The Law Of Revenge Episode 7

The Law Of Revenge Episode 7 Hope is finally discharged, Marissa compels Gabriel to prioritise her son

At the office, Marissa saw Sonya passing by and she hurriedly sprayed the side where her son was sleeping in his baby’s crib. She began playing with her son and Sonya entered. She carried Jacob and called her secretary to ask about her schedule for the next day.

It was a tight schedule so Becky asked if she would make her reschedule some but she said there was no problem as she could do everything. She later offered Sonya a chair to sit on and tried to incite her to be upset with her sister-in-law. Marissa told her that since Hope was unwell, she told Lucing to help Ellice at the hospital and was even told that Ellice had not been taking good care of herself and sometimes vent her anger on Gabriel out of stress.

At the hospital, Hope’s condition was still unstable so the doctor decided to use stronger medication to counter the infection. All those were trial and error to find accurate medication that would be good for the child. Ellice was extremely worried. Meanwhile, Gabriel bought plenty teddy bears and he drove off to the hospital.

Sonya sent food to Ellice at the hospital and told her to eat as her mother prepared for her. Sonya annoyingly asked Ellice to concentrate on herself and not bother about Hope since it was the doctor’s job to ensure the child’s safety.

Sonya then proceeded to stick her nose into the affairs of Gabriel and Ellice. She advised Ellice to stop stressing her brother out with her nagging as she absolutely have nothing she could do to help Hope only the doctor’s could. Ellice got upset that her child was struggling with her life and Sonya was spewing nonsensical words.

Gabriel arrived to find the two arguing. When Sonya left, Ellice blamed Gabriel for sharing their marital problems to his family. However, Gabriel denied the allegations and said he hardly sees his family due to busy schedule, shuffling from work and hospital at the same time.

Sonya did not end the issue there, she went home to announce how Marissa had been helpful even when she singlehandedly took care of her child, she helped Gabriel at the office while Ellice was doing nothing than unnecessarily getting upset with Gabriel.

Meanwhile, Marissa confessed to Blu that she knew no one at the city hall and she did that just to be in the good book of her future sister-in-law. Blu now understood and Marissa ordered him to work things out at the city hall to expedite the permit for Sonya.

She went home and told Lucing how Gabriel used Jacob as stress reliever as Hope’s health condition was making him think a lots. She also told Lucing that Sonya liked Jacob and wondered why Sonya and Ellice did not get along. Ellice apologised to Gabriel for everything she said and they made up. Gabriel assured that he was on her side and understood the plight she passed through whenever there was an emergency with Hope.

The next day at the office, Gabriel queried Marissa on what she told his sister and she said she only showed concern for Ellice and Hope. She never knew that could lead to misunderstanding. Gabriel told her not to worry since he had been able to settle the issue. The only thing was that Sonya and Ellice did not get along. Marissa pretended not to know anything and said sorry.

Jacob made some sounds and Gabriel went to play with him. Later, Hope had an emergency as the doctor discovered a hole in her heart which had given her trouble in breathing. Most times that hole closed by itself, however, Hope’s case was peculiar since she was premature. The doctor needed a cardio-pediatric, to make matters worse all the doctors have travelled abroad for a convention.

Ellice could not watch her daughter to die so she promised to get a pediatric for her daughter. She tried to reach Gabriel but did not reach him. Unknown to her, Marissa has lured Gabriel to follow her to the hospital to make him pose off as her husband. Her son was still declared healthy and being a four month child he weighed like eight months baby.

At Evergreen hospital, Ellice was told there was no doctor available as they all attended the Europe convention. She was advised to go to Heart Association, there too she did not meet any doctor. She was lucky to have gotten a lead on certain doctor by name Dr Calleja who was in the country but was attending a wedding. She called Dr Calleja but he said he was attending a wedding unless he was done.

Ellice called Nadiya, her friend whose ex has a link to the heart surgeon. She managed to get to the doctor’s location and begged him while she explained Hope’s situation to him as she was the only child who she has been able to give birth to after her consistent miscarriages. The doctor who had an obligation to walk his daughter down the aisle then abandoned his daughter’s wedding to attend to Hope.

Gabriel after attending the weighing with Marissa saw Ellice’s calls and messages so he could not drive Marissa back home as Marissa herself rejected his offer to alight her home, just to keep on with her charade of being a thoughtful friend to Ellice. She was upset when she was in the car while Blu was driving her home. She told Blu why she had to make Gabriel leave to attend to Hope.

She made it clear that her fight was with Ellice not Hope. Blu was wondering why she had now developed heart towards Ellice’s daughter. He believed Marissa viewed Ellice’s predicament as a punishment since her son was healthy and Ellice’s daughter wasn’t.

Ellice scolded Gabriel when he arrived at the hospital for prioritising Marissa’s son over their daughter but Gabriel said he could not control events around him, besides he did not know Hope would have an emergency. The operation was a success and Dr Calleja said Hope was stable as she responded positively to the medication he gave her and they would no longer need any surgery.

Ellice was grateful to him for abandoning his daughter’s wedding. Dr Calleja said his daughter was also a surgeon so she understood the sacrifice he made.

Lucing who witnessed the misunderstanding between Gabriel and Ellice confronted Marissa for forcing herself on Gabriel as that has created a rift between her friend and Gabriel. Marissa said she did not force Gabriel but he offered to send her to hospital. Lucing insisted that she should have declined the offer.

The next day, Marissa apologised to Gabriel for his misunderstanding with Ellice due to her. Gabriel realised Lucing had already informed Marissa about it and he told Marissa not to worry as it was not her fault. Soon, Hope was discharged and since Marissa wanted Gabriel to prioritise her son over Hope, she asked him to take care of Gabriel as she attend a meeting but Gabriel refused.

He had to go for his wife and Hope from the hospital. Gabriel, Ellice and Hope arrived home and they said their child looked like them. Meanwhile, Marissa thought of means to get the attention of Gabriel to her son so the next day, she left office early and left a message that Jacob was running a fever and was going to the hospital.

Gabriel arrived at work to hear that Jacob was unwell. He became desperate and he called Marissa several times but she failed to pick it. Blu told Marissa that he has managed to gain Sonya’s building permit and asked Marissa why she failed to pick her l0ver boy’s call.

“Or now you have realised that it is me that you love,” Blu added.

Marissa quickly displayed medicines water and towel on a table and told Blu to leave since she did not want Gabriel to come and meet him there. After, Gabriel told his friend about his hunch of Jacob being his son, he rushed to Marissa’s condo to look at Jacob. He was upset with Marissa for failing to receive his calls. Marissa was glad but buried her excitement and acted as if Gabriel’s presence did not matter to her.

In Ellice’s house, Lucing asked of her leave and apologised to Ellice for her previous misunderstanding with Gabriel due to Marissa. Ellice said she and her husband have settled the issue so she should forget about it and what Gabriel did was the least they could do to support Marissa for all of her help.

In Marissa’s condo, Gabriel checked Jacob and Marissa said he was fine. She asked Gabriel why he was acting as if Jacob was his son.

“Unless you tell me, is he my son?”

The door suddenly opened and both turned to find that it was Lucing. Fixing her eyes towards Gabriel, Lucing seemed amazed.


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