The Law Of Revenge Episode 6

The Law Of Revenge Episode 6 Marissa uses Jacob to trap Gabriel, Hope battles her life at the hospital

Gabriel rushed from the labour ward of Marissa to hear that there was no news on his wife. Sonya found it intriguing for Gabriel to help a single mother to deliver while her child’s father was supposed to be the one by Marissa’s side.

Soon, his daughter who has developed some complications after her birth was put in an incubator and rushed to a different ward. Gelo crushed with Gabriel’s niece at the water dispenser when they were going for water to drink. He tried to get friendly but the lady gave him a cold attitude.

The doctor was attending to the baby and Gabriel asked about the child and his wife. The doctor said the child’s heart was not beating normally so they were monitoring her while Ellice blood pressure was also high. Lucing wondered why Marissa did not listen to her but obeyed every word from Gabriel’s mouth before pushing.

Marissa’s son was brought to her. She was told her son was healthy and weighed higher that all the babies in the nursery. Lucing now understood that her grandson was a basket ball player that was the reason he gave Marissa tough time during his birth. She asked the name Marissa would give to her son. As they were talking, a health attendant with a name Mark Jacob came by and Marissa told her mom that she would name the child Jacob.

Marissa asked of Ellice’s daughter and was told she was in incubator. Soon, Ellice and Gabriel went to see their daughter. The doctor said they were giving the child antibiotics to counter the infection for her heart to beat properly. Ellice charged Gabriel to do everything to ensure the child survive and Gabriel made a promise.

Ellice named the child Hope since she has given them Hope and was also fighting for her life to be with them. Marissa talked to Ellice about the work at the office but Ellice was not ready to work. Being discharged, Marissa was very glad that her son was healthy and now planned to use her son to entrap Gabriel. Ellice who least knew about her friend’s evil plan ordered Gabriel to start going to work to help Marissa in clerical duties.

During her first day at work after delivery, Marissa tried to become very friendly to the workers much to their surprise. When Gabriel reported to work, she gave him a document about change of policies which she needed Ellice’s approval to make it work. Gabriel took it and was impressed.

Marissa then acted like she cared about her friend and Hope as Gabriel said Hope was still fighting for her life. Now Ellice was staying with Hope at the hospital to monitor her daughter 24/7. Marissa went home to meet Lucing and Jacob. Blu asked permission from Lucing to court Marissa but Lucing was not happy with the comment.

Marissa introduced Blu to her mother and said he was her driver. She told Lucing not to take what Blu said seriously he was acting like a comedian. When Blu left, Lucing said she did not like that joke as it sounded personal. She added that she did not like Blu. Marissa explained that Blu and her had been friends for long and she trusted him that was why he could sometimes pass such comments.

Hearing that Jacob played and did not cry, Marissa now took advantage of that to push her mother to rather support Ellice. She said Ellice might need someone at the hospital since Gabriel goes to work besides Jacob was healthy unlike Hope. Lucing was surprised how Marissa was thoughtful and considerate about her friend.

She saw her daughter has changed. Marissa said it had always been Ellice when they were children so nothing has changed as they all cared for Ellice and her welfare. Meanwhile, Gabriel went to see Ellice at the hospital and showed her the document about the policy change. However, she did not even look at it and said she already entrusted the business in the hands of Gabriel and Marissa so whatever they would do to make the company work, they should do.

The next day, Marissa went to work with Jacob and ushered Gilbert, one of the employees in to query him on the consistent loan he has been taking. Gilbert was scared that she would ask him to pay off the loans. He explained that his wife was sick and depended on the loans to help in the medication of his wife.

He added that he was filling a document to seek help from the social welfare but Marissa said she had no problem. She only felt sorry for him that he had not been gaining anything from his salary so she was working to increase his salary to support him for his hard work.

At the hospital, Ellice was surprised to see Lucing. Lucing said Marissa was worried about her and she asked her to take care of her so that she could care for her as she was taking care of Hope.

Marissa cunningly left Jacob in the care of Gabriel just for the child to bond with his father. She told Gabriel that he had to learn how to carry children so that when the twin sister of Jacob was discharged, he would know how to care for Hope. Gabriel was happy and endorsed Jacob and Hope being twins since they were born on the same day. Marissa left for a meeting.

The workers were happy with how the office has been working friendly ever since Marissa assumed office and they found her more caring than Ellice. Their gossip reached Pinky and she warned them not to compare the two. She even made them rushed to their various offices to work as it has passed lunch time.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Ellice was tensed when her daughter was experiencing challenges in breathing when the hospital was running out of ventilators. Ellice was scared that the nurse would sleep and make her daughter ran a high risk so she talked to the doctor to allow her to go inside to care for her child. Gabriel had tried several times to call his wife but she did not pick it since she was in the emergency room keeping the nurse company.

She told the nurse that she lost all her pregnancies and Hope was the only one she had been able to give birth to. She asked the nurse if her hand was not paining her or she needed water but the nurse said she was okay. Later, Lucing asked Ellice not to worry as Hope was fighting to be with her. She advised Ellice to steadfastly hold on to her fate and never lose the strength in supporting her daughter to fight for her life.

Soon, Gabriel found out about the emergency and asked Ellice why she failed to tell him but Ellice said she could not leave the child as she was scared that the nurse would sleep again and that might have a toll on the child.

Later at the office, Marissa stumbled on Sonya who was being led to Gabriel’s office by Pinky. Sonya told Gabriel that Ramon was upset since the city hall had failed to grant the permit for the construction of a condo. Gabriel spotted Marissa and asked her in.

He introduced Sonya to Marissa and Marissa said she did not want to act like she was eavesdropping but she overheard their conversation and could be of help as she knew someone at the city hall who expedite permit. Sonya quickly gave her card to Marissa so that she could return to her if she was able to get a good news.

Marissa told Gabriel that she actually came there to inform him that she had rescheduled their next day meeting so that he could visit Ellice at the hospital the next day. Gabriel was grateful to her and she left.

“She is something else huh,” Sonya muttered.

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