The Legal Wife Episode 14

The Legal Wife Episode 14 Javi demands Monica’s help to revive Vita Sardines, Nicole and Adrian begin to get along

At the De Villa residence, Monica told Sandra about how happy Javier was, seeing Bunjoy and her but her problem was that her father’s company, Vita Sardines was incurring some losses and was hoping Javi and Jasper would curtail the situation.

Elsewhere, Nicole couldn’t sleep at the ranch so she walked around and came across Adrian making a call with his wife and sleeping in one of the rooms. Javier wanted Javi to explain to him what happened at his party. He felt that Javi was sabotaging him and the company.

“Dad how can you accused me of such a thing,” Javi asked.

Javier asked Javi when he intended to tell him about his plans of selling Vita. Javi said he had always wanted to tell him but he did not give him a chance so Max beats him to it. He also asked Jasper’s opinion and he also had the same idea as his brother but Javier refused to sell, stressing that they would pass through the hardships.

At the ranch, Nicole asked the workers why they gave a room for Adrian to sleep and the worker said she though he was her friend and Eduardo had always opened doors for visitors. Nicole retorted that Adrian was not a friend neither was he a guest. Adrian overheard it and decided to sleep in his car.

Though, Nicole felt awkward spying through her window to see him sleep in the car but she allowed it. In the Santiagos’ mansion, Javier asked Eloisa if his children were right for him to sell the company but his wife knew how the company meant for him and decided to stand by his decision to maintain the name of his family.

Javier broke down while remembering his father’s words of him not being able to keep the legacy and he tried hard to prove his father wrong and was not ready to make the thoughts of his father come to pass. At Idea Factory Advertising Agency, Monica received a call from Sandra and rushed home.

Hearing her grandson was sick, Eloisa went to the De Villa residence to check on Bunjoy. She went back home to tell Javier that she passed by Monica’s house to check on Bunjoy and said he was now doing fine. Javier asked about his daughter and Eloisa said she and Adrian were doing alright.

Later, Jasper visited Monica to tell her that Javi did what he did just to help the family in order for the company not to be completely ruined as he made that decision after so many years of striving to revive it. The only problem of Jasper was how Max suddenly showed up to show off.

Monica started fishing out information about Max and showed his picture to her secretary at work. She told her that Max did not have money, he was just a photographer and was amazed how he suddenly became rich overnight to buy her father’s company. Her secretary suspected Max was also using someone as he did with Nicole.

Some two boys, Boom and his brother who worked in the farm house told Nicole not to sell off the ranch. They explained that before Eduardo’s death, he reached an agreement with their father that if some day Eduardo was not there their father should manage the place so Nicole should wait for their father’s return and Nicole accepted.

Jasper during body outfit training told his friend how eager he was to resign from his father’s company to start his own life but his friend doubted if he was capable of that since he had said that several years and couldn’t do. Jasper then went to the office to talk to Javi about his resignation. Javi understood him but doubted if their dad would accept it.

As Jasper was explaining how he was feeling useless at the office, Javier who was eavesdropping stormed to tell him that he has heard enough and would accept his resignation but he should wait for them to get a replacement for his office. Jasper suggested they try Monica since among the three of them, Monica was the only one who has established her own agency and has proven many times that she was capable and smart.

“That’s madness,” Javi objected.

“Jasper what does she know about our family’s business.”

“Why not?” Javier stood “Why not?”

“Why not Monica?” ” Is there anyone else we could rely on?”

Javier liked the idea and Javi got upset so he scolded Jasper for saving his skin from humiliation while he knew Monica could do nothing to help. Jasper said Monica deserved a chance to help their dad and advised Javi to understand their dad since the company could not be sold so far as their father was alive. He told him to go by what their father wanted and to talk to Monica.

Javi had no choice than to pay a surprise visit
to Monica at Idea Factory Advertising Agency to request for her help in using her connections to develop Vita Sardines. He promised to pay her double the amount she made from her agency. Monica said she would talk to her husband first before she relays her decision to him.

At the ranch, the alarm bell of Adrian’s car was not working so he was told to stay for a repairer and he called his wife to inform her. Monica said due to the storm he should not come but should sleep where he was if he did have a place to sleep.

Max went to a casino and talked with Dante to inform him that Javi was delaying to sell off Vita Sardines due to Javier but he believed the Santiagos would not have any choice than to sell the company.

Dante gave Max another work to do by taking the money someone owned him at the casino. Max saw the man and politely asked him for the money Mr Ramos gave to him to revive his business but the man said he would never be intimidated. Max was compelled to use force on the man and he recalled how Audrey abandoned their plans of getting married, asking him to find another woman to marry him.

Audrey packed out and that gave Max broken heart so he started to drink and play at the casino. They won him and he owed huge sums of money. He was beaten and Dante who was driving found him and got to his aid. Dante paid off all his debts and took Max as his kid to make him him do his bidding in order to pay off what he owed him.

Nicole realised it was about to rain and Adrian was sleeping in his car so she went to call him and gave him a place to sleep inside the ranch. Adrian thanked her for her gesture. Adrian could not sleep and found Nicole sitting at the centre table and he joined her. Nicole told him that she did not like the sounds of the thunder that was why she was still awake.

Boom was spying on them, soon the light went off. Nicole seeks Boom’s help but he could not fix it so Adrian decided to do it. He asked Boom to search for tools and fuse but the boy returned with no good news. This upset Nicole and slipped. Adrian quickly held her up, she went to her room and the sounds of the thunder frightened her.

She screamed and ran out. She bumped into Adrian and he wondered why she was running. They sat and had a chitchat. Adrian asked her if she had a boyfriend in Australia and she said no everything was like a dream. She also delved into the life of Adrian and discovered that Adrian had a wife and a son. She said she never knew he was married man so Adrian flaunted his ring.

He said everything was a dream when he was with his wife and son. Boom returned with the tool box as he found it. The next day Adrian left in his car while Nicole watched him with nostalgic eyes.


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