel doesn’t show himself then he will go after her family but Blue is with her and she will hire a security to protect them always. Avel said he will face Caesar alone but Marissa asks him if he has gone insane because Caesar is dangerous.

In the hut, Hope and Jake plan to do something to impress the Auring. Elsewhere Ellice goes on TV speaking about Hope’s disappearance and the media asks her how it happened. A crying Ellice said Hope got to know about the secret deal she had with Marissa while Marissa and her family watch her. Tutti says her daughter is missing and can’t believe that’s what Ellice cares about and Blue said she’s making it seems like it’s Marissa’s fault.

Later, Marissa said Jake is her priority so she won’t mind her and Lucing said she has made the right decision. Elsewhere, Ellice arrives at home and Gabriel asks her why she went ahead to ask help from the media because they decided to settle their issues for the sake of the children.

Ellice said she only did that to find Hope but Gabriel asks her if that’s the only reason or she wants to claim the ownership of the company and if the kids watch that they won’t return home. He then asks Ellice if that idea came from her mom because he’s only protecting her from Belen and he will prove it to her that Belen is changing her for the bad.

The Next Morning, Belen approaches Lucing asking her how it feels because they tried to take their company away from them but Lucing said she has more important matters to attend to so she needs to find her grandchildren.

Belen tells her that that shows that they have admitted that they’re thief who stole their company from them but Lucing said they didn’t steal anything from them because Belen is the thief since she came between her marriage as she leaves.

At college, Red disguised himself as a new basketball coach to request for Chari’s phone and pretends to be making call as Chari crushes on him. Elsewhere, Marissa is called by the media to give her opinion about Ellice’s interview but a crying Marissa said what she only wants is to find her son her as Belen and Ellice watch her on their tablet. Belen tells Ellice that she shouldn’t worry because she will find a way to turn things around.

At college, Alfred asked Chari why she has suddenly changed after the coach showed up but Chari said he has made her day since it’s her birthday. Elsewhere, Red calls Caesar that he has been able to track Jake and Hope on her best friend’s phone so he shouldn’t worry.

Jake and Hope go to the river for fishing and right after they come to cook and to surprise the woman as she arrives. Hope said she has done a lot to them so they decided to cook for her as they eat.

Elsewhere, Lucing goes to the church premises to pray to God to keep Hope and Jake safe as Caesar arrive there. Lucing becomes scared asking him what he’s doing there as Caesar was about to remove something from his bag but Blue arrives and Caesar lies that he came to pray for his mom as they leave.

Marissa becomes angry at Cesar after realising that Caesar made an attempt on Lucing and said Caesar is testing her anger but Blue said he will keep an eye on Lucing.

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