The Law Of Revenge Episode 59

The Law Of Revenge Episode 59 Ellice regains her shares, Caesar exposes Ellice for using Ceñidoza to launder money while Belen fires Chona 

Marissa told Avel about how Caesar almost dragged Lucing to his evil plot but the intervention of Blue saved her mother. She later stormed the office of Caesar to warn him against her mother.

Belen overheard part of the conversation that Ellice would recover the shares Marissa took from her and she went to inform Ellice that they had to get Caesar out of their lives as she overheard him plotting with Marissa against them and believed he would soon
betray them.

Later, Caesar was informed by Avel’s former boss that Belen was planning again him and he got upset to call Marissa to meet with her. As Marissa was about to leave, Blue stopped her from going, saying it was dangerous. Marissa wanted to do it to save Lucing, Jake and Avel.

Blue was astonished to hear that Avel was also a target of Caesar but Marissa failed to explain. Unknown to Caesar, the information was part of Avel’s revenge against him to set into fire the relationship between Belen and Caesar. The woman met Avel to inform him that she successfully pit Caesar against Belen, however, that would be the last time she would do a favour for him again.

She said she has grown and wanted to enjoy the rest of her life. Soon, the legal practitioners met and the judge asked why Marissa did not attend since they had been waiting for her. The attorney of Marissa apologised and said he was the one standing in place of Marissa and told the justice that Marissa conceded everything that Ellice filed against her, much to Ellice surprise.

Belen was so excited and hugged Ellice. In the house, Ellice recalled everything about how she discovered Gabriel had acknowledged Jacob to where she apologise and knelt before Marissa to make Jake donate his bone marrow and said even if Marissa had peacefully given up her shares for her, it would not be enough.

She planned to destroy Marissa once she finds Hope as she blamed Marissa for the disappearance of Hope. Later at the Ceñidoza Pearls, the workers including Tutti complained to Lucing how Belen had changed policies within the blink of an eye to cut down salaries of the workers.

Lucing confronted Belen and the cobra claimed the company was running a lost due to bad publicity initiated by Marissa, besides the court has restored the ownership back to them and Lucing said she cared less about her family losing their shares to the Ceñidozas what upset her was Belen dragging the workers into the mess.

“You’re really rotten to the core,” Lucing faced her.

“Belen you’re hopeless!”

“You’re nothing but a proud envious woman.”

“But a day will come that you will be forced to answer for all of your actions.”

“You better hope and pray that your loved ones will be spared from the hope that all the selfish things you have done in your life….”

“Because they all matter to me.”

Jake and Hope were on the river and the boy proposed with a leaf ring and asked Marissa, Ellice, Lucing and Gabriel for their hand to court Hope as he truly l0ved her. Meanwhile, Gabriel was in the forest with the police searching everywhere for the teens. He saw a flying kite and thought it could the teens but to no avail.

Caesar, who had been waiting for Marissa at the rendezvous place went to the gents but was held at a gun point when he stepped out from the the gents. Caesar was shocked to know Avel was the one and tried provoking Avel. He said Avel could not shoot him and referred to him as a wanted man. Avel explained that since he was a wanted man, he had nothing to lose if he chose to eliminate Caesar.

Marissa and Blue arrived there and Caesar used Marissa to blackmail Avel for him to leave him since Avel did not want anything bad to happen to Marissa. Caesar went to talk with Marissa and the latter proposed to Caesar to side with her to reveal Ellice and Belen’s deeds for some documents highlighting the anomalies which Caesar was the one behind it in the organisation.

In return he would also not lay even a hand on the hair of Marissa’s l0ved ones. Caesar found it quite tempting but demanded time to think about it. He went to the office and was unhappy with the salary reduction Belen had introduced. He tried to caution Belen on the labour force right and Belen said he could leave the company.

Caesar did not understand why he would have to leave the company after working there for 18 good years. Belen assured to take care of the organisation which was being operated in the company. She reminded Caesar that she and her daughter had redeemed their shares and were the major shareholder so if Caesar failed to side with them she would fire him.

Meanwhile, Auring tried to make the kids see the need to be with their parents irrespective of their problems. She told them they could make their parent do the right thing and talked against them running away from home. As the workers secretly used social media to voice out their grievances on how Ellice after gaining her shares had crippled their salaries for the thing to go viral, Pinky informed Ellice and she blamed Marissa for the act.

She then released a statement to the public, stating that she won her company shares back fairly and advised the aggrieved party to remain silence or to seek redress since she was busy searching for Hope. Marissa was informed by Tutti. Chona later dropped by the house of Marissa to inform her that Belen was planning to lay off some workers and once she got details she would get her posted.

Marissa also made plans to give them war if that was what Ellice wanted. Even after allowing her to gain the company she was still dragging her name into the mud and attempted to release a statement calling on the Ceñidozas to respect her silence on the matter, for the time being she was searching for her son.

At home, Gabriel went through his phone and read the message Jake sent, trying to figure out what it meant. He recalled when he and the kids played at the Villarosa mansion using words formation. He got the message using the word formation trick.

Elsewhere, Hope asked Jake if they should go back home but Jake said they would only go when their mothers were done with their issues. Hope asked him how they would know they’ve reconciled and Jake said they would asks for an update.

Gabriel visited his family to show them the message Jake sent him and they discussed it. Gabriel told them that he could not trust anyone to help him find his kids. Elsewhere, Red went to the officer he was working with to investigate the location of the kids.

An official statement was released against Ceñidoza that they’re greedy because they’ve gotten back their shares but the employees are suffering. Ellice reads the statement and calls Pinky that it’s bad so they need to release a statement that the memo was just a proposal and she’s sure that it’s all Marissa’s plan since she can’t accept the fact that they’ve gotten back their shares.

Ellice then release a statement that her daughter is missing so she doesn’t have the energy to manage the company but all these decisions from the board needs her approval as the head of the company and they know how to treat their employees.

Tutti calls Marissa telling her that Ellice always blames her whenever she faces problems because the memo of the salary was Belen’s idea. Marissa said she has already given the shares back to them and she has nothing to do in their company’s mess so why would they drag her into those issues as Chona arrives.

She tells Marissa the proposal isn’t yet approved so she will update her. Marissa also released a statement that her son is missing so she doesn’t have the energy to be releasing statements against the Ceñidozas.

Rio enters Belen’s office to inform her that Chona has been feeding Marissa with information about Ceñidoza and Belen tells him to keep on eye on Cesar to gather proof that he’s planning to betray her as he leaves. Elsewhere, Jake and Hope go to the nearby cafe shop with a secret chip to check out if things are better but still things are not so decided to stay.

Belen held a meeting with the employees telling them that Ellice’s release may or not be final but what was bothering her was those people who could not keep their mouth shut so she couldn’t let their mouth ruin the company’s reputation.

She shortlisted those who would stay and if anyone did not see his or her name then he or she was fired. The employees went ahead to look for their names but Chona didn’t see her name and asked herself why she has been fired. Rio told her that maybe she was tactless so if she has an issue then she should go and ask her old boss.

Alfred and Charie dined together when she received a tweet from Hope with her secret account. Hope called Charie to inform her that they were fine and they shouldn’t tell anyone about it. Unknown to them, Red was listening in on them through his phone due to the track device.

Elsewhere, Caesar released a statement saying he was a member of an illegal organisation and he was about to reveal the secrets, past activities along with those involved in the syndicate. He recalled to when he joined the organisation and when Marissa told him that Adelina gave her the list of all those involved in the organisation. He then confessed that he was using Ceñidoza for money laundering which was approved by Ellice the owner of the company.

Alfred and Charie visited Lucing at home and they told her that Hope called them, saying that they were safe but they shouldn’t tell anyone about it. Elsewhere, Red called Caesar he has the exact location of the kids and Caesar told him to send it to him since he couldn’t wait to see him fail again.

Gabriel arrived at the condo and was informed by Alfred and Charie that they had gotten in touch with Jake and Hope. They tried to track down the location of the kids. Ellice called him to ask of his whereabouts, Alfred successfully tracked their location. Elsewhere, Avel lurked around Jake and Hope’s destination looking for them, a man said he saw them and they even got into a fight.

A crying Chona packed up her things and left. She recalled apologising to Belen but she refused to accept her apology. Elsewhere, Avel called Marissa that he was close to where the kids were and promised to bring Jake back to her. Elsewhere, Ellice called Gabriel but he didn’t answer the call.

Ellice met up with Agatha, to tell her that Gabriel was hiding something from her. Agatha asked her why he would do so and remembered Gabriel telling her that he would not feed Ellice with any information since she was Belen’s ears. Agatha told Ellice not to worry much about Gabriel but should only trust him.

At the condo, Lucing told Marissa that Gabriel was out there looking for the kids and they knew where they were. Marissa also informed her that Avel was helping in the search for the kids, she kept it a secret since the police might arrest Avel since they viewed him as a criminal.

Belen mets up with the organisation to inform them that Caesar wanted to bring down the organisation and recalled how Rio eavesdropped on Caesar when he released the statement. Elsewhere, Caesar and Red arrived at Hope and Jake’s destination. Gabriel also arrived at where they made the call. He asked a man if he has seen the kids around and he gave them the direction to where they stay.

Red and Caesar arrived at exactly where the hut was located, Caesar said after today Ellice and Marissa’s family would suffer. Caesar asked Auring if she has seen the two kids around but she denied, saying there were many people who passed by and decided to get into the hut. Gabriel also arrived hiding around as someone touched his shoulder. Caesar decided to shoot Auring.


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