The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 1-5

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 1-5 Marissa gives birth with her friend’s husband as a revenge for serving a jail term for Ellice 

Ellice is a daughter of successful business man Jorge Ceñidoza who is blessed to live a life of luxury. Marissa on the other hand enjoys a simple life with her mother, Lucing, working and living at Villa Ceñidoza. Despite the vast difference in their social statuses, the two women become inseparable friends. However, one faithful night changes the course of their lives forever.

Determined to secure her mother’s and her friend’s respective futures, Marissa strikes a deal with Jorge and takes the blame for Victor’s untimely demise. However, she soon realises that life in the cell is not as peaceful as she thought it would be.

Elsewhere, Jorge faces a dilemma when congressman, Montelibano vows to seek justice for his son’s death. As her guilt over Victor’s death takes a toll on her mental health, Ellice crosses paths with Gabriel in the US. Marissa on the other hand suffers different forms of torment in prison.

Determined to fulfill her father’s dying wish, Ellice refuses to give up on Ceñidoza Pearls despite being on the brink of bankruptcy. While having lunch with Gabriel, Ellice is surprised to see Marissa again after a very long time. She happily catches up with her best friend, oblivious of her former best friend’s real agenda for her return.

To make up for the lost time with her mother, Marissa asks Ellice’s permission to let Lucing live with her. Envious of her best friend’s good life, Marissa embarks on a revenge to take everything from Ellice. Meanwhile, Ellice takes matters into her own hands to solve her company’s emergency problem. Unbeknownst to her, this resolves comes with a heavy price.

Ellice is devastated when she learns that she lost her third baby, because of this, her father-in-law criticises her for prioritising Ceñidoza Pearls over producing an heir for Gabriel. As her friend recovers from her miscarriage, Marissa offers to help Ellice secures a deal with a potential client.

Because of this, she successfully secures a position at Ceñidoza Pearls. She then uses Ellice and Gabriel’s marital problems to manipulate her best friend. Later, Ellice retaliates as she gets fed up with her in-laws’ insult. To fulfill the next step of her devious plans, Marissa deliberately keeps Ellice from reconciling with Gabriel by luring her friend’s husband to her home and have an intimate night with him.

Much to her dismay, Marissa learns about Ellice’s alternative pregnancy plans with Gabriel. However, Ellice and Gabriel’s excitement over becoming parents immediately fades when they receive the results of their anonymous surrogate’s pregnancy. Later, Marissa convinces Ellice to take a break from work as she plans to use her one-night stand with Gabriel to wrap him round her finger.

After learning about her pregnancy, Marissa plans to break the news to Ellice and Gabriel at the relaunching of Pearls by Ceñidoza. However, she is caught off guard upon seeing Lucing at the event. To make matters worse for Marissa, Ellice makes a shocking announcement. After revealing that she is also pregnant, Marissa divulges to Ellice how her baby would be conceived without a father.

Marissa gains an opportunity to stay with her friend to be close to her child’s father. Gabriel on the other hand decides to leave his family’s business in order to help his wife run Ceñidoza Pearls during her delicate pregnancy. Gabriel then confides in a friend about his predicament as guilt slowly eats him up. To make it up to Marissa, he shows kindness to her and her unborn child.

As Marissa and Ellice hover between life and death during their respective deliveries, Gabriel resolves to give the two women equal time and support. He shuffles back and forth in the hospital, arousing everyone’s suspicions. Marissa gives birth to a baby boy while Ellice gives birth to a baby girl. How will Marissa manages to keep her son’s real identity under wraps from Ellice. What will happen between these two friends as Marissa slowly takes her revenge?

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