The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 54-58

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 54-58 Jake and Hope elope, Marissa gives up on her revenge after Adelina’s death

As another war breaks out between their mothers, Jake and Hope feel that they are on the losing end of the longstanding conflict. Burning with rage as the public opinion goes against her, Marissa files charges against Ellice for violating their non-disclosure agreement. Gabriel, meanwhile, decides to return to Ceñidoza Pearls to aid his wife amid trying times.

The Pinedas and the Villarosas leave no stone unturned to find Jake and Hope. Unknown to them, someone works one step ahead of them before everyone. While their l0ved ones go restless in looking for them, the two teens find bliss and solace in eachother’s company.

Tension ensues between Ellice and Marissa as they grow frantic over Jake and Hope’s disappearance. Later, Marissa receives much needed help in finding the two teens upon discovering Caesar’s increasing interest in them.

Meanwhile, Jake and Hope find ways to overcome the hurdles of running away from their l0ved ones. Hope’s disappearance eats Ellice away as she blames herself for all that has happened to her daughter. With the police assistance, Gabriel tries to decode the possible clue that Jake left for them.

Upon receiving a lead on her son’s whereabouts, Marissa seeks Avel’s help and rushes to the location with hopes of getting ahead of Caesar’s minions. Ellice grows suspicious of Marissa after finding her at the location where Jake and Hope’s car was found. Belen on the hand, does everything in her power to find the missing teens before anyone else does.

Jake and Hope find refuge in the middle of nowhere. Marissa finds herself in s tight spot when an ailing Adelina pressures her in keeping her end of the bargain. Recalling her chaotic life with Ellice, Hope refuses to return to her family just yet despite her difficulty in adjusting to the life away from her comfort zone.

Blinded by her deep hatred against her rival, Ellice spurns Agatha’s suggestions of settling things with Marissa when the search for their missing children is over. Running out of time, Adelina airs her disappointment as Marissa fails to grant her death wish. Belen, meanwhile uses Ellice’s to take over the company.

Unaware of the danger lurking in the darkness, Jake and Hope set out to find another hiding place. Looking at how revenge consumed Adelina until her last breath, Marissa finally sees the darkness that awaits her if she keeps threading the part of vengeance. Auring decides to open her heart to take Jake and Hope under her wing.

Elsewhere, Agatha warns Ellice for trusting Belen too much. Gabriel grows eager to set Ellice from Belen’s manipulative grasp when his wife drags Marissa through the mud. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, Marissa takes the higher ground and grasp the opportunity to make the public appeal for help in finding Jake.

Unknown to her, Red thinks a way to easily track his runaway preys. Jake and Hope go the extra mile to thank Auring.


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