The Legal Wife Episode 16

The Legal Wife Episode 16 Monica tries to fix her relationship with Nicole, Adrian and wife begin to fight

At the restaurant, Monica returned the watch to the receptionist and added a number to it for the receptionist to get in touch with her once the owner who she believed was her friend shows up for the watch.

As Nicole was driving, she realised she left her watch at the restaurant. Max was however, involved in trouble when he was trying to lure the gamblers who lost to him to gamble with their car. The police got into the scene and found his words so rude.

They wanted to show Max a lesson and the gambler ran to save himself. He tried to stop a van but the driver did not help him. He stumbled on another and the car almost hit him. He cried for help and was surprised to find Nicole as the person he was demanding for her help.

Realising the police was after Max, she accepted him into her car and demanded him to get down when the police lost track of them. Max wanted to be sly and Nicole told him that she was not the Nicole he used to know and Max said same. Nicole decided to drop him off at where he packed his car.

Elsewhere, Monica pulled over at her brother’s gate to send Gwen in but Javi was at the gate already. He insulted Monica, claiming she was a bad influence on his wife for bringing his wife home late. He added that he was not like Monica’s husband and Monica said he could never become like her husband because her husband would not lay his hand on her as Javi has done to Gwen for her to run from home.

The next day, Nicole received a necklace gift from Dante and asked the deliverer to return the gift otherwise she would throw it away. At G-Amore events, Monica appeared to ask Rowena if Nicole had gotten in touch and Rowena told her lies. Rowena then informed Nicole about it and was sad that she had to lie to Monica while she had been dropping by frequently to ask of her every year.

She pleaded with Nicole to get in touch with Monica as her friend has missed her so much. Nicole objected and said she would return to Australia soon. Monica went to Vita Sardines to research in order to come up with better proposal and strategy to solve the problem of the company. Javier asked Javi to give Monica the necessary assistance to make her do the job.

Later, Javi went home with a bouquet to ask Gwen for her forgiveness but he turned pale when his wife accepted his apology and demanded he allows Monica to help him out at the office to relieve some of his stress.

Dante dropped by the ranch to present the necklace by himself and asked Nicole for forgiveness. He said he also wanted Camila’s forgiveness and told Nicole he would pay double of the amount she was selling the ranch with. Nicole saw the offer as tempting but she vehemently refused him. She later went to the restaurant for her watch.

Shortly after Monica also got there to ask if the owner had returned and realised her hunch was right. Nicole Esquivel was the owner and managed to get her number from the reception. She called Nicole, realising the call was Monica, Nicole couldn’t utter a word and Monica saw her sitting in the restaurant. Quickly, she ran to hug Nicole and asked her whether she had been away for five or six years.

“Well I am happily married now, he is such a great husband and i am sure you will like him,” she added while Nicole remained quiet.

Monica told her she now had a son and showed her his picture.

“Well he looks like you,” Nicole said.

As Nicole was leaving, Monica stopped her and pleaded with her for not being there during the time that she needed her, however, she had been moving mountains to find her. Nicole said it was all in the past so Monica should get over it.

“I always believe that a real friend is someone who will always be there for you,” Nicole said.

“But I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Sorry Monica but I have to go now.”

“Okay take care,” Monica replied looking sad.

Nicole returned home to pack her things to leave the country but the servant talked her against it. Nicole did not want her past life to catch up with her so she was trying to avoid all those who reminded her of who she was before. Monica after helping Sandra spoke with Adrian who was working out of town on phone. She went to work and returned to find her husband home.

They made l0ve and after that spicy $ex, she told him of seeing her friend but her friend was upset with her for not being there for her the time her grandfather d!ed and she feels guilty for that. At the Santiago’s mansion, Gwen visited with Thirdy and told Eloisa that she did not know the whereabouts of Javi.

Javi was also gambling with Max and the latter advised him to invest in casinos after selling off his shares. Javi asked him why he was not investing in casinos but was bent on buying Vita and Max said he was playing safe. Rowena found Nicole sitting in solitude at the pool side and did not like the new Nicole who was shutting herself from the world. She did not want her to return to Australia too.

As they were talking, a man requested to dance with Nicole and she turned him down. Rowena wondered why she turned down that cute guy and Max availed himself, claiming Nicole would not be able to turn him down, much to Nicole’s surprise.

Fixing things at their new house, Monica finally asked for Adrian’s acceptance into working with Vita Sardines but Adrian did not like the idea since having a problem in Vita would affect their marriage besides working in her father’s company was not part of their plans. He asked Monica what would happen to idea factory and she said she would not abandon it and working for Vita would also not come in between their plans.

This made the couple has misunderstanding and Sandra noticed that so she asked Monica if she had told Adrian about her father’s request and she said yes but Adrian had not said no to the request but he was definitely not agreeing too. Sandra knew her son would come around.

Nicole spelt out to Max that he did not have any effect on her anymore and was not ready for games, talking of flirting with him. Since he traced Nicole’s location by calling his phone which he left in Nicole’s car the last time he bumped into her and pleaded for her help. Nicole told her to take that incident as just a help and there would definitely be nothing between them again as she was not interested.

Adrian surprised Monica with a new oven but Monica wondered why Adrian wasted fortune on an oven since that was not part of their budget. Adrian was not enthused by his wife’s reaction to his surprise since he knew Monica l0ved to bake and he thought the oven would make her feel happy. Monica assured she was happy, however, she found the oven expensive.

Adrian was so upset and Monica knew their fight was no longer about the oven but working for Vita Sardines.


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