The Legal Wife Episode 13

The Legal Wife Episode 13 Monica wins an advertising award, Javier makes up with Monica during his 55th birthday celebration

Monica told Bunjoy that she was going to an event and the boy told her that he was going to go with her. She told him to stay with granny Sandra since kids were not allowed to be at the place.

Monica accepted to go with him and as Bunjoy was jumping around he gan to throw up and was sent to hospital. Monica then called Adrian who was showing a site to a lady who was interested in him.

She told Adrian that the boy was diagnosed of food poisoning. Tanya wanted to flirt with Adrian and she wanted something with no strings attached but the latter told her that he was married. Adrian’s friend told him that he has changed as he would not hesitate to go down with the boy.

Meanwhile, Javier vented his anger on Javi and termed him as good for nothing for not being able to come up with a better plan to salvage the situation at Vita Sardines. Javi told him about his plans to sell off the company but Javier was not ready to sell the legacy of his family. Javi got upset that even as a COO his father was the only one they had to obey.

Elsewhere, Rowena told Nicole to get in touch with Monica but she refused since their friendship ended when she left the place. Soon, Monica’s advertising agency won an award and she made it to the newspaper. Jasper in merriment showed it to the family and was very proud of Monica for being successful in her endeavour. He told Javier that Monica could help Vita Sardines but Javier did not mind.

Gwen was so happy to see the news about Monica and believed she would have been successful if she also pursued her career as an advertiser. Javi told her to be content being house wife and should not think about who she did not get to be.

Adrian was recommended to Nicole as a great sale marketer and he came to the ranch of Gramps and Nicole showed him around the ranch an told him to sell it as soon as possible as she was returning to Australia. Monica and Bunjoy dressed for the 55th birthday of Javier as Eloisa invited her.

At the party, Javier bonded with Bunjoy and Monica who saw that was happy with the progress. One of the Vita Sardines workers told Monica about the problems of the company, saying most of the workers resigned when Javi became the COO. She told Monica that she was the smartest and with her intervention Vita Sardines would have been saved.

Unknown to the lady, Javi had overheard the conversation. Later, Monica saw her brother, Javi going to serve himself and she also joined him in order to talk to him but Javi kept the cold attitude. Monica managed to settle her differences with Javier. After Javier delivered his heartwarming speech, Max showed his face to voice out to the man that he was known to Javi because he was buying Vita Sardines.

Javier attacked him and demanded him to be out of the place and had a heart attack in the process. This made Monica so worried about her father and was willing to help him with his legacy by using her contacts but her friend felt that her husband would not like it especially when Javier was the reason he was sacked.

Elsewhere, Max met Dante to tell him that he has carried his orders and Javier almost had an attack when he told him that he was buying his company. He told Dante that he hoped he has settled his debts since he has successfully done what he told him but Dante said they were not done till Javier was completely ruined.

Later, Adrian got home and she told him about how happy she was in reuniting with her family. Adrian the next day went to the ranch and Monica was glad that she had gotten a buyer for her ranch. That evening, the hotel which Adrian booked to pass the night was cancelled and did not have any place to sleep.


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