The Legal Wife Episode 11

The Legal Wife Episode 11 Miguel captures Monica, Adrian proposes to marry Monica

Adrian was admitted after being beaten by Miguel’s men. He was insistent on meeting Monica. After hearing about Adrian’s condition, Monica rushed to the hospital and Sandra told her to leave her son if only she would bring him misery.

Being stricken by l0ve, Adrian sent Monica home to meet her parents. Javier was unhappy to meet Adrian. He punched him and threw him outside the house. Adrian assured Monica that he was going to do things right for him to be accepted.

Monica had a talk with Javier to make him see the need to accept Adrian instead of Miguel but Javier wanted to save his company at the expense of Monica and walked out. Later, Eloisa tried talking to Javier to prioritise Monica’s happiness. She lamented that she chose to come back because of her children and if Javier pushed Monica away, he would not only lose Monica but she as well.

She wondered the person sabotaging Vita Sardines and Javier mentioned Dante Ramos’ name, saying he was now rich and was doing that to get Monica and Eloisa down but he would give up, he would fight Dante for his family. Javier told Eloisa that he did not give up on her and was not planning to give her up now.

Eloisa advised him not to choose his family’s wealth over Monica’s happiness by forcing Monica to marry Miguel just to keep Vita Sardines afloat in his battle against Dante. Adrian was pulled out from BSC advert as a punishment for dragging the company’s name into the mud. Boss talked to him to be of good moral conduct and Adrian assured not to behave in such a manner again.

Javier changed Monica’s driver Samboy to another person. Unknown to Monica, the guys were Miguel’s gurus and they took off her phone while she was talking to Adrian. The ceased the phone and drove off after they reached Monica’s office and told Monica that they were only obeying orders.

Monica wondered what exactly was going on while Adrian was also wondering what had happened to Monica. Monica was sent to meet Miguel and she scolded him for what he did against her. Miguel maintained that he always got what he wanted and was planning to go on vacation with Monica to the USA but the latter refused.

As she went to buy certain things for Edward, the things fell and the glasses in it got broken. Nicole then had a call informing her about the state of her grandfather. She rushed home and Graps was sent to the hospital. Unfortunately, Mr Esquivel passed away.

Meanwhile, Monica fled from home and Adrian sent her to Bradley’s uncle’s place. There they resided. However, Nicole called Monica countless number of times but couldn’t reach her friend. She then gave Anton orders to get the guests entertained as that was what Graps would want.

Max showed himself after hearing of Nicole’s ordeal, he arrived at the funeral to expressed his condolences but Nicole gave him two strong slaps on his left and right cheeks for toying with her feelings. Javier also told Javi how much his family mattered to him and has l0ved all his children equally in his own way.

Witnessing Mr Tony’s garden wedding of his neighbours, Adrian rushed inside to propose marriage to Monica and she also accepted.


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