The Legal Wife Episode 17

The Legal Wife Episode 17 Nicole discovers Adrian is the husband of Monica, an awful incidence brings Nicole and Adrian closely together

In their new house, Adrian told Monica that working for her father would give Javier much room to boss them around. His friend talked to him to make him see reason that Monica in other way was doing that for her father to accept him so if he indeed l0ved his wife he should support her.

Elsewhere, Dante used Rowena to find Nicole’s location. Nicole made it clear that she did not need him but Dante laughed as she reminded him of her mother.

Adrian told his wife that he has accepted her decision so Monica called her mother to tell her that her husband has agreed for her to work for Vita so she would visit with him. Nicole had a call from Silvia who told her that Mr De Villa has been trying to contact her but couldn’t reach her.

Boom also talked with her and asked her not to sell the farm house since his father would be there but Nicole said the place was hers and she would sell it. Monica and Adrian visited the Santiago mansion for Adrian to declare to Javier that he has given his approval for his wife to work for him but Javier said he did not need his approval since Monica was his daughter.

Adrian also reminded him that Monica was his wife and he could disapprove it but since she l0ved her he accepted and was willing to do anything to make Monica happy except his approval of him being Monica’s husband. Javier told Adrian that he was doing little since where he was packing to was not a right environment for his daughter and if Monica was still in his care, she would have gotten the best place.

Adrian said when he made enough money he would pack out and send Monica to much safer place as the protection of his wife is his priority besides he and Monica were doing okay with their agency. Since Javier did not get along well with her husband, Monica begged Adrian to give Javier some time.

The next day, Rowena brought some food which Nicole asked her to buy. She signed some documents and was a bit shaky so Rowena wondered what was wrong with her. She said nothing and set table for breakfast. Rowena realised that what she bought was rather Mr De Villa’s favourite and not necessarily for Nicole.

Nicole then had a call that Mr De Villa was already there and she went out to check, much to her dismay, Adrian and Monica were k!$$ing.

Monica was surprised that her husband’s client was her best friend, Nicole. Rowena excused them to enable Nicole to be with her guests for them to eat breakfast. Nicole was compelled to usher Monica in to join her for breakfast.

Nicole served them and Monica said she did not know Gramps had a farm house and was bad that they did not get time to visit there.

“One thing about Monica, she is always busy and she is always not around,” Nicole hissed.

“Things were lots complicated then,” Monica replied.

“Things are complicated now isn’t it?”

“Anyway it all in the past so we have to stop talking about that,” Nicole objected.

She acted cold towards Monica and Monica told her that no matter what she was her best friend even if she was away. After the breakfast, Monica left to work and enlisted Adrian’s help to talk to Nicole. Adrian promised to sweeten things up between her and her friend.

He and Nicole went to the farm house. He blamed himself for Monica not being there for her as it was his fault that Monica rejected Miguel and the latter kidnapped her and he also ran away with Monica and got married to her so that made Monica did not get time to be with her when Gramps d!ed. Adrian pleaded with her to forgive Monica but Nicole said it was all in the past so he should forget it.

Elsewhere, Monica arrived at work and proposed they rebrand but Javi was against it. He wanted them to rather sell it but Monica said they had to eliminate the bad image especially with the food poisoning issue to make the people believe they had moved ahead. Javier told Javi to have a second look at Monica’s proposal before rejecting.

After work, Javi confronted Monica and three the proposal away. Monica told him to come up with a better suggestion if he did not like the proposal. Javi said his suggestion was to sell the company. Monica wondered why he was keen on selling Vita Sardines. Javi’s secretary secretly took Max’s contact from his contact lists and gave the contact to Monica.

Monica called him and they met. Monica made it clear that Vita Sardines was not for sale and did not know why Max had to appear in her dad’s celebration. Max said Javier was overreacting since he was also surprised to find out that Monica’s family were the owner. Monica wondered where he got his money since he was a mere photographer.

In the farm house, as Nicole and Adrian were going to wait at the office, Boom and his friends showed up holding objects and forced them to give him their phones. He sent them to a certain garage and locked them up. Boom pushed Nicole when she was threatening him that she would get him arrested for having that nerve to do that to her. Adrian wondered what Nicole did to him and Boom insisted that Nicole knew it.

He locked Adrian and Nicole up but Adrian managed to destroy the window and he escaped with Nicole. Boom and his friends saw their captives were escaping and they raced after him. Nicole broke her leg after she tripped so Adrian carried her and hid somewhere in the bush for Boom and his friends to go away.

Monica spoke to her son, Bunjoy and told him that she was on her way home but Javier called her on phone to return to the office as he had something important to tell her. Monica tried reaching Adrian in order to tell him that he was going back to the office but couldn’t reach him.

Monica returned and Javier told her that he had seen Javi wanted to leave so he would make her the COO of the company and allow Javi to go. Javi who was listening to the conversation availed his face to confront Javier for choosing Monica over him while Monica was a prodigal daughter who abandoned him to go after a man. The time Javier was sick , Monica was no where to be found.

Monica tried to make Javi know that she was only there to help and all that Javier wanted was for Javi not to give up on Vita. Javier told Javi that he did his best but gave up on the company and among him and Monica, Monica was the one who believed in the welfare of the company and legacy so he has paved the room for Javi to leave. In fury Javi stormed out.

Javier almost had an heart attack and Monica rushed to get his medicine.


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