The Law Of Revenge Episode 60

The Law Of Revenge Episode 60 Caesar k!lls Auring, Jake involves in an accident while Avel is exonerated from the criminal charges

At the hut of Auring, Caesar pointed his gun at the old woman. He searched inside the hut but couldn’t find the teens. Auring recalled how she ran to inform the kids that there were two men outside the hut and believed they were there for them and made them ran through the backdoor.

As Caesar was leaving,he set his eyes on the bag of the kids and he doubted the woman told him the truth so he shot Auring. Unknown to him, Avel and Gabriel were hiding inside the bush watching his deeds. Avel after hearing Caesar’s whistle after k!lling Auring made him recalled the person who k!lled his parents.

He realised that Caesar was the same person who k!lled his parents and he tried to attack him but Gabriel pulled Avel back. This prompted Red and he tried shooting Avel and Gabriel. He and Caesar fled while Avel and Gabriel rushed to Auring’s aid.

Gabriel saw the bag of Hope and told Avel that Auring helped his children to escape. The woman was bleeding profusely. She saw her son calling her while his father was along asking her to follow them. The woman then d!ed. Elsewhere, Agatha received a call from the police and told Ellice that there was still no good news about the kids.

However, the police received the list of an illegal organisation and Belen was part of the members. Ellice shed tears and pretended she knew nothing and requested Agatha’s help to clear her mother’s name.

Ellice explained that after Agatha gave her a proof of Marissa’s involvement in the illegal organisation, when Marissa disappeared, she tried confronting the allies and the organisation members threatened her life and that of her family to blackmail her into accepting to continue running the organisation inside her company.

She stressed that her mother was equally forced into the organisation by Caesar and cried to Agatha to help her. Agatha said she could only help her when she cut her ties with her mother. Meanwhile, the kids also fled and stumbled on a moving vehicle.

Even though Hope was still worrying about Auring, Jake said the old woman would be safe without them so he stopped the car and told the driver that they were being pursued by some bad people. The man helped them and they came clean with the man that they ran from home and told the man he could alight them in the next town or junction.

The man while driving told the kids he was buying snacks and saw the pictures of the teens in newspapers so he secretly called the police. Marissa who had been trying to reach Avel finally received a call from him, telling her that Caesar discovered the hideout of the teens. However, the kids were helped by an old woman to escape, unfortunately, Caesar shot the old man and k!lled her.

He also told Marissa that Caesar was the same person who k!lled his parents and assured Marissa that he and Gabriel would find the kids. He said he was with Gab since he chanced upon him at the location of the kids. Gabriel learning the reason behind Avel’s membership in the organisation promised to help him clarify his name as he deserved a person like Marissa.

Red received a call from the police about a man who has the kids and was sending them to San Lorenzo pier. Caesar and his henchman decided to reach there before the police. Agatha also received a call from the police and he called to inform Gabriel. Gabriel told her about what he witnessed and Agatha said she would report Caesar.

Later, Caesar was informed by the police informant that was working with Red that he has been reported by someone that he k!lled an old woman. Caesar failed to back down as he said Gabriel and Avel could not bring him down, asking Red to step on it so that he would reach the pier to k!ll the children before the police would reach there.

Meanwhile, Belen who had already informed the executives in the organisation about Caesar’s betrayal and told them she wanted Caesar dead assured Ellice that Caesar would be out of the picture. Joining the organisation, she said was the right thing and would ensure Caesar pay for turning his back on them.

“Gabriel cannot find out about this whole thing,” Ellice cried.

“If he does, he will surely leave me.”

“He can hire all the private investigators in the world, he will find out nothing,” Belen assured.

“Because the organisation will cover up the investigations.”

“And Caesar, he is nothing but a sitting duck.”

At the Ceñidoza Pearls, Chona pleaded with Belen not to fire her but Belen demanded her to testify against Marissa in court. Meanwhile, Caesar and henchman went after Jake and Hope. Gabriel and Avel were also there.

The man driving the kids called the police, saying he was being pursued. Agatha was told and she informed Ellice. Ellice then called Gabriel to tell him. Gabriel told her that it was Caesar who was after the kids.

Red drew closer to Gabriel and shot at him and Avel, till they got closer to the children. He made an attempt to k!ll to shoot the children but Gabriel hit the back of his car and Caesar lost the target. As the man was driving the kids faster with Jake covering Hope in order for her not to get hurt.

A truck was coming in front of them and a van was also on the other side, making the man finding it difficult to turn. Jake then pushed Hope out of the car before the truck hit their car. Caesar was so excited and fled from the scene. Hope survived the fall. The police then got there with an ambulance and they conveyed Jake to hospital.

Avel called Marissa to inform her to meet them at Manila hospital as Jake was involved in an accident. Ellice was also informed and she told Belen about it but Belen said she should take advantage of the situation to get back at Marissa.

“She will be too distracted with her son now,” Belen added.

“What are you talking about?” Ellice queried.

“This is not the right time!”

“I don’t want anymore trouble, no!”

“Ellice if Marissa hadn’t been so greedy in stealing your company and your family…”Belen hissed.

“This wouldn’t have happened!”

“What happened to her son was clearly karma.”

“But despite what happened between us the kids should not have been involved in the first place,” Ellice said.

“Yes mom! I truly hate Marissa.”

“But I swear I will never wish harm upon her son, Jake just to get back at her.”

Marissa reached the hospital before the ambulance arrived there with Jake. The boy was sent to the emergency room, receiving shocks as his life was running flat on the EKG. He fell into coma and stumbled on Jacob. He apologised to Jacob for taking his identity to be closer to his family.

Jacob understood him, saying he knew he did that since he l0ved Marissa and if he was also alive, he would l0ve the family including Hope just like him. As Marissa, Lucing were crying with Gabriel holding them, Belen tried to make Ellice jealous, asking her why her husband was holding unto Marissa like that. Ellice tried to contain her jealousy and brushed her mother off.

“Gabriel has an obligation to Marissa and her family now.”

Later, Avel was arrested and Blue told the police that Avel was only framed by Caesar. Avel followed the police for questioning and Blue came to inform Marissa about the arrest of Avel. The police later set Avel free from all the charges as the evidence now pointed to Caesar. Avel returned to the hospital to inform Marissa that he was no longer a wanted man and could now move freely.

The health practitioners carried tests on Hope and she was fine. She pulled herself from Ellice and clinged to Gabriel as she requested to see Jake. She was wheeled to Jake’s ward and hugged Marissa. Marissa asked how she was doing and she said she was fine. Belen tried to incite Ellice again about her Hope was now closer to Marissa than her. Belen knew Ellice was striving to hide her jealousy.

Later in her ward, Ellice informed her daughter she would be discharged since the doctor’s test results proved she was okay. Hope cried to stay there in order to be with Jake. She said she was at peace when she and Jake were staying with Grandma Auring but Gabriel informed her that the woman was dead. Hope blamed herself for the woman’s death and cried over Jake’s situation whether he would also survive.

Gabriel stepped out to check on Jake. Ellice tried drawing closer to Hope but the girl pulled back and she asked her daughter why she was doing that to. She blamed everything that had happened to Marissa but Hope claimed at least Marissa was not a murderer. Ellice was shocked and Gabriel got in.

Marissa was told by the doctor that her son needed reason to keep fighting for his help so she rushed to Hope’s ward to ask for her help. Ellice objected but Marissa said it was not the time to fight and asked Hope to talk to Jake. As they stepped out, Marissa begged Hope for forgiveness for everything that had happened to them, saying things would have been different if she and Ellice had no feud.


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