The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 34-38

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 34-38 Marissa beats Ellice into her game, Belen returns in Ellice life to create a feud between her daughter and Lucing

With Ellice’s help, Gabriel makes an effort to pacify his daughter’s anger, but Hope remains cold to him. He later tries to spend some time with Jake, only to find himself being caught in Marissa’s trap. Meanwhile, Ellice grows worried about Marissa’s presence in her and Gabriel’s lives.

After Gabriel evaded her sexual advances, Marissa continues to latch on the possibility of taking him back into her life. Soon after, tension arises at the Villarosas’ residence once again as Ellice and Marissa throw shade at each other over a cup of afternoon tea with Carmelita and Sonya.

Meanwhile, Jake begins to feel the consequences of letting his mind dictate his actions over his heart. Elsewhere, Caesar brims with satisfaction after discovering another chink in Marissa’s armour.

Gabriel shows up at La Sierra office to clear the air with Marissa about his awkward visit at the Zulyanis’ residence the other night. Feeling betrayed by the shocking truth about Jake, Hope accepts RJ’s invitation to drink her pain away. Elsewhere, Marissa gives Caesar a stern warning should he proceed with ruining her plans against Ellice.

Bent on making Marissa happy, Jake reaches out to Gabriel in order to strengthen their bond as father and son. After discovering Ceñidoza Pearls’ plan to build a partnership with a fashion house, Marissa wastes no time in attempting to beat Ellice in her own game. Meanwhile, Jake continues to express his concern for Hope from a distance.

Marissa gets the better of Ellice upon snatching an important deal out of her grasp, oblivious to the person watching them. A deep sense of worry then besieges Ellice when Lucing informs her that Hope is out of reach. Unable to distance himself from his friend, Jake comes to Hope’s rescue in time before RJ can take advantage of Hope. Ellice is taken aback after receiving a long-lost keepsake.

After commending Jake for saving Hope from danger, Lucing confronts Marissa and warns her daughter against ruining Ellice and Gabriel’s marriage once again. Back at school, RJ plays innocent and tries to turn Hope against Jake. Marissa carefully sets her plans against Ceñidoza Pearls in motion. Someone dear to Ellice makes an unexpected return.

Following the the sudden return of her estranged mother Belen, Ellice seethes with jealousy as she witnesses Marissa’s gradual rise to the top. Together with Alfred, Jake comes up with a plan to find dirt on RJ after his sworn enemy’s attempt to take advantage of Hope. Meanwhile, an impressive employee from La Sierra manages to catch Marissa’s attention.

As Ellice continues to drive her estranged mother away, Belen reaches out to Gabriel for help in hopes of bridging the gap between her and her daughter. An opportunity soon comes in her way after Belen met Carmelita by chance. Meanwhile, Jake gives Hope a piece of evidence that can expose RJ’s unacceptable behaviour.

Ellice and Marissa rain on each other’s parades as they spew hatred at each other during an intimate dinner at the Villarosas. Amid the tense atmosphere between their families, Jake and Hope resolve to depend on each other as siblings. Their daughters’ longstanding feud bleeds into Lucing and Belen’s strained relationship.

Marissa and Adelina cook up another underhanded plan to gain control over Ceñidoza Pearls. Hoping to rekindle her relationship with her daughter, Belen offers a helping hand to Ellice in her battle against Marissa. Soon, a big opportunity lands in the warring ex-friends’ laps. Meanwhile, Gabriel brims with joy upon seeing Hope and Jake on good terms.

Growing suspicious after seeing where Belen is staying, Gabriel decides to have her investigated. Belen, meanwhile, learns that Marissa has a spy inside Ceñidoza Pearls. When Ellice gets a hunch that Marissa is sabotaging her company, Belen uses her discovery to tarnish her daughter’s perception of Lucing. Jake and Hope both try to sort out their feelings for each other.

Tension between Lucing and Belen reaches a fever pitch, leaving Ellice caught in the middle of their conflict.


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