The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 29-33

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 29-33 Marissa returns as CEO of La Sierra, Jake is used to trap the Ceñidozas over Marissa’s revenge

Heated argument ensues between Gabriel and Ellice after the latter discovered that the Villarosa patriarch is working for Ceñidoza Pearls’ rival, La Sierra. Failing to rein in her emotions, Hope finally opens up about her true feelings toward her parents’ complicated marriage. Elsewhere, a vengeful ghost from the past returns to wreak havoc on the seemingly perfect little world Ellice built.

Seeing how his decisions are affecting Hope, Gabriel begins to consider fixing his marriage with Ellice and seeks the advice of his l0ved ones. Clinging to her company’s established status, the Ceñidoza Pearls CEO ignores the board members’ concerns over the threat posed by La Sierra. Returning to the Philippines, Marissa reunites with her old allies and revisits the place where she buried a part of her heart.

Considering Hope’s feelings and his l0ved ones’ opinions, Gabriel decides to start over with a clean slate and fix his marriage with Ellice. Jake, meanwhile, invites Hope over to meet his mother. As she prepares another attack on Ceñidoza Pearls, Marissa’s world turns upside down upon witnessing an upsetting scene.

Hope puts her best foot forward after getting invited by Jake to meet his mother. Soon after, Jake pops a question that can potentially take his relationship with Hope to the next level. Unknown to them, Marissa relives her trauma once again as the past begins to merge with the present.

Also seeking vengeance against Ellice and Caesar, Adelina vows to help Marissa achieve the revenge they desire. Hope, meanwhile, begins to notice that Jake is growing distant and cold toward her. Later, Gabriel and Ellice attend La Sierra’s grand launch, only to get shaken to the core by a revelation that can ruin the very foundation of their shaky relationship.

After the horrifying revelation that unfolded before her eyes, Ellice breaks down as she recalls the moments that led to Marissa’s disappearance and eventual return. Marissa, meanwhile, turns ecstatic upon finally reuniting with Lucing, only to be met with the grudge her mom has been keeping for the years she is gone. Despite finally seeing the woman he l0ves the most, Gabriel vows to do everything to keep his promise to his wife and Hope.

Recalling the woman who helped her rise from the ashes, Marissa vows to put everything she gained to good use in order to get back at the people who wronged her. Ellice meanwhile, asks Lucing to hide their history with Marissa from Hope. Despite wanting to keep his promise to his wife, Gabriel fails to shake Marissa off his mind.

Using their son Jacob as her leverage, Marissa tries to persuade Gabriel to rekindle their illicit affair during their supposed business meeting. After hearing about her nemesis’ advances toward her husband, Ellice wastes no time in confronting Marissa by putting her back in her proper place. Marissa entices Jake with the possibility of having a father figure in his life as she plans to formally introduce him to Gabriel.

Gabriel reaches out to his family for advice when he finds himself at a loss on how to mend his relationships with Ellice, Hope and Marissa. At the same time, Lucing tries to repair the rift between the Villarosas by attempting to convince Hope to give her father a chance to explain his past mistakes. Seeing Hope’s suffering, Jake does his best to provide the young woman solace but becomes conflicted as his promise to Marissa constantly lingers at the back of his mind.

Marissa launches an attack on Ellice with the help of her trusted confidants. Meanwhile, Gabriel answers Hope’s upfront yet painful questions about his past with Marissa in hopes of earning back his daughter’s trust. Soon after, Jake’s social media post breaks Hope’s heart after Marissa decided to take matters into her own hands.

Refusing to let Marissa dwell on her success, Caesar undermines her efforts to ruin Ellice’s reputation. Following Jake’s controversial post, Hope continues to avoid him despite working on a school project together. Back at the Zulyanis’ house, Marissa and Jake look back on how fate brought them together. As the Villarosas celebrate Ramon’s birthday through an intimate get-together, Sonya decides to invite a special friend, much to everyone’s shock.

Marissa formally introduces Jake as Gabriel’s son, turning the Villarosas’ intimate celebration into an intense confrontation. Feeling betrayed, Hope unleashes her fury on Jake for hiding the truth about his identity. In a desperate move to convince Lucing of her true intentions, Marissa reveals the reason behind her longstanding return.

As soon as the dust settles, the Villarosas fight amongst themselves after Sonya takes the blame for causing trouble in their supposed simple and quiet celebration. Meanwhile, Marissa’s revelation sows seeds of doubt in Lucing’s mind. Following the confrontation that shattered their special friendship, Hope and Jake struggle to pick up from where they left off.

Amid his family’s complicated situation, Gabriel struggles to take on his responsibility as a father to Hope and Jake. With Ellice’s help, Gabriel makes an effort to pacify his daughter’s anger, but Hope remains cold to him. He later tries to spend some time with Jake, only to find himself being caught in Marissa’s trap.


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