The Legal Wife Episode 12

The Legal Wife Episode 12 Adrian and Monica tie the knot, Javier to celebrate 55th birthday

Adrian and Monica exchanged vows during their marriage in the garden and Mr Tony pronounced them husband and wife. The next day, Javier woke up to ask about his daughter and Eloisa told him that she ran out of the house and she allowed her.

She told him that she accepted for her to be with the man that she l0ved since she knew Monica would be safe. Javier was not happy with his wife decision as that contradicted his plans.

At Gramps funeral, Nicole tried several times to get in touch with Monica but it did not go through. After successfully laying her grandfather to rest, Nicole decided to travel to Australia and left her company in the hands of Rowena. Anton and Rowena were sad that she was leaving them.

She later went to the grave of Eduardo and her mother to cry that she lost them both and lost Max as well as her best friend, Monica and did not know how to pick her life again so she would travel to Australia perhaps that place would give her what she lost.

Tony, the judge who officiated the marriage of Monica and Adrian assured the couple that he would take care of the registration of their marriage. Monica and Adrian left the place and traveled back to Manila. While eating, Monica brought her husband, Adrian to the Santiago’s mansion to seek her family’s blessings for her union.

Javi got upset and left with his family. Javier who was consumed with fury also walked passed his daughter and husband but Jasper hugged Monica and introduced himself to Adrian. Eloisa also gave her blessings and asked Adrian to take care of her daughter as she was the only daughter she had and if some day he ran out of interest in her daughter he should return her.

Monica went to Javier’s room to explain things to him. Javier took it that Monica got back at him for forcing Miguel on her. Monica admitted that made her despised him, however, she married Adrian because she l0ved him not for a revenge. She pleaded with her father to give her his blessings but Javier said he would never and ever do that. He then disowned her.

Monica ran down and cried in the arms of her mother. Later, Adrian also went home to tell Sandra about his marriage to Monica and his mother did not like the idea as she believed that would make her lose her son completely to Monica but Adrian said that would not happen. She should rather view Monica as another daughter of hers and he went for his wife from the Santiago mansion.

Monica was sent home to meet Sandra, Andrew and Trish but Sandra acted up so Monica worked her way to win her mother-in-law’s heart. She later went to check on Nicole and discovered from Rowena that Nicole had traveled to Australia after Gramps death. Monica felt sad for abandoning Nicole the moment she needed her the most.

Soon, Monica and Adrian had a son and they named him Bunjoy. Eloisa visited Monica and saw Bunjoy, she invited Monica to her father’s 55th birthday. Monica feared to attend but Eloisa told her that time had passed by and she knew Javier had changed and had missed her.

Monica came home to tell Adrian. Adrian wanted Monica and him to give birth to another child. Meanwhile, the downturn of things at Vita Sardines made Javier get heart attack. Javi told Jasper how desperate he was and was thinking about selling the company off to save it from bankruptcy.

Eloisa told Javier that she went to meet Monica and invited to his 55th anniversary. Eloisa said whether party or no party she wanted him to Monica and Bunjoy. Javi saw the party as means to cover up for their financial losses to look good at the sight of potential investors.

Elsewhere, Nicole arrived at o sell the ranch of Eduardo and return to Australia. She met Rowena and had a chat on her plans. She indicated that she started a new business in Australia and was looking forward for it to flourish.


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