The Law Of Revenge Episode 8

The Law Of Revenge Episode 8 Marissa cripples the finances of Pearls of Ceñidoza and Company, Ellice wakes up to reality

Lucing barged into Marissa’s condo at the middle of the latter’s conversation with Gabriel concerning the paternity of Jacob. Marissa was frightened so she asked for how long Lucing had been standing at the door and she said not long.

Lucing asked Gabriel what he was doing there and he said he heard Jacob was not feeling well so he dropped by to see him. Gabriel asked of his leave but Lucing was suspicious of Gabriel and her daughter.

Lucing was upset with Marissa for not telling her that her grandson was sick but called Gabriel instead. Marissa said Jacob was okay now. Lucing confronted Marissa and asked her whether she was interested in Gabriel. She blamed Marissa for trying to steal Gabriel from Ellice, adding that she was the reason Gabriel and Ellice were always fighting.

Marissa scolded her mother for siding with Ellice while she has been the one who had been sacrificing. She screamed that she was after all right to have made her take care of Ellice and in turn she accused her of stealing while she did not force Gabriel to come to visit. The next day, Gabriel went to Marissa’s office to ask her for the previous night conversation before Lucing barged in.

However, Marissa drove him out since she did not want anyone to think that they were having an affair. Jacob cried and Gabriel wanted to be by the child’s side but she refrained him and drove him out. She then received a call from Ellice to have their babies baptised on the same day. Elsewhere, Lucing joined the pieces together and wondered who her daughter has become.

During the baptism, Marissa was introduced to Ramon and his wife. Sonya volunteered to become Jacob’s godmother as she proudly told Ramon that Marissa was the one who helped her with the building permit. Ramon carried baby Jacob much to Ellice’s surprise. Ellice tried to hide her jealousy but Marissa was feeling happy that Gabriel’s family were on her side.

As the babies were being baptised by the father, Ramon kept starring at baby Jacob so his wife asked him the reason and he said the boy was their grandson, he resembled his brother José. His wife was surprised and wondered if her son cheated on his wife. Ramon believed it might be a moment of weakness from his son and was sure Gabriel and Ellice did not know that Jacob was a Villarosa.

His wife advised him not to tell anyone till Gabriel opened up to him. Ramon seemed to like Marissa than Ellice, describing Ellice as nagging wife. Ramon went for Jacob and Ellice asked Gabriel how Sonya was able to get close to Marissa and he explained that Marissa gained a building permit for her last time she dropped by the office. Ellice called Marissa lucky since she was struggling to get along with Sonya.

Looking at the scene her daughter was creating at the expense of Ellice, Lucing got upset and she went for Jacob. Ramon invited Marissa over to his office. After the baptism, Marissa queried her mother why she kept Jacob from all of the guests and Lucing said she was the grandmother and wouldn’t allow anyone to get close to her grandson, including the in-laws of Ellice as Ramon also had his granddaughter and could go to her.

Soon, Marissa visited Ramon at the office and his wife prepared her special karekare food. Sonya had a video chat with Gabriel and the latter was surprised to see Marissa at his father’s office and was told she took a tour. Ellice saw the pictures Sonya shared and showed it to Lucing that Marissa visited her in-laws at their office.

When Marissa returned, Gabriel asked her why she was making Jacob bond with his family and asked whether it was because he was the father. Marissa denied and said it was not her fault if people seemed to like her son and asked Gabriel to relax. Gabriel arrived home and Ellice told her about Marissa gaining the chance to visit her in-laws’ company while she has not gained the privilege.

Gabriel saw the jealousy and he tried to calm her, saying she might have gained that honour since she helped Sonya to secure the permit for her to see the construction of the project. Speaking of Marissa, she called Gabriel to inform him about the shipments which were hijacked. Gabriel failed to inform his wife and he began solving the problem on his own to meet the deadline of the customers.

Ellice went for shopping and passed by the office to discover the changes in policies. She saw Marissa giving out new laptops while the old ones were not faulty. She realised that her friend was slowly sinking her company and questioned her husband. Gabriel reminded her that she rejected to see the policies so he approved it since it would help the company. Ellice then said she did a mistake to leave Ceñidoza inthe hands of her husband and Marissa. She now saw the need to start working.

She went to Marissa’s office to warn her not to bring her son to work again. She even said the child could develop some infections. Fast forward, Ellice discovered that Ceñidoza was facing financial challenges and the board wanted Marissa to buy shares of the company since she has sold off her own. Ellice realised that her friend was manipulating the board and went to confront her for her action.

Marissa saw no remorse in her action, she asked Ellice whether it was a crime for her to buy shares to become part of it. Ellice told her that Ceñidoza was not for sale, it was her father’s company and making her CEO showed that she was part. Ellice made it clear that the company was her father’s legacy so it was not for sale. Since that was the case, Marissa also decided to resign within a two-week spate.

Ellice went home to confront Gabriel for not telling her about the financial losses at the work place and Gabriel said he did not want to bother her, he wanted to fix it. Ellice was upset that her husband’s solution to the financial challenges at her Company was not perfect. She informed him that she confronted Marissa and she resigned.

Gabriel was not in support that Marissa had to resign when the company was in crisis. He asked what if Marissa bought shares to keep the company afloat but his wife said she wanted total control over her company and did not want any strangers involved.

Gabriel thought Marissa was a family but his wife said that was her earlier thought until she woke up to the reality that her best friend was casting spell on her husband, her-in-laws, her workers, her board members and absolutely manipulating everyone.

The next day, She met with Mr Tang, an investor who wanted to pull out his investment from the company before it went bankrupt.

Ellice tried to talk to him that the company was doing good and there was no need to pull out. Mr Tang said Marissa convinced him to invest in the company and since she was resigning he was also taking his money. Ellice and Gabriel met with an attorney who provided a solution that they had to sell some shares to keep the company afloat but Ellice refused. The attorney later spoke with Gabriel to talk to his wife otherwise she might lose the entire company when it goes bankrupt.

Ellice got home to find Jacob with Lucing and asked her what the baby was doing there. Lucing said there was no one to take care of him that was why she brought him along to take care of both him and Hope. Gabriel came and took Jacob from Lucing, saying he had missed him at the office. While playing with him, Ellice got jealous. Marissa appeared in the scene and took her baby and fueled Ellice’s jealousy more.

That night, Ellice couldn’t sleep she joined the pieces together and felt weird about everything that her best friend was doing.


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