The Legal Wife Episode 10

The Legal Wife Episode 10 Miguel abducts Adrian to get him beaten, Javier discovers that he could not k!ll Dante and his rival is the one bringing Vita Sardines down

Nicole led Anton and Rowena out of the club and even said she would drop them off. Adrian had a concept for Miguel’s advert and presented it to him and his board. The board gave him applause and Miguel said it was okay but wanted the entire ad campaign.

Adrian returned home and was on phone talking to Monica but the line suddenly cut. He met some police men at his back and they arrested him for selling stolen cars. He was rushed to the precinct and demanded to talk to the head only to discover that the man was his father Ronnie.

A flashback showed that Sandra sent Adrian to his father and lived with Ronnie and stepmother for a while. He was maltreated, his mother came and he went with her without his father helping the situation.

Flashforward, Ronnie made him sign and released him as a form of commitment. Monica got there and found Adrian released. Adrian cried out to Monica as he voiced his frustrations out. He sent Monica home and she told him that she would introduce him to her parents at the right time.

Monica got home and Eloisa asked about the man who brought her home. She told her that he was her suitor and wanted to introduce him to them at the right time. Eloisa liked him but they agreed to keep it a secret. The next day, Javier arrived at the conference hall together with Javi and Jasper to watch the Vita Sardines advert.

Javier approved the concept and congratulated his daughter. As he left the conference room, he asked Javi about the man sitting next to Monica and he told his father that the guy was called Adrian, a creative director at JJ&P.

After celebrating their success, Adrian went to see Miguel Zapanta and gave him the proposal but Miguel rejected the proposal that he already agreed to the concept. He acted personal with it even when Adrian said he had other concepts, he did not agree but proved how powerful he was.

Nicole went to Zapathan and asked around for Dante Ramos but was told he packed out. A grand launch for Vita Sardines was organised. Monica and Jasper arrived to find the logo changed, unknown to her, Javier collaborated with the Zapatas so that if the advert did not go as planned, the Zapantas could invest in it.

Miguel saw Monica and greeted her at the launch but she chose to be with her friends. Miguel came for her and told her she was the only one he knew at the function but Monica said her father would soon arrive and keep him company. Miguel was forcing her so Adrian who arrived there went to her defense and they ended up fighting.

Javier arrived there to separate the fight and sacked Adrian. He pulled his daughter out and told her that Miguel was his guest but Monica said Miguel was no guest of hers.

“I don’t want to see that boy ever again.”

“No dad, I happened to l0ve Adrian.”

A”nd he l0ves me so dad this can be impossible.”

“No!” Javier objected “Miguel is the one for you.”

“Miguel?”Monica hissed.

“The one with a rotten attitude?”

Javi tried stopping Monica from talking back at their father but Jasper told Javi to allow Monica explained herself. Javier got to know that his wife already knew about Adrian and Monica told him that whatsoever she did, she factored him first whether that thing would make him feel happy but for once he should allow her to do something for herself but Javier objected.

“Dad don’t try to tell me who I should l0ve.”

The advertisement was successfully launched. Monica stepped out to cry and her mother comforted her. She told Eloisa that she had always wanted to help her father and the moment that she did that had to happen.

Elsewhere, Nicole told Edward that she went to see her father and hoped he would not be upset. Graps said he was old to sow a seed of hatred in him and was happy with the move of Nicole. Adrian apologised to Monica for ruining the moment that was important to her and was willing to apologise to Javier. She said it was not his fault and they ended up k!$$ing.

Dante arrived and was told Vita Sardines successfully launched their advert. Soon after, Javi had an unpleasant call about a certain incident.

Later, Adrian was abducted while he was walking home and was beaten black and blue. He discovered that Miguel was the one behind his abduction all due to Monica and warned Adrian that he always got what he wanted. He pointed a gun at Adrian to get Adrian shivering.

“Tell anyone about this and worse things will happen to you and your family,” Miguel warned.

Javier made his driver pulled over and he bumped into Dante. Dante got close to him and he knew his rival was shocked to meet him.

“A word of advice, next time you fire a gun make sure nothing happens,” Dante cautioned.

“Oh by the way congratulations with Vita.”

Javier recalled shooting Dante after his last visit to his family. He did not care about Dante’s plea for mercy and he fired, leaving Dante helplessly in the bush.

Javi held a meeting to come up with ideas on means to deal with the bad news on their sardines poisoning people. He wanted to pin the blame on the workers laid off but Jasper said they had no evidence so Javi said who they should blame.

Javier got upset and left to call someone who he had given him a strict warning to deal with Dante. To his dismay, he learnt that Dante Ramos was the owner of
Infinity Corporation, the business that was bringing Vita Sardines down.

“I curse that demn Dante,” Javier breathed hard.


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