The Legal Wife Episode 15

The Legal Wife Episode 15 Dante plans to destroy Javier and takes his family after Nicole rejected him as father, Gwen plans to divorce Javi

At the De Villa residence, Bunjoy spoke to his father over the phone and passed it down to Monica. Nicole went out with Rowena and she saw a change in Nicole and linked it to someone or something she met or saw at the ranch. Nicole objected and said she even had to sleep without light at the place but Rowena insisted she was looking beautiful and she invited Nicole to be at her event.

Monica visited the Santiagos’ mansion with Bunjoy. Since Eloisa was having a routine checkup and Jasper was also not at home, Bunjoy joined his grandpa on the breakfast table for him not to feel alone.

Monica told her father about the study she had done on Vita Sardines’ problems and suggested they run an advert which they did not have to spend much on it. Her father asked her when she would start working for his company and she said her husband was out of the place so she was waiting for him to return for them to discuss before returning.

Monica seeing her father watching his awards and in sad mood made her pity him, the reason she wanted to help Vita Sardines to be on its feet again. That evening, Bunjoy told his mother they should stay with his grandfather but Monica said they would move to their own mansion. Javi met Max and told him that he did a research about him and found out that he made his money through gambling.

He assured Max that he would make sure Monica did not bring Vita Sardines to its right state so that he could sell it off to him. Rowena sent Nicole to a function gambling den to show her various high profile people who gambled to make more money. Nicole came face to face with Dante Ramos and Rowena alerted her as the man she kept waiting years ago.

Rowena introduced Nicole to him and Dante asked Nicole about her mother, Camila and she said she passed away long time. Nicole walked out on him. Dante then hired a private investigator to fish out information on Nicole and he discovered something he wanted to confirm.

After Nicole spoke to Adrian to find out that the potential buyer had withdrawn from buying the farm house and also Adrian would be at the ranch next week, she was told someone was waiting for her and she discovered that it was Dante Ramos.

Dante told her that he wanted to buy the ranch but Nicole refused selling it to him. Dante then told her what he found out and she admitted being his daughter but refused to accept him as her father since he abandoned her mother. Dante explained that he did not know but his daughter called him a liar.

Monica presented a campaign strategy which they would offer Vita Sardines for free tasting to bring back the trust. Javi had no hope in the campaign and told Monica that it would not work. Monica later visited Javi and spoke with Gwen. Kell wanted Monica

Monica arrives at her company and Kelly said she knows she had a fight with Javi again and knows Javi can’t think of any alternative idea than selling Vita so Monica should have a serious talk with Max since she knows him and can detect if he can buy the company or not.

At home, Nicole stumbled on the watch which Monica offered as peace offering and recalled their moment together. As Monica was striving to put Vita Sardines on its feet, Dante was also scheming to bring the company and Javier down to win back Eloisa and Monica as well as everything he lost to his rival.

At Javi’s resident, Monica baked chocolate cake which was Javi’s favourite and Gwen said chocolate cake was no longer Javi’s favourite. Gwen fished out the relationship between Javi and his sister but Monica said they were the same and would not give up on him.

Gwen was giving up on her husband already as she would one day pack her bags and leave with Thirdy without looking back. Monica could sense a fire on the mountain but Javi appeared in the scene which halted their conversation.

Monica visited to talk to him about Max but Javi stopped her from talking as he was not ready to talk about clerical problems at home. He ended up arguing with Monica as he wanted to sell off the company and travel to the United States with his shares. Monica tried to make him see the reason that his father, mother and Jasper were equally his family so he had to factor them before making that decision to travel with his family.

Gwen tried convincing Javi to agree with Monica’s decision but he became aggressive and hit his wife. Gwen cried and arranged to meet Monica. Nicole and Rowena went to a restaurant and seeing Nicole stressed up Rowena urged her to call Monica but Nicole refused. She was still upset that Monica was never there for her.

Rowena felt sad for her and told Nicole never to feel deserted since those she lost we’re slowly getting back into her life and advised her to accept her father Dante as well as Monica. Unknown to her, Monica has also arrived at the same restaurant to meet Gwen.

Gwen showed the bruises she gained from Javi’s assault and planned to divorce him as Javi was not the man he deemed him to be. Nicole went to the washroom and Monica also got there but both did not see eachother. Nicole overheard someone talking while using the WC and suspected the person to be Monica.

After washing her hands, Nicole left the waterproof watch at the sink and Monica came to find it. Monica was positive that the watch was for Nicole and started to search for her in the restaurant but Nicole and Rowena had left the place.


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