The Law Of Revenge Episode 9

The Law Of Revenge Episode 9 Ellice sells 30per cent shares of Ceñidoza to Marissa, Gabriel reaches an agreement with Marissa on Jacob

Gabriel dressed up and asked his wife whether she would go with him to the office but she said she was not ready so he should take the lead. Once Gabriel left, Ellice went through his things and saw the son of Marissa on his laptop. This got her upset so she called Agatha, the ex girlfriend of her husband to find out how Gabriel told her about his relationship with her.

Agatha said he did not tell her anything, he was just running the two of them till his relationship with Ellice got serious and broke up with her. At the office, Gabriel advised Marissa not to buy the shares of Ceñidoza but Marissa wanted to since she had struggled to put her friend’s company on its toes at the expense of hers.

As Gabriel was trying to make Marissa see the need to rescind on her decision, Marissa now revealed to Gabriel that Jacob was his son and acted pitiful that she had to buy the shares to also secure the future of her son since she had always strived to cater for her son on her own without asking anything from him. She used all the sacrifices she made to appeal to the emotions of Gabriel.

Tutti barged in to call Gabriel that he was needed at a meeting. Ellice arrived at the office and got more furious when Pinky showed her a picture of Gabriel and Marissa together with Jacob. As the meeting at the board room was about to commence, Ellice saw Gabriel coming from Marissa’s office. The board cast vote on Marissa buying shares from the company and Gabriel voted yes to Marissa buying part of the Ceñidoza shares but Ellice disagreed, making it a stiff competition.

Ellice stormed her friend’s office to accuse her of her illicit affair with her husband. She said she knew Marissa was using Jacob to achieve her aim while manipulating everyone. Marissa got offended by Ellice’s accusations and said her friend has crossed her limit for accusing her, all those while she had been lenient to Ellice since she considered her suffering from postpartum depression.

Gabriel saw the two friends quarreling and appeared in the scene to question his wife about the issue but Ellice shoved him aside and went out. One of the board members made it clear to Ellice that Marissa has never told them anything. They found out that she had sold her company and since she had worked so hard in Ceñidoza Pearls, they considered her as best suited to buy a share.

Gabriel asked Marissa why she was arguing with his wife and Marissa said she accused her of betraying her with him. Gabriel assured Marissa that he voted for her to buy some of the shares but maintained to have a paternity test on Jacob.

Marissa thanked him for doing that for his son, she then barged into Ellice’s office to remind her of taking a fall to pay for a crime Ellice commited for Ellice to lead her life normally while she suffered in prison for four years. She told Ellice that she did not deserve her affection, in childhood everything she ever did was to ensure Ellice’s happiness yet she had the guts to accuse her of dating her husband. Marissa referred to Ellice as ingrate and left.

Gabriel went to talk to his wife to assure her that he was not cheating on her. An emergency news about Hope made both rushed to the hospital to discover that Hope’s immune system got weakened. Ellice now believed Marissa was right for claiming she was suffering from postpartum depression and claimed she was acting so paranoid.

She blamed herself for Hope’s situation since she prioritised her work. She told Gabriel to forgive her for being paranoid and even after her accusation, Gabriel chose to stand by her side. Marissa got home and heard Hope was hospitalised. She told Lucing about Ellice’s allegations and her mother blamed her. The next day, she passed by at the hospital to see Ellice and the two sorted out their differences.

Due to her daughter’s condition, Ellice asked Marissa a favour not to resign and work for her but Marissa refused, explaining that she wanted to set up her own business in order to secure her son’s future just like what Jorge did for Ellice.

Ellice sold 30per cent shares of Ceñidoza to Marissa for her not to resign. Lucing was happy that Marissa had patched things up with Ellice. She confessed that she doubted Marissa’s intentions and Marissa asked her not to worry since she was used to how Lucing always sided with Ellice, even sometimes she wanted to reproach her but did not since she l0ved her mother. That night, Gabriel revealed the paternity test result to his friend and planned to keep it from Ellice.

Soon, the two friends signed the agreement and Marissa was bent on getting everything from Ellice, promising herself that she has just started. Gabriel approached to inform her that he wanted to be part of Jacob’s life and take responsibility as his father but she should not reveal it to Ellice.

The next day, Marissa came to work with Jacob and Gabriel was happy to see the boy. Marissa was called for a meeting so she left Jacob in the hands of Blue. Elsewhere, Lucing appreciated Ellice for patching things up with Marissa. She admitted that when the two get along and understood eachother that made her more happier.

At the company’s meeting, Marissa assured the board that they would work to ensure a woman investor who the company was targeting but giving them tough time accept to invest with them. Everyone was happy as they clapped for Marissa’s dedication.


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