The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 49-53

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 49-53 Marissa survives another death threats, Gabriel discovers Marissa owns the other half of his treasured locket

Concerned for his wife, Gabriel plans to find out the true reason behind Ellice’s decision to sell majority of Ceñidoza Pearls’ shares to Marissa. Receiving Caesar’s order, Avel recalls how he got close to his boss and her family. After weighing the possible consequences of his future actions, he soon makes up his mind and executes the plan that aims to end Marissa’s life.

Learning of his asset’s treachery, Caesar boils with rage and orders Red to track down Avel. Still convalescing from her wounds, Marissa urges Lucing to make her presence felt at La Sierra and protect what rightfully belongs to them. Later, Gabriel catches Belen fanning the flames residing within Ellice’s heart.

Threatened by Lucing’s presence at Ceñidoza Pearls, Belen tries to overwhelm the former during their meeting with the board members. Ellice, meanwhile, plans to take back what is hers after receiving good news about Hope’s condition. Later, Caesar enacts another vile plan in a bid to finally eliminate the thorn in his flesh.

After foiling Caesar’s latest attempt on Marissa’s life, Avel opens up about his past and admits his feelings to her. Lucing puts Belen’s back up when she insists on upholding the rights of La Sierra employees. Elsewhere, Jake gets to the bottom of his cheating allegation, only to receive a vague warning from RJ.

Concerned about the organisation, Caesar begins to feel threatened as Lucing wins the hearts of La Sierra employees. Recovering from her injuries, Marissa devises a plan to hit her enemies at the company with one stone. Later, Gabriel learns what motivated RJ to frame up Jake.

Returning to La Sierra, Marissa executes her plan against her enemies and begins to plant seeds of doubt in Caesar’s mind. After asking to join the syndicate operating within the company, Belen gets kidnapped. Later, Ellice dons a benevolent facade as she tries to get on Jake’s good side.

Marissa takes careful steps in carrying out her elaborate plan of pitting Caesar and Belen against each other. She begins her ploy by involving Gabriel who confronts Ellice about her mother’s suspicious activities. Avel seeks the help of an associate in his investigation on his parents’ death. Jake is delighted over his improving relationship with Ellice.

Worried about Gabriel, Ellice tries to convince her husband to stop his investigation on Belen’s suspicious activities. Left with no choice, Gabriel seeks Marissa’s help as he searches for answers. His determination, however, leads him to a shocking discovery about his past. Meanwhile, Avel obtains a vital piece of information about his parents’ murderer.

A realisation dawns upon Gabriel upon discovering that Marissa holds the other half of his treasured locket. As Marissa uses it to her advantage, a jealous Ellice turns to Jake for help. Caesar, meanwhile, begins to doubt Belen’s intentions.

After learning about his mother’s devious ploy, Jake confronts Marissa for using Hope’s condition to reclaim Ceñidoza Pearls. Now that the truth is out in the open, Ellice explains why she struck a deal with the devil as she apologises to her family. Later, Gabriel lets go of something he cherished for the past 17 years.


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