The Law Of Revenge Episode 62

The Law Of Revenge Episode 62 Ellice fires Pinky and compels Chona to lie in court, Blue d!es

At the hospital, Lucing asked Marissa if she was the one who spread the rumours about Ellice and she admitted, saying she was only defending herself from Ellice since she had even fired Tutti early that morning while Tutti has done nothing.

Lucing asked of her plan and she said she wanted Ellice to sue her so that she would confess her crimes so that it would help her gain justice for her two sons. And Lucing asked whether she would rely on the vicious criminal Caesar to expose Ellice.

Ellice told Belen that she would sue Marissa and her mother said that could be a trap since her other crimes might be exposed so she asked her to retaliate in a different way. Marissa cried that she was tired of everything and wanted everything to come to an end, adding that she was exhausted. Avel comforted her.

At the Villarosa mansion, Hope told her father that she was scared of her mother and she did not want him to leave her in the hands of Ellice and Belen. She wanted to stay in the Villarosa mansion so Gabriel and her went to the Ceñidoza mansion for her things but they were unable to pack Hope’s things since Ellice was acting all insane and urged Hope and Gabriel to stay with Marissa.

She even accused Gabriel of doing little to defend her family. Gabriel and Hope were forced to leave since Ellice was destroying all the framed pictures and asked them to leave. Later, Hope went to see Jake at the hospital. Hope did not understand her mother’s actions but believed it was the affair her father was having with Marissa but Jake explained that Ebu told him it was just a one night stand.

They never dated and the act was part of her revenge against a crime of Ellice which she committed at their youthful age. Hope did not understand why Marissa would take revenge and Jake said Ellice k!lled a Congressman’s son when they were young and she took the fall for Ellice to go to the USA while Ellice’s father, Jorge promised to ensure she did not end up in prison but the man failed to fulfill his promise and she ended up in prison.

Hope was surprised to hear her mother had already k!lled someone else before Jacob and Marissa paid for the crime. She now understood why Marissa was taken a revenge on Ellice and said sorry to Jake for what her mother has passed through. She added that when Ellice went to the USA that was when her father met her.

Soon, a viral video about Marissa got the students ridiculing her. Hope and Jake had a video chat with Charie and Alfred. They were told about the video of Marissa which had gone viral. Alfred believed it was edited so after the call Hope was positive that her mother was behind the act.

“It looks like the video you edited has gone viral,” Ellice looked so satisfied while talking to Rio.

“I have sent your bonus to your personal bank account.”

“Thank you mom!” Rio was grateful.

“If you need me for something..”

“You can call me, I am at your service!”

“Oh Poor Marissa…” Ellice watched and smiled.

It was established that Rio while Marissa was crying at the hospital took video and edited. he then uploaded on social media for it to go viral.

Pinky who had listening on them went in to talk to Ellice to make her know her action against Marissa was wrong. Pinky believed Marissa wouldn’t go such an extent to destroy her since they were all women.

“Did I ask for your opinion?” Ellice hissed.

“Wait a second… Are you siding with Marissa?”

“Hold on Pinky are you also on her side and not mine?”

“Mom not like that I just think what you did was too much!”

“Mom Ellice I think you are getting your emotions have the best of you.”

I don’t pay you to meddle in my affairs and question my decision.”

Ellice then fired Pinky.

After seeing the viral video, Caesar took advantage of the war among the ladies to strike. At the hospital, Blue stumbled on Red and rushed to the church at the hospital to alert Lucing that he saw Red which meant that Caesar was around. Unknown to Lucing, Caesar was already aiming his gun at Lucing but the intervention of Blue gave her the narrow escape.

Marisa went to confront Ellice for the viral video but Ellice said she had a history of flirting with men and she slept with her husband. Avel stopped Marissa from fighting and Marissa told Ellice that her family was siding with her due to Ellice’s Character and she would lose everyone she l0ved.

Blue told Marissa and Avel that he saw Red at the church. Marissa then called Caesar to reach a deal with him to expose Ellice’s deeds and she would ensure he gained lighter sentence. Blue disagreed with Marissa as someone would get hurt again but Marissa got upset as Blue was not allowing her to do something to stop Caesar from attacking her family and asked him to shut his mouth if he had nothing helpful to say.

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Ellice promised Chona a promotion and an increment if she testify in court against Marissa. She created lies for China to say in order to increase her pay to cater for her children and Chona accepted. At the Villarosa mansion, Carmelita felt sad for her granddaughter since all that she had wanted was a complete family.

She tried to make Gabriel understand from Ellice’s point of view as she also wished death upon the women who Ramon cheated her with but she remained calm due to her children. Gabriel thought carefully about it and asked if that was the reason Ellice did what she did.

The court heard the case of the company espionage and Rio opened up with what he had been witnessing Marissa doing by talking to Chona on phone to gain information about Ceñidoza Pearls for her works in La Sierra. Chona told the court lies about Marissa. She said Marissa made her steal business ideas, designs and even spike the coffee of Ellice to make her sleep and fail to attend important meetings.

This made Tutti get upset and called Chona a liar in the courtroom. She asked how much they paid her, pinky had no choice than to drag her out. After the hearing, Marissa confronted Ellice for making Chona tell lies against her and Ellice threatened to sue her again and Marissa told her to go ahead.

Unknown to them, Caesar was around with Red and took advantage of the situation to shoot and it hit Lucing. As the commotion was ongoing with Marissa and Avel holding Lucing, Blue checked where the shot was coming from and shielded Marissa to take bullet for her. Soon, Blue and Lucing were sent to the hospital and Blue told Marissa that he has fulfilled his promise of taking bullet for her.

Blue succumbed to the gun wounds and d!ed making Marissa cry. Arriving at home, Ellice showed concern about Lucing and Blue but Belen said it was not her fault, Caesar was targeting Marissa and Lucing. Later, Chona told Ellice that her conscience could not contain all the lies she spoke so she would retract her words. Besides she felt sorry for Blue and Lucing.

Ellice said she would deny it so if Chona knew what was better she should stick to her words and care only about her children since she was not the one behind the gun Caesar was holding. She said Marissa was the one who employed Caesar and had a deal with him so it was Marissa’s fault.

“Do you know what could happen?” Ellice asked.

“It could be possible that you could be charged with contempt because you lied about everything.”

“And if you go to jail what will happen to your children?”

“So if I were you, I will forget about Aunt Lucing, Marissa and Blue and just focus on yourself and your family.”

Learning about what had happened to Lucing, the Villarosas came to the hospital and Gabriel said Agatha had asked her father and he would provide security for them and he wished he could do that for Ellice.

Marissa went to the morgue to mourn Blue, saying he d!ed out of her vengeance and would ensure he gained justice and make Caesar pay.


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