The Legal Wife Episode 18

The Legal Wife Episode 18 Dante saves Nicole and Adrian, Javi sells off 30per cent shares to Max over the declaration of Monica as COO

Adrian found shelter and sent Nicole in. Nicole apologised for dragging him into her mess and asked Adrian to go back to his wife as she could manage. Adrian refused and Nicole said she did not understand why whenever she wanted to have peace something goes wrong.

She had suspected there was something wrong with that Boom. Monica returned home to find Bunjoy asleep and Sandra asked her about Adrian and she said he might be on his way. In bed, she called Adrian but it was not going through.

Andrew came to inform her about the presence of Gwen and she went to find that Javi had beaten her. Javi appeared and came to drag his wife out into his car and warned Monica.

Adrian told Nicole if she wanted to be happy, she shouldn’t shove aside those who wanted to come into her life, not everyone would hurt her. Just like him he would never do anything to hurt Monica since he l0ved her.

“I can’t bear the thought of hurting my wife.”

“In that case Monica is a lucky girl,” Nicole said.

The thunder began to crack and Nicole get scared. She told Adrian that whenever there was a storm, to her, it was a sign of no food since it was accompanied by heavy rains and that dredged all of her mother’s goods. That also meant that the street would get wet and they would have no place to sleep. Adrian was shocked to discover Nicole slept on streets.

He tried to make her see the positive side from the storm and made her belie it would pass. Dante who went to the ranch to discover that Nicole’s life in danger led the police to find her. However, Boom who stumbled on the hut realised the police were there so he went in to ask for forgiveness but Nicole said he would not forgive him for what he did against her.

Adrian asked of his problem and he blamed Nicole. As he was about to attack Nicole, Adrian pushed him aside and Boom pushed Adrian for him to hit his head on a bamboo. The police arrested Boom as directed by Nicole but she failed to press charges when Silvia told her Boom was mentally unstable.

Nicole demanded they get him treated and asked the officers to send Boom to the clinic. A man gave a letter from Eduardo, Boom’s father who renounced all intentions of Nicole to sell the farm. Since Dante did not want Monica to know he was there with Nicole he ran from the farm. Monica called and Nicole told him about the incident and said Adria had a bump in his head so he was being treated and would make him talk to her.

Adrian came home with Nicole and the latter thanked Monica as Adrian said he helped her since she was her friend was there to show hee gratitude. She asked Adrian whether they were good and she left. Adrian tried following her but Monica said she would do it.

Monica caught her outside and told her to get over it as she was overreacting for her not being there for her. She asked Nicole whether it occured to her that she was d£ad and fell off a cliff.

“Monica in the event that you fall off the cliff..”

“I am sure someone will be waiting for you below to save you from your d£ath.”

“Because that is how the whole world l0ve you.”

“And that is how perfect your life is!”

“Nicole,” Monica called “my life is not perfect!”

“There’s no need for you to be envious of me.”

Monica called Nicole coward for not facing her problems but Nicole said Monica had no idea how bad she hurt her. She of all people acted like the others and was really affected and she left.

Soon, Adrian received a call from Nicole that she was no longer selling the farm house. Monica saw Adrian was hurt and said a better thing would come on his way. Dante and Nicole settled their differences after he helped Nicole. He made Nicole live with him in his house and she saw the frame of Dante, Eloisa and Monica in her room.

Dante was shocked to know that Nicole already knew them. Vita Sardines had an annual stakeholders meeting and Monica was officially announced as the COO. Javi got upset and walked out since he thought his earlier plea with Javier would make him change his mind of him working under Monica.

Monica announced to them as the marketing head of the company, the strategies she had put in place and the under ground works she would implement to make them revert from their financial losses. Javi went to sell his shares and in a meeting at the company, Max availed himself as a 30per cent shareholder of the company.

Javier was upset with Javi for doing that but Javi said he gave up on him. Due to incident, Monica couldn’t make it to Adrian’s presentation Programme at the idea factory. This made Kelly unhappy. Max went to inform Dante that he has successfully infiltrated Vita Sardines and Dante asked about the reaction of Javier knowing his own son betrayed him.

Nicole came to meet Max there and asked what he was doing there. Monica arrived home to find her husband and son asleep. The next day, she tried to make up. Later, Adrian attended an event and tried to negotiate with a client.

Nicole and Rowena arrived there and Nicole apologised to Adrian for how she acted the other time and Adrian understood that it was a girl fight. Besides all that Monica wanted was for them to be friends again. Adrian talked about his marketing programme and Nicole said the event was organised by her as she had returned to event planning and they agreed to work together.


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