The Law Of Revenge Episode 61

The Law Of Revenge Episode 61 Gabriel discovers Ellice k!lled his son Jacob, Marissa puts a 10million bounty on the head of Caesar, Ellice fires Tutti 

Hope went to the ward of Jake to inform him that their escape was a right step as his Ebu had now changed and would be better if he wakes up to witness it himself. She said everyone including Charie and Alfred were waiting to see him and most especially she was the one dying to see him wake up and wept.

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Belen had a meeting with Chona and Rio to incite them to testify in court against Marissa but Ellice objected, saying it was not the right time. Belen sacked everyone out including Pinky to try to convince Ellice to accept. She reminded her that Marissa also took advantage of Hope’s ailment so she should comply.

Ellice said she knew how it hurts for a child to be in such situation so it was not appropriate time for that. At the hospital, the doctor told Gabriel that his son needed blood transfusion and he went to the lab to donate since he believed they had same blood type.

He discovered from the test that his AB negative blood did not match Jake’s own. At the other side of the hospital, Avel told Marissa that Gabriel was in the lab having blood test to donate to Jake. Marissa rushed there to find out that Gabriel had already received the result.

Gabriel asked for the meaning of the test since Jake had different blood type while his late father, Ramon had told him that they had same blood type and even donated to him when he was a baby. Marissa wept and leaned on the chest of Gabriel. Ellice who arrived at the hospital and was directed to the place by Avel got upset to find Marissa embracing Gab.

She attacked Marissa for flirting with her husband. Gabriel tried breaking the fight since Ellice was pulling the hair of Marissa. As Marissa broke from Ellice’s hands she broke the news that Jake was not Gabriel’s son. Her Jacob d!ed 18years ago after someone ordered her death and the stray bullet ended up in her son.

She wept while saying she was compelled to burry her own son with her own hands, reason she disappeared as the pain was too much for her to contain for losing her only son.

“You have no idea how much I have suffered,” Marissa cried.

“I even sacrifice being away from my own mother.”

“I endured a lot being away because I was scared they might punch her down and k!ll her too.”

Gabriel asked who ordered her death and she pointed at Ellice.

“It was her!”

“She was the one who k!lled my son!”

“Is what Marissa saying the truth?” Gabriel turned to ask Ellice.

“I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t mean to,” Ellice wept and fled after she tried stopping Marissa from exposing her to her husband by shaking her head to signal Marissa.

“Gabriel I am sorry, I am sorry,” Marissa apologised for her lies.

“Leave me!” Gabriel left and recalled everything again.

Meanwhile, Caesar was celebrating his victory with Red when his henchman showed him the problem that they had. Marissa had put 10million bounty on his head for people to help to locate Caesar Augusto’s whereabouts. He got upset and realised Marissa was his real enemy and not Belen and Ellice so he cooked up a plan and called Marissa.

He told Marissa that the bounty was freaking low and she should have increased it. He then said someone made him do the job and marissa asked who that was.

“I mean look around you, someone closer to you ordered me to k!ll your beloved son.”

“She had you k!ll once before…

“Do you think she couldn’t do that again this time?”

“Is it Ellice?” Marissa asked.

“Well she just ordered me to save only her daughter and k!ll your son, Jake.”

“Oh no Marissa! I thought you were smart enough!”

“But you never saw it coming.

He went home and packed out while Ellice tried begging him. Gabriel told her that she first murdered the congressman’s son and Marissa suffered for her crime. He thought she really felt sorry for her action yet she did not but went ahead to k!ll his son. He called her a killer and left to the Villarosa mansion to inform his parents.

Carmelita and Cristina were shocked to discover that Ellice was a k!ller. Sonya said that was the reason she tried opening their eyes on Ellice yet they always had nice words to say about her.

Gabriel was shocked to know that Sonya had been keeping the secret from him but Sonya said she promised Marissa to keep it for Gabriel’s own sake since that might put Marissa and Jake’s life at risk including Gabriel himself. Gabriel said that did not give her the right to help Marissa to keep the secret at the expense of him.

At the hospital, Hope kept talking to Jake and he finally moved his fingers and woke up. He asked for Gabriel, Hope then called the house and Cristina informed Gabriel that Jake had woken up and wanted to see him. Gabriel was glad the boy had recovered but felt hard to see him, claiming Jake also lied to him and needed a time to think.

Marissa told Lucing the real identity of Jake, adding that Ellice was behind the act even Caesar confessed to her. Lucing could not believe that for the past 17years that Marissa went missing Ellice had a hand in it.

“Marissa I think now it is the time to face Ellice.

“She has to face all the damages she has caused you!”

Ellice brooded over Gabriel’s action and blamed herself for it but her mother told her not to if Marissa had not provoked her, her son wouldn’t have d!ed so it was Marissa fault since she destroyed her marriage and now had won the sympathy of Gabriel and Hope to totally take away her family.

At the hospital, Lucing and Marissa went to Jake’s ward and she made it clear to Jake that irrespective of who he was he was still her grandson. Jake asked for forgiveness and Lucing told him not to. The boy learnt from Marissa that Gabriel already knew the truth about his identity so he believed that was the reason he failed to visit him.

Later, Hope discovered that Gabriel had left the place and told her mother that she understood Gabriel for leaving her. She now believed her mother knew the reason she was earlier upset with her for k!lling Jacob. Ellice tried explaining but Hope was upset with her as she had always viewed her as an idol, a well respectable person and even wanted to be like her in the future but she broke that trust.

She told Ellice that no explanation would bring Jacob back to life. She wondered why Ellice would hurt an innocent child and walked out on her. Belen comforted her and incited her to blame Marissa for winning over her family. She threatened to make Marissa pay for it.

Charie, Alfred, RJ and Hope visited Jake and told him that the henchman was working in the company of Ceñidoza. Soon, Marissa received a court documents that stated Ellice had filed a case against her for setting a spy to watch her every movement. Marissa and Lucing stormed the house of Ellice and it turned a war between them.

Lucing was upset that after everything she did to Marissa she still had guts to file a lawsuit against Marissa. Marissa stated that she had the nerve to file a suit but she ordered her son’s death. Ellice denied and threatened to file a new lawsuit against Marissa for slander. Belen slapped Lucing and Marissa retaliated the slap. Marissa confronted Belen and accused her of ruining her father.

After the fight and they left, Ellice asked Belen not to ever leave her. At the Villarosa mansion, Hope asked her father Gabriel if he would not visit Jake even if he was not Jacob as the boy l0ved him as his father. She convinced Gabriel to know Jake was another victim and all that he ever wanted was peace.

Sonya indicated that Jake was a good person and would always see him as a nephew. Soon, Gabriel visited the boy and he accused him of lying to him. Jake asked for forgiveness. Gabriel said even if he tried to get mad at him, he couldn’t because he has grown to l0ve him and would always regard him as son.

Meanwhile, Marissa called Mr Guy to publish a damage article about Ellice without involving her name to escape a libel lawsuit. Ellice got upset seeing the murderous article and went to the office to vent her anger on Tutti. She fired Tutti for spreading rumours about her while Tutti was innocent. Pinky was surprised but Ellice instructed the secretary to drag Tutti out.

At the hospital, Marissa thanked Gabriel for seeing Jake as his son. Gabriel made it clear that he was upset with her for using the boy in her revenge. Ellice got there to confront Marissa for the blind item and Gabriel wondered what she was talking about.

Ellice urged Marissa to explain to everyone and Marissa then uttered that the blind item, she meant the article that said she ordered Caesar to go for Hope and k!ll Jake. Ellice claimed she would not do that and told Gabriel that Marissa was telling lies but Gabriel said he did not believe her.

“Each and every single one of you here…”

“You deserve eachother, you truly deserve eachother.”

Ellice stepped out and recalled how Belen said Marissa had won the sympathy of her family and had taken her family away from her to where Hope expressed regret for seeing her as a model and how Gabriel accused her of k!lling his son, Jacob to where Belen said she has shown sympathy to Marissa but the latter has proven she did not deserve it.

“You want to start war with me Marissa…”

“I will give you what you want!”


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